"Master of My Sins" (Self-released; 2023)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Sometimes an album or EP comes across your desk that you really want to like but it just doesn't click with you, for whatever reason. Sadly, such is the case with Gengis Khan's "Master of My Sins."

This five track EP isn't bad but it doesn't really connect either. The music, though solidly played and well-recorded, is entertaining enough but just so ... I don't know ... typical. I mean, you won't be reaching for the OFF button or even the VOLUME DOWN knob, but once you've burned through all five tracks, odds are you won't remember much either.

It isn't that there isn't talent here because there certainly is. The guitar solos are fiery hot and the riffs chug along nicely. Drums and bass appropriately throb along. And the vocals are strong and rough, even though some of the background vocals just don't work at times.

So, while I can't really recommend Gengis Khan's "Master of My Sins," I certainly can't damn it, either. There's some stuff on this EP that works really well. Some of it, however, falls just a little flat.

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