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G3 "Live in Tokyo" (Sony)

GABRIEL'S PATH "Washed Away" (Self-released)

GALACTIC COWBOYS "At The End of the Day" (Metal Blade)

GALACTIC COWBOYS "Let It Go" (Metal Blade)

ERIC GALES "That's What I Am" (Nightbird / MCA)

DIM GALL "One Horn Guitar" (Self-released)

RORY GALLAGHER "Live at Montreux" (Eagle)

GALLERY OF MITES "Bugs on the Bluefish" (MeteorCity)

GALNERYUS "The Punishment of the Flag" (VAP)

GAMA BOMB "Citizen Brain" (Earache)

GAMA BOMB "Tales from the Grave in Space" (Earache)

GAMMA RAY "Blast From the Past" (Noise)

GAMMA RAY "Power Plant" (Noise Records)

GAMMA RAY "Skeletons in the Closet" (Sanctuary / Metal-Is)

GAMMA RAY "To the Metal!" (Earmusic)

THE GAMMA RAYS / HIGH SCHOOL HELLCATS "Split Personality" (Vile Beat)

GANDALF "Rock Hell" (Earache/Wicked World)

GANDHI'S GUN "Subject to Change" (Self-produced)

GANDHI'S GUNN "The Longer the Beard, the Harder the Sound" (Taxi Driver Records)

GANG GREEN "Older ... Budweiser" (Metal Mind)

VICTOR GANN "The Devil's Been Busy" (Self-released)

VICTOR GANN "Victor Gann" (Self-released)

GANON "As Above, So Below" (Acerbic Noise Development)

GARBAGE "Garbage" (Almo Sounds)

GARDENIAN "Sindustries" (Nuclear Blast)

GARDENIAN "Soulburner" (Nuclear Blast)

GARDEN OF SHADOWS "Oracle Moon" (Earache/Wicked World)

GARGAMEL "Fields of Happy" (Better Than Your Music Music)

GASHEAD "The Isolationist" (HapiSkratch Music / Fist Records)

GASHEAD "Knuckles Avec Sombreros" (HapiSkratch Music / Fist Records)

THE GATES OF SLUMBER "Hymns of Blood and Thunder" (Metal Blade)

THE GATHERING "Black Light District" (Psychonaut Records)

THE GATHERING "if_then_else" (Century Media)

THE GATHERING "How to Measure a Planet?" (Century Media)

THE GATHERING "Mandylion" (Century Media)

THE GATHERING "Nighttime Birds" (Century Media)

GAT-ROT "Us Versus Them" (Rotten)

GAUNTLET "The Comeback" (Self-released)

GAUNTLET "Path of Nails" (self-produced)

GAUNTLET "Stubburn" (Self-released)

GAUNTLET "What Doesn't Kill Us" (self-produced)

G.B.H. "Race Against Time - The Complete Clay Recordings" (Sanctuary)

GEARED 4 "Breaking the Mould" (Self-produced)

GEARED 4 "Natural Selection" (Self-produced)

GEIN AND THE GRAVEROBBERS "Gruesome Twosome" (Necro-Tone)

GEISER "Bipolar" (Self-produced)

GEISHA "Die Verbrechen der Liebe" (Crucial Blast)

GEIST "Galeere" (Lupus Lounge)

GEMINI FIVE "Babylon Rockets" (Cleopatra)

THE GEMINUS SECT "Gemination" (Sin Klub)

GENERICA "Motions of Theory" (Self-produced)

GENEROUS MARIA "Command of the New Rock" (LunaSound)

GENGHIS TRON "Cloak of Love" (Crucial Blast)

GET BACK UP "Weathering the Storm" (Organized Crime Records)

GET SCARED "Built for Blame, Laced with Shame" (Gray Area Records)

G-FORCE "Code Red (Self-produced)

G.F.I. "Porn Again" (Self-released)

G.F.P.M. "Are You Ready for Popo Love?" (Ohne Maulkorb)

G.F.P.M. "Mushroom Cloud Messiah" (Ohne Maulkorb)

G.F.P.M. "Tape La Muerte" (Demo)

