"Another World" (Frontiers New Recordings; 2024)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Another World is eleven tracks of serviceable, 80s-style rock'n'roll pop that's pumped full of synthesizers and loaded with buoyant melodies and soaring sounds. Which is okay, especially if you're really into that sound. Me, not so much. I like my music with a little more bite. I mean, the music is okay for what it is, but not one of the eleven tracks really reached out and grabbed me by the throat.

However, there is a saving grace here and that is the voice of Norway's Issa. She's got one of those voices that fits her music perfectly. She hits all the high notes, she belts out the choruses, she sings with feeling and emotion. Her amazing vocal style and incredible talent pulls "Another World" out of the ordinary bin and puts it one cubby higher. According to some sources, the music on this album was written expressly for her to sing and that seems obvious as you listen. Her voice towers above the other music on "Another World."

Now, if you're a big fan of this type of music, add another half guitarsaw to the review above. But even if you're not, giving "Another World" a listen simply to hear Issa would be worth your while.

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