"Jesus Christ The Exorcist"

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VELVET VIPER "Respice Finem" (GMR Music Group)

RETCH "The Overlord Messiah" (Alone Records)

EMERALD "Requiem" (Azura Records)

FRACTURED SPINE "Songs of Slumber" (Inverse)

BATTLE BEAST "No More Hollywood Endings" (Nuclear Blast)

KANE ROBERTS "The New Normal" (Frontiers)

BROWSING COLLECTION "Don't Want to Dance" (Icons Creating Evil Art"

SILVERTUNG "But at What Cost" (Thermal Entertainment)

ACE FREHLEY "Spaceman" (Entertainment One)

ALICE COOPER "A Paranomal Evening at the Olympia Paris"

GRETA VAN FLEET "Anthem of the Peaceful Army" (Republic)

TOM GUERRA "American Garden" (Casa Del Soul Productions)

ERIC VAL "My Gift My Curse" (Green Valley Recording)

RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR "The Legacy of Shi" (Sharptone)

UDO "Steelfactory "(AFM Records)

QFT "Live in Space" (Despotz)

CLUTCH "Book of Bad Decisions" (Weathermaker)

KILLING TYRANNY "Church of the Twisted Prophet" (Twisted Prophet)

IVORY KNIGHT "Unconscience" (Self-released)

SECOND ECHO "Evelution" (Spectra Music Group/Tabletop Records; 2017)

JOE JERMANO "Dreaming in Color" (Onamrej Records)

DINOSAUR EYELIDS "Left Turn on Red" (Left turn on Red Records)

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