G.G. ELVIS AND THE TCP BAND "Back from the Dead" (Mental)

GHOST MACHINERY "Haunting Remains" (Sound Riot)

GHOST ORGY "Lullabies for Lunatics" (Self-released)

GIANT BRAIN "Plume" (Small Stone)

GIANT SQUID "Metridium Fields" (The End)

MICHAEL GIBBONS "Believe" (Self-produced)

GIDEON'S PAWN "The Full Twelve Inches" (Levon Black Records)

GILLAN "The Glory Years" DVD (Eagle Vision)

IAN GILLAN "Gillan's Inn" (Immergent)

IAN GILLAN "Gillan's Inn - Deluxe Tour Edition" (Immergent)

IAN GILLAN "Live in Anaheim" (Edel)

IAN GILLAN "One Eye To Morocco" (Eagle)

GIRTH "The Sweetness of Rejection" (K.O. Records)


GIVEN WITH HONOR "The End of the New Beginning" (Record Records)

GIVE UP THE GHOST "Year One" (Bridge Nine)

GIVE US BARABBAS "Luke 23:18" (Ever Reviled)

GIZMACHI "The Imbuing" (Sanctuary)

GLADYSS PATCHES "A Wish This Simple" (N'Focus Entertainment)

G.L.A.S. "18" (Self-produced)

GLASSEATER "Everything is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down" (Victory)

GLASSJAW "Everything You Wanted to Know About Silence" (Roadrunner)

GLORY OF THIS "Adoration" (Indianola)

GLUECIFER "Automatic Thrill" (SPV / Steamhammer) 

GLYDER "Backroads to Byzantium" (SPV)

GLYDER "Glyder" (Bad Reputation / True Talent)

GLYDER "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (SPV)

GNAW "This Face" (Conspiracy)

GNOSTIC "Hatewar 666" (Infernos Rex)

GOATSNAKE "Trampled Under Hoof" (Southern Lord)

GOATWHORE "Carving Out the Eyes of God" (Metal Blade)

GOATWHORE "A Haunting Curse" (Metal Blade)

GOD AMONG INSECTS "World Wide Death" (Candlelight USA / Threeman)

THE GODDAMNED "Damned" (Self-produced)

GOD DETHRONED "Bloody Blasphemy" (Metal Blade)

GOD DETHRONED "Into the Lungs of Hell" (Metal Blade)

GOD DETHRONED "Ravenous" (Metal Blade)

GODDESS OF DESIRE "Symbol of Triumph" (Metal Blade Records)

GOD FIRES MAN "A Billion Balconies Facing the Sun" (In De Goot)


GODHEAD "2000 Years of Human Error" (Priority)

GODHEAD "Evolver" (Reality-Entertainment)

GODHEAD "Power Tool Stigmata" (Sol 3 Records)

GODHEAD "The Shadow Line" (Cement Shoes)

GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT "Origins" (Rocket Girl)

GOD LIVES UNDERWATER "Up Off the Floor" (Locomotive / Megaforce)

GODSMACK "1000hp" (Spinefarm) 

GODSMACK "IV" (Universal/Republic)

GODSMACK "Awake" (Universal/Republic)

GODSMACK "Faceless" (Universal/Republic)

GODSMACK "Godsmack" (Republic/Universal)

GODSMACK "The Other Side" (Republic / Universal)

GODS OF FIRE "Wrath of the Gods" (Black Thirteen Recording Company)

GODYVA "In Good and Evil" (Razor Ice)

THE GODZ "Twenty-Five Moore Years" (Outlaw)

GOJIRA "From Mars to Sirius" (Listenable)

GOJIRA "The Way of the Flesh" (Prosthetic)

THE GOLDEN GODS "The Thorny Crown of Rock and Roll" (24 Hour Entertainment)

GOLD STAR "Demo 2003" (Demo)

GOLD STAR "Demo 2004" (Demo)

GOLEM "Dreamweaver" (Nuclear Blast)

GO LIKE HELL "Hell Bent Rock'n'Roll" (Buttermilk)

GOMORAH "By the Means of Violence" (

GOOD CHARLOTTE "Good Charlotte" (Daytime/Epic)

GOOD CHARLOTTE "Good Morning Revival" (Epic / Daylight)

GOOD CHARLOTTE "The Chronicles of Life and Death" (Epic)

GOODNESS "Anthem" (Immortal/Epic)

GOOD RIDDANCE "The Republic" (Fat Wreck)

GOO GOO DOLLS "Dizzy Up the Girl" (Warner Bros.)

