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IN FLAMES "Foregone" (Nuclear Blast America)

JORN "Over the Horizon Radar" (Frontiers Music; SRL)

MERCIFUL ZERO "Merciful Zero" (Self-released)

MAJESTY OF REVIVAL "Pinnacle" (Self-released)

MOTORHEAD "Seriously Bad Magic" (Motorhead Music)

NITA STRAUSS "Controlled Chaos" (Sumerian Records)

SKID ROW "The Gang's All Here" (EarMusic)

DRIFT (Los Angeles) "New Blood Type" (Self-released)

LILITH CZAR "Created from Filth and Dust" (Sumerian)

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "AfterLife" (Better Noise)

CROWNE "Operation Phoenix" (Frontiers Music SRL)

THE PRETTY RECKLESS "Other Worlds" (Fearless Records)

HALESTORM "Back from the Dead" (Atlantic)

TANKARD "Pavlov's Dogs" (Reaper)

OBITUARY "Anthology" (Roadrunner)

NEMOPHILA "Seize the Fate" (Masterworks Publishers)

ALDO NOVA "The Life and Times of Eddie Gage" (MRI)

AC/DC "The Razor's Edge" (Legacy Recordings)

THE WARNING "XXI Century Blood" (Self-released)

FASTER PUSSYCAT "Like a Ghost" (Golden Robot)

VIS MYSTICA "Celestial Wisdom" (Dark Star Records)

SKELETOON "The 1.21 Gigawatt Club" (Scarlet Records)

TRICK OR TREAT "Creepy Symphonies" (Scarlet Records)

DISTURBED "Divisive" (Reprise)

EVA UNDER FIRE "Love, Drugs & Misery" (Better Noise Music)

UDO "The Legacy" (AFM Records)

BLACK WIDOWS "Among the Brave Ones" (Inverse)

CHEZ KANE "Powerzone" (Frontiers Music; SRL)

JONES STREET "Out of the Gutter" (Eonian Records)

TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS "Live at the Fillmore, 1997" (Warner Records)

NEW SKELETAL FACES "Celestial Disease" (Self-released)

ARTIFICIAL AGENT "Pop Culture Disruptor" (Streamline Records)

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