"Division" (Self-released; 2022)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton


Dope Default out of Greece have released "Division," an atmospheric metal album that adds elements of stoner and grunge to their sound to give their music a unique flavor.

The album begins with "Midnight Mass" a stomping track that introduces you to the band's sound with waves of guitar, vocals that have the eerie appeal of Ozzy Osbourne, and lead riffs that are fiery and exactly right. "Future Without" is next and its driving beat and razor-sharp riff starts and ends this track, one of my favorites here. "Duplicity" follows and it's nothing short of epic, a nearly seven-minute tune with fat riffs and a soundscape that sounds big.

Without going through the rest of the tracks on "Division" it is enough to say that the remainder of tracks here deliver the same: a unique, powerful and strangely engrossing sound that surrounds you like the wings of a giant bat. "Division" is a fresh blend of metal, stoner and a little more to create a unique album that takes its time to sound epic, atmospheric and quite different and unique.

Dope Default: John Campbell - vocals; Makis Georgiou - bass, keys; Dimitris Kolimvanos - guitars; George Kontouris - guitars; Thodoris Anastasiadis - drums.

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