GOO GOO DOLLS "Gutterflower" (Warner Bros.)

GOO GOO DOLLS "Let Love In" (Warner Bros.)

GORDIAN KNOT "Gordian Knot" (Sensory Records)

GORDIAN KNOT "Emergent" (Sensory Records)

FLESH GORDON "Flesh Gordon - Sampler" (Self-produced)

GOREFEST "Rise to Ruin" (Candlelight)

GORGOROTH "Incipit Satan" (Nuclear Blast)

GORKY PARK "Gorky Park" (Mercury)

GOROD "Transcendence" (Self-produced)

GOV'T MULE "Dark Side of the Mule" (Mascot Label Group)

GOV'T MULE "Deja Voodoo" (ATO)

GPS "Window to the Soul" (Inside Out Music)

GRACEPOINT "Science of Discontent" (Candlewax Records)

GRADE 8 "Grade 8" (Lava)

GRAF ORLOCK "Destination Time Yesterday" (Level Plane)

GRAND ALCHEMIST "Intervening Coma - Celebration" (Sound Riot)

GRAVE "Fiendish Regression" (Century Media)

GRAVE "Dominion VIII" (Regain)

GRAVE DIGGER "Liberty or Death" (Locomotive)

GRAVE DIGGER "Rheingold" (Nuclear Blast)

MICHALE GRAVES "Return to Earth" (Horror High)

GRAVEYARD RODEO "On The Verge" (Century Media)

THE GRAVITY GUILD "The Great Divide" (High Gravity Music)

GRAVY "Fourteen" (Rockwood)

GRAY CELL GREEN "Train of Thought" (Demo)

THE GREAT DECEIVER "Terra Incognito" (Peaceville)

THE GREAT KAT "Beethoven's Guitar Shred" (TPR Music)

THE GREAT KAT "Bloody Vivaldi" (Blood and Guts Music)

THE GREAT KAT "Castration" Video

THE GREAT KAT "Rossini's Rape" (TPR/Blood and Guts)

THE GREAT KAT "Torture Chamber" Video

THE GREAT KAT "Wagner's War" (TPR)


THE GREAT KAT "Zapateado" Video (TPR)

GREAT WHITE "Greatest Hits" (Capitol)

GREAT WHITE "Rising" (Sharpnel)

GREEN DAY "21st Century Breakdown" (Reprise)

GREEN DAY "American Idiot" (Reprise)

GREEN DAY "Bullet in a Bible" (Reprise)

GREEN DAY "Insomniac" (Reprise)

GREEN DAY "Nimrod" (Reprise)

GREENHAVEN "Southbound" (Humble)

GREENLEAF "Agents of Ahriman" (Small Stone)

DAVID GREGORISCH "Dissecting the Frog" (Hi-Gain Records)

GRENOUER "Lifelong Days" (Locomotive)

GRENOUER "The Odour O'Folly/Gravehead" (Copro)

GRENOUER "Presence With War" (Self-produced)

GRENOUER "Try" (Self-produced)

GRETA VAN FLEET "Anthem of the Peaceful Army" (Republic)

DORIAN GREY "Semjaza" (Dorian Grey)

GRIEF OF WAR "Worship" (Prosthetic)

GRIEF OF WAR "A Mounting Crisis ... As Their Fury Got Released" (Prosthetic)

GRIMNER "Frost Mot Eld" (Despotz)

GRIMMSTINE "Grimmstine" (Self-released)

GRINSPOON "Licker Bottle Cozy" (Grudge/Universal Records)

GRIP INC. "Incorporated" (SPV / Steamhammer)

GRIP INC. "Power Of Inner Strength" (Metal Blade/Priority)

GRIZ "My Revolution" (Ragin' Grace)

GROUPOEM "Dirt Church" (Red Cab Records)

GROOVE KITCHEN "Poor White Trash" (Gravy Kookie/Sub Human Records)

GROOVENICS "Groovenics" (Eagle Rock)

GROOVIE GHOULIES "Appetite for Adrenochrome" (Lookout)

GROOVIE GHOULIES "Monster Club" (Springman Records)

GRUDGE "Forgiveness" (House of Hits)

GRYN "Our New Earth" (Last Beat Records)

GRYP "Gryp" (W Records)

GUARDIAN "Fire and Love" (Pakaderm)

GUARDIAN "The Yellow and Black Attack Is Back" (M8)

TOM GUERRA "All of the Above" (Casa Del Soul Productions)

TOM GUERRA "Trampling Out the Vintage" (Casa Del Soul Productions)


GUILD OF AGES "Vox Dominatas" (MTM)

GUILLOTINE "Blood Money" (Pulverized)

GUILT MACHINE "On This Perfect Day" (Mascot)

GULCH "Uphill Both Ways" (Self-produced)

TREY GUNN "Music for Pictures" (7d Media)

GUNS'N'ROSES "Appetite for Destruction" (Geffen)

GUNS N'ROSES "Chinese Democracy" (Interscope)

GUNS'N'ROSES "Greatest Hits" (Geffen)

GUNS N'ROSES "Live Era '87 - '93" (Geffen)

GUT "Gut" (Demo)

GUT "Shrubbery" (Fat Togue)

GWAR "Battle Maximus" (Metal Blade)

GWAR "Beyond Hell" (DRT)

GWAR "Bloody Pit of Horror" (Metal Blade)

GWAR "This Toilet Earth" (Metal Blade)

GWAR "Violence Has Arrived" (Metal Blade)

GWAR "War Party" (DRT)

GWAR "We Kill Everything" (Metal Blade)

GYPSY PISTOLEROS "Para Siempre" (Bad Reputation)

GYRE "Second Circle" (Monolith Records)

H20 "Go" (MCA)

HABIT OF FORCE "Submission Denied" (Independent)

HACKMAN "The New Normal" (Small Stone)

HACKNEYED "Death Prevails" (Nuclear Blast)

HADES "Bootlegged in Boston 1988" DVD (Cruz Del Sur)

HADES "DamNation" (Metal Blade)

HADES "The Downside" (Metal Blade)

HADES "Live on Location" (Grand Slamm)

SAMMY HAGAR "Cosmic Universal Fashion" (Loud & Proud)

SAMMY HAGAR "Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Tour" DVD (Image)

SAMMY HAGAR "The Essential Red Collection" (Hip-O)

SAMMY HAGAR "Live Hallelujah" (Sanctuary / Cabo Wabo)

SAMMY HAGAR "Livin' It Up" (Cabo Wabo / Rhino)

SAMMY HAGAR "Not 4 Sale" (Cabo Wabo / 33rd Street)

SAMMY HAGAR "Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock" (!t Books)

SAMMY HAGAR "Red Voodoo" (MCA)

SAMMY HAGAR "Sammy Hagar" (Capitol)

SAMMY HAGAR "Ten 13" (Cabo Wabo / Beyond)

HAIL OF BULLETS "Warsaw Rising" (Metal Blade)

HAIR OF THE DOG "Ignite" (Spitfire)

HAIR OF THE DOG "Rise" (Spitfire)

HAKEN "Aquarius" (Sensory)

HALESTORM "Halestorm" (Atlantic)

HALESTORM "The Strange Case Of..." (Atlantic)

HALFCOCKED "The Last Star" (Megatronic/Dreamworks)

HALFORD "Crucible" (Metal-Is/Sanctuary)

HALFORD "Live Insurrection" (Metal-Is/Sanctuary)

HALFORD "Made of Metal" (Metal God Entertainment)

HALFORD "Metal God Essentials Vol. 1" (Metal God Entertainment)

HALFORD "Resurrection" (Metal-Is/Sanctuary)

HALFORD "Winter Songs" (Metal God)

STUART HAMM "The Urge" (Relativity)

HAMMERFALL "Glory to the Brave" (Nuclear Blast)

HAMMERFALL "Legacy of Kings" (Nuclear Blast)

HAMMERFALL "Renegade" (Nuclear Blast)

HAMMERFALL "Steel to Steel: Ten Years of Glory" ( (Nuclear Blast)

HAMMERFALL "Threshold" (Nuclear Blast)

HAMMERFIST "Isolation" (Ghosttown Records)

HAMMER ON ROME "Hammer on Rome" (Self-produced)

HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE "The August Engine" (Cruz Del Sur)

HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE "The Locust Years" (Cruz Del Sur)

THE HANDFUL "Second Hand Smoke" (True Rock)

THE HANDFUL "Wooden Indian" (True Rock)

HANDSOME "Handsome" (Epic)

HAND TO HAND "Design the End / Follow the Horizon" (Lifeforce)

HANOI ROCKS "The Nottingham Tapes" (Cherry Red)

HAPPY THE MAN "The Muse Awakens" (InsideOut)

HARDCORE WARRIOR "Quick Decision to Die" (Self-produced)

HARDREAMS "The Road Goes On" (Perris)

HARD KNOX "Combat Alley" (Perris Records)

HARD SOUL "Fairer Shores" (Self-produced)

HARD SOUL "Heart of Plaster" (Self-produced)

HAREM SCAREM "United" (Frontiers)

HARLOW "Harlowland" (Self-produced)

HARMFUL "Sanguine" (Steamhammer)

HARPOON "Double Gnarly / Triple Homicide" (Interloper)

LAUREN HARRIS "Calm Before the Storm" (DR2)

HARROW "Embrace the World" (Power Records)

MIKE HARTMAN "Black Glue" (Universal)

HASTE "Pursuit in the Name of Consequence" (Century Media)

HASTE THE DAY "Pressure the Hinges" (Solid State)

HATCHET "Awaiting Evil" (Metal Blade)

HATE "Cain's Way" (World War III Records)

HATE "Holy Dead Trinity" (World War III Records)

HATEBREED "For the Lions" (KOCH)

HATEBREED "The Rise of Brutality" (Universal)

HATEBREED "Supremacy" (Roadrunner)

HATE ETERNAL "Conquering the Throne" (Earache/Wicked World)

HATE ETERNAL "Fury and Flames" (Metal Blade)

HATE ETERNAL "King of All Kings" (Earache)

HATEPLOW "Mosh Pit Murder" (Arctic)

HATESPHERE "Ballet of the Brute" (Century Media / BL Music / Scarlet)

HATESPHERE "The Killing" EP (Steamhammer / SPV)

HATEWORK "Thrash 'n' Roll" (Beer City)

THE HAUNTED "The Haunted Made Me Do It" (Earache)

HAWK NELSON "Hawk Nelson ... Is My Friend" (BEC Recordings/Tooth & Nail)

HAWKWIND "Blood of the Earth" (Eastworld)

THE HAWTHORNE EFFECT "A Study in Motivation" (Self-released)

HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS "If Only You Were Lonely" (Victory)

HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS "The Silence in Black and White" (Victory)

HAYSEED DIXIE "A Hot Piece of Grass" (Cooking Vinyl)

HB SURROUND SOUND "Mad World" (Skin Industries)

HEADHUNTER "Parasite of Society" (Candlelight)

HEADHUNTER D.C. "...And The Sky Turns to Black ... (The Dark Age Has Come) (World War III)

THE HEADIE BERRIE "Morning Toast" (Self-released)

HEADLOK "Demo 2000" (Self-produced)


HEAD ON COLLISION "Ritual Sacrifice" (Beer City)

HEADSTRONG "Headstrong" (RCA)

HEARSE "Armageddon Mon Amour" (Candlelight)

HEART "Fanatic" (Sony Legacy)

HEART "Jupiter's Darling" (Sovereign Artists)

HEART "Red Velvet Car" (Sony Legacy)

HEART FULL OF DIRT "American Road" (Self-released)

HEARTLESS BASTARDS "The Mountain" (Fat Possum)

HEARTLESS BASTARDS "