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BLUE OYSTER CULT "The Symbol Remains" (Frontiers Music SRL)

PRIDE OF LIONS "Lion Heart" (Frontiers Music SRL)

EYE OF THE DESTROYER "The Wolf You Feed" (High Potency)

CIRCULINE "Circulive: New View" (Inner Nova Music)

DFMK "DFMK" (Snakes & Stones)

NIGHTMARE "Aeternam" (AFM)

WILLIAM SHATNER "The Blues" (Cleopatra)

THE PILGRIM "From the Earth to the Sky and Back" (Heavy Psych Sounds)

TALLAH "Matriphagy" (Earache)

BYFIST "In the End" (Pure Steel)

LASER DRACUL "Hagridden" (Majestic Mountain Records)

PAINTED DOLL "How to Draw Fire" (Tee Pee Records)

SLAVES "To Better Days" (SBG)

THUNDERMOTHER "Heat Wave" (AFM Records)

RIVAL ORDER "Beginnings" (Self-released) 

THE SEWER BUDDIES "Butt Brains" (Self-released)

TENSION RISING "Penumbra" (Tension Rising Productions)

DOKKEN "The Lost Songs 1978 - 1981" (Silver Lining Music)

ONSLAUGHT "Generation Antichrist" (AFM Records)

RICK RAY BAND "Can't Lie Hard Enough" (Neurosis Records)

LEGION "Rising" (CD Baby)

POWERMAN 5000 "The Noble Rot" (Cleopatra Records)

POWERMAN 5000 "Copies, Clones and Replicants" (Cleopatra Records)

POWERMAN 5000 "New Wave" (Pavement Records)

DEEP PURPLE "Whoosh!" (EarMusic)

ALCATRAZZ "Born Innocent" (Silver Lining)

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