"The Mandrake Project" (BMG Rights Management; 2024)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Bruce Dickinson, the voice of Iron Maiden, has once again graced us with another solo recording called "The Mandrake Project." This album is as much a rock/metal album as it is a strange commentary. That being said, I listened to this recording twice and I still can't figure out what the hell this is about; more research is necessary.

I have listened to all of Bruce's solo projects, and reviewed a few. One thing you can count on when you listen to a Bruce Dickinson solo recording, you are going to get a very polished, very well-produced release that well worth the effort. He still sounds great in 2024, at the age of 65 (holy shit! He's only a few years older than me!) as he did when his first Maiden album was recorded in 1982 ("The Number of the Beast." His talents are as varied as a person can get: He's an airline pilot for the Maiden crew as they jet around the globe; he's an author, TV host, he's competed in fencing internationally and he has created a beer. He's traveled the world as a solo singer and with Iron Maiden. I get winded just thinking of what this guys does for fun.

One thing I know, he is the reigning patriarch of heavy metal vocals and his legion of fans worldwide (as well as those of us here at can attest. He's on tour at the time of this writing, in support of this album, and will be touring later this year with the mighty Iron Maiden. We've got our tickets! Can't wait to see Bruce in Los Angeles later this year.

Killer metal recording from a legendary ambassador of heavy music. Bruce Dickinson and his recording "The Mandrake Project" get a hearty four guitarsaws.

Check out Bruce's website at for more info. 

"Tyranny of Souls" (Sanctuary/Metal-Is; 2005)

Reviewed by Snidermann

The new Bruce Dickinson solo CD, "Tryanny of Souls" is one killer rock'n'roll release. The voice of Iron Maiden has proven once again that he does not need Steve Harris to be a successful force in the metal scene. 

Dickinson and producer/guitarist Roy Z (who also produced the new Judas Priest CD, "Angel of Retribution") once again collaborated to deliver a powerhouse of sinister and perverse images in "Tyranny." Dickinson's strong voice is as powerful as ever and the songs weave strange storylines in each and every cut. 

Metal fans rejoice! Bruce Dickinson and Roy Z have joined forced again and, let me tell you, "Tyranny of Souls" kicks ass. 

Check out Bruce's website at for more info. 

"The Best of Bruce Dickinson" (Sanctuary/Metal-Is; 2001)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

As is mentioned below, probably ad nauseum, when vocalist Bruce Dickinson separated from Iron Maiden, he turned out a wealth of increasingly good music as a solo artist. For my money, his solo stuff was better than anything Maiden recorded after his departure and even after his return to that band.

This collection, one of those sadly-named "Best Ofs," attempts to collect the cream of the crop from Dickinson's solo career. While it doesn't completely succeed on that level (it would take more than one or even two discs to do that), it does act as a catalyst for those who haven't gathered Dickinson's solo work for their personal CD collections. One listen to this CD and I think you'll hasten to your favorite record store to complete your collection.

"The Best of Bruce Dickinson" has a little bit of everything. Tracks from Dickinson's early solo outings (which, although still powerful, are somewhat rougher than later work), tracks from his final two studio solo albums, "Accident of Birth" and "The Chemical Wedding," live tracks from the powerful "Scream for Me, Brazil" and two new tracks, recorded specifically for this release.

Without wading through each and every track here, it's enough to say that there isn't a weak track on the CD. And, although each listener would probably choose their own preferences for any "Best Of" collection - and there are decisions here I would disagree with - the selection is still pretty good. Any Iron Maiden fan should pick up this CD ASAP - and then go out and collect the complete Bruce Dickinson solo collection. In fact, the sooner you buy "The Best of Bruce Dickinson," the better. The CD's initial will include a second CD with more rare tracks. But that's a limited offer so "act now" as they say on television.

Check out Bruce's website at for more info. 

"Scream For Me Brazil" (Air  Raid Records; 1999)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Before all this hullabaloo about the IRON MAIDEN re-union, Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson had made quite a solo career for himself. Read the review of "The Chemical Wedding" below or listen to his "Accident of Birth" CD and see if you don't agree. Dickinson's solo efforts, quite simply, kicked some serious ass. While Maiden floundered with replacement vocalist Blaze Bayley, Bruce was delivering some of the best metal CDs and live performances around.

"Scream For Me Brazil" is a collection of live performances from those days, recorded - we're guessing - in Brazil (hey, it says so on the label and Bruce says "Sao Paulo" a lot).

With some of the best tunes from Dickinson's solo efforts, "Scream For Me Brazil" is a nuclear explosion of a live recording with Dickinson delivering every ounce of his frontman abilities (and perhaps no one with the exception of KISS' Paul Stanley has as much as Bruce) and Roy Z and fellow Maiden member Adrian Smith laying down the blistering guitar.

Because there are no Iron Maiden songs on this CD, it's hard to compare "Scream For Me Brazil" to one of the many live Maiden albums. Suffice to say that it stands up beside them admirably.

Bruce is back with Maiden now and, unfortunately, we'll probably never get to hear these songs live again. Too bad. They are truly some of the best heavy metal songs of the past few years and the performances captured herein are nothing short of freakin' terrific. "Scream For Me Brazil" is a document of what Bruce became after he left Maiden and it's a document he should be very proud of.

Check out Bruce's website at for more info. 

"The Chemical Wedding" (CMC International; 1998)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Former IRON MAIDEN vocalist Dickinson has done it again, in cahoots with former MAIDEN bandmate ADRIAN SMITH, producer Roy Z and the rest of the group that put together last year's sensational "Accident of Birth."

"The Chemical Wedding" is, quite simply, one of the very best hard rock/heavy metal albums of the year. With driving, heavy guitars, Dickinson's trademark vocals (which are better here than on any prior solo release) and the intelligent, poetic lyrics we've come to expect from Dickinson, "The Chemical Wedding" is an insightful, thoughtful and, yes, headbanging heavy metal collection. Although every track on the CD is terrific, standouts include the title track, "King In Crimson," and "Jerusalem." Another outstanding achievement for Mr. Dickinson and company.

Playing on "The Chemical Wedding" are: Bruce Dickinson, vocals; Adrian Smith, guitar; Roy Z, guitar; Eddie Casillas, bass; David Ingrahm, drums.

Read more about "The Chemical Wedding" in our features section or visit

"Skunkworks" (Castle; 1996)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Bruce Dickinson has two distinct vocal personalities: the voice of the legendary metal band Iron Maiden and as a solo artist.  As I listen to Dickinson's earlier solo release, "Skunkworks," I am struck by a strange sense of déjà vu. I know the voice, but I don't know the tunes.  

"Skunkworks" is much deeper than Maiden and also (for obvious reasons) less bass oriented.

I'm glad that Bruce is back with Iron Maiden but, in my opinion, his being in that band is like a job at a CPA firm - it's familiar, it's fairly easy and he does it very well.  However, with his solo projects, he can experiment, excel and perhaps not really make a load of cash. He gets to stretch his talents beyond the thundering roar of Maiden and try something a little different.

There's no doubt about it - Bruce Dickinson is the voice of Iron Maiden and we all know that Maiden rocks like hell and is truly one of the great heavy metal bands. But Dickinson's solo stuff is fresh, alive and truly incredible.  I have been and forever will be an Iron Maiden fan, but I'll be a fan of Bruce's solo work as well. This shit is positively inspirational.

Performing on "Skunkworks" are: Bruce Dickinson - vocals; Alex Dickson - guitar; Chris Dale - bass;  Alessandro Elena drums.  

Check out Bruce's website at for more info. 

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