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TOM GUERRA "American Garden"
FRACTURED SPINE "Songs of Slumber"
KILLING TYRANNY "Church of the Twisted Prophet"


DINOSAUR EYELIDS "Left Turn on Red" (Left turn on Red Records)

TRITA "The Good Night" (Self-released)

MESSER "Messer" (Maddpants Records)

TARA LYNCH "Evil Enough" (Tarasuz Records)

TRIBULANCE "The Aftermath of Lies" (V Entertainment)

THIRST THINGS FIRST "E-Energy" (Self-Released)

COSMIC WOOL "Cosmic Wool" (Nemesis Records)

SYMETRIA "Symetria" (Tripsquad Records)

BLACKLIST 9 "Mentally Ill, Legally Sane" (Self-released)

THUNDERBIRD "Thunderbird" (Delinquent Records)

GROUPOEM "Dirt Church" (Red Cab Records)

BLACK BLUE BIRDS "Life Blood for Music" (Fiskum and Humber Sound)

SEASONS OF THE WOLF "Last Act of Defiance" (Iron Shield)

BURNTFIELD "Hereafter" (Progressive Gears)

RAINBOW "Memories in Rock II" (Minstrel Hall Music)

DED "Mis-an-thrope" (Suretone)

JUDAS PRIEST "Firepower" (Epic)

BOYCE "II" (Self-released)

MGT "Gemini Nyte" (Cleopatra)

TRIBULATION "Down Below" (Century Media)

VOICES "Resurgence" (CD Baby)

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