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FUGITIVE DROIDS "The Mechanical Maw" (Self-released)

TURBO "Broke & Ugly" (Crowprint Distribution)

FOCUS "Focus 12" (Spirit of Unicorn Music)

CHASER "Small Victories" (Thousand Island Records)

SEBASTIAN BACH "Child Within the Man" (Reigning Phoenix)

HORSEBURNER "Voice of Storms" (Blues Funeral Recordings)

THE WARNING "Keep Me Fed" (Republic Records)

CRYSTAL VIPER "The Silver Key" (Listenable Records)

ILLDISPOSED "In Chambers of Sonic Disgust" (Massacre Records)

ANVIL "One and Only" (AFM Records)

SKELETAL REMAINS "Fragments of the Ageless" (Century Media)

SEVEN SPIRES "A Fortress Called Home" (Frontiers New Recordings)

SEASONS OF THE WOLF "Orna Verum" (Seasons of the Wolf)

FU MANCHU "The Return of Tomorrow" (At the Dojo Records)

ISSA "Another World" (Frontiers New Recordings)

KITTIE "Fire" (Virgin Music Group)

VAN HALEN "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" (Warner Bros.)

HOLY MOTHER "Rise" (Massacre)

KERRY KING "From Hell I Rise" (Reigning Phoenix Music America, LLC)

BLACK SABBATH "Forbidden" (Rhino)

SUPERMODEL TAXIDERMY "At What Cost" (Punishment 18 Records)

RHAPSODY OF FIRE "Challenge the Wind" (AFM Records)

HIGH DESERT QUEEN "Palm Reader" (Magnetic Eye Records)

COBRA THE IMPALER "Karma Collision" (Listenable Records)

BAD NERVES "Still Nervous" (Suburban Records)

DUNE "Years of Chains" (Dune Recordings)

WHEEL "Charismatic Leaders" (Inside Out Music)

TERAMAZE "Eli: A Wonderful Fall from Grace" (Wells Music)

THE HASBROS "God Hates The Hasbros and Other Conspiracy Theories" (Self-produced)

TALL MARY "When Will I Find Something New" (Self-produced)

GNARWHAL "Altered States" (Self-produced)

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