"Mystic Technocracy: Season 2 - The Age Of Entropy" (Elevate Records; 2023)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

I'm one of those people who likes to start from the beginning. If I begin a book series, I want to start with Book 1. If I'm gonna see a movie trilogy, I want to start with the first film. And, if I'm going to listen to a rock'n'roll concept epic that stretches across the course of several albums, I want to start with the first album.

So here it is, a little weird that I'm starting with Docker's Guild's "Mystic Technocracy: Season 2 - The Age of Entropy." Says, right there in the title, that this is "Season 2." 

But that's where I'm starting this time out and I'm glad that I am. Why? Because if I had waited to go back and find "Mystic Technocracy: Season 1," I might have put off listening to "Season 2" even longer than I already have. And I'm really glad I listened to it.

"Mystic Technocracy: Season 2 - The Age of Entropy" is as much an audio book as it is a rock'n'roll record. It tells a complete story, from beginning to end, novel-style, with chapters and characters that you get to know as the album continues. It's a massive, rich listening experience—one highly recommended for headphones listening—that demands your full attention. Don't put this on when you're driving to work one day. Set aside seventy-five minutes and just focus on this album. It'll surround you with soundscapes, dialogue and special effects. You'll feel the story around you; you'll become part of it.

Brilliant songwriting aside, the music here is stunning. It's epic prog-rock, with dashes of harder-edged metal, complete with sweeping vocals, stunning musicianship and absolutely perfect production.

And then there's the special guests, including Nita Strauss, Joel Hoekstra, Anneke van Giersbergen, Amanda Somerville, Helly and many more.

There's big and there's BIG and, for my money, "Mystic Technocracy: Season 2 - the Age of Entropy" is the latter (I mean, even the title's big: eight words!). Take the time, sit down, put on your headphones and listen to this record from beginning to end, undisturbed. I think you'll be glad you did.

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