"Dark Sky Equilibrium" (Crucial Blast; 2024)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

MoonBladder's "Dark Sky Equilibrium" isn't so much a music album as it is a sound effects album. It's one, nearly twenty-three minute track that sounds like exactly what you'd expect if you were in some kind of space vehicle, sliding through the vastness of the universe, anxiously waiting for your cryogenic capsule to open so you can climb out and see where the hell you are and what the hell that sound was that you heard coming from below decks.

Yeah, it's weird. And kinda fun, too. "Dark Sky Equilibrium" is like the music-and-effects track for a space horror film you play out in your mind. It's got sweeping atmospheric sounds, moments of startling silence, and stress-inducing crescendos that will have you wondering what's around the next audio corner.

The one thing it doesn't have, however, is a whole lot of replayability factor. This was fun to listen to once, but I can't imagine digging it out again any time soon to give it another spin.

Still, if you're interested in soundscaping or atmospheric world creation, give MoonBladder a listen. Well, at least once.

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