"Fire" (Virgin Music Group; 2024)

Reviewed by Snidermann

I have been listening to the band Kittie for 25 years and I have to say they have just gotten better with age. I see that I have written reviews for this band here on that were dated 2001, but for the life of me I cannot remember doing it. So I had to go back and listen to what brought me to the band in in the first place. So I remember listening to the band and thinking "Holy shit! These women can fucking rock!" Well, it has been 25 years and nothing has changed. Actually a lot has changed: we have all gotten older and in the case of Kittie, they have just gotten better. On Fire, they are more refined, more brutal and, in doing so, have become better musicians and a better band.

Fire would be the band' seventh release and, when it come to bands, this one is like a fine wine ... it just gets better with age. Kittie has toured the world to adoring fans and I have to say this band would be on the top of my bucket list to see live.

After multiple lineup changes throughout the years, sisters Morgan and Mercedes Lander are the only original members still on the roster.

Kittie has it all: talent, drive and a shitload of attitude combined with musicianship to make up one killer fucking band. Fire as it stands is simply one killer release that should be experienced. I love this band, period. I will have to go back and listen to their previous recordings just to catch up on how cool this band really is.

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"Funeral For Yesterday" (X of Infamy; 2007)

Reviewed by Snidermann

The dictionary tells us that a kittie is a young cat or short for Katherine; neither of those definitions work when reviewing Kittie.

As regular readers may know, I have this fondness for female metal bands and/or singers and right about now my blood is boiling. This all-female Canadian metal band from London, Ontario, formed in 1996 and they have rocked hard and heavy since then.

The name of this release is "Funeral For Yesterday" and it rocks hard from start to finish. The only negative thing I could say about this release is that sometimes the vocals were a bit too nice for my taste. When they kicked it up a notch, this CD rocked hard and heavy.

"Funeral For Yesterday" has everything needed for one killer release: hard, heavy metal music and chicks singing it. Watch out boys, this Kittie has claws!

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"Spit" (NG Records/Artemis Records; 2000)

Reviewed by Snidermann

The all-female metal group Kittie is a hard-screaming, hard-driving musical experience. Kittie uses the same energy and life experiences in their music that reminds me a lot of L7, and that comparison ainít bad!  

Not only are they excellent musicians, the chemistry between these four women is readily apparent throughout this recording. Their musical stories are a little sick and a bit off center but that's a major appeal: These chicks simply rock. 

Sometimes, the music and lyrics seem a bit forced and the overall CD experience suffers because of it. However, I blame the producers here and not the band.

As if the kick-ass music weren't enough, Kittie are also very sexy. What a breath of fresh air to the stale male-dominated metal environment!

Kittie: Morgan Lander - vocals/guitar; Talena Atfield - bass/vocals; Fallon Bowman - guitar/vocals; Mercedes Lander - drums.

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