"Controlled Chaos" (Sumerian Records; 2018)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Nita Strauss earned her chops in the Alice Cooper band beginning in 2014. In 2022, she went to work for Demi Lovato but I'm thrilled to report that, as of this moment, she's back with Alice. I've seen her a few times working with the Nightmare himself, and Nita has always been amazing.

Even before joining Cooper's band, Nita was a seasoned vet. She's been playing L.A. clubs since she was fifteen. Nita is simply one of the best metal guitarists around and this release, "Controlled Chaos," shows just that. She also spent some time in the Iron Maidens, an all-female group dedicated to the music of Iron Maiden. (On a side note, editor R. Scott Bolton and I actually saw the Maidens a few months ago and they were awesome!)

"Controlled Chaos" is an instrumental album. Nita doesnít need lyrics to get her point across. The name of the recording is very apt, considering its various musical themes. Slow, melodic music and hard rock mixed with every variation is readily apparent throughout this recording. 

Nita plays all the guitars on this recording and it is perfectly produced. At any point in the recording, I can count numerous guitars playing at the same time. Very cool.

"Controlled Chaos" shows Nita Strauss is a musician to be reckoned with. I simply canít wait to see what she does in the future (in addition to continuing to work with Alice Cooper).

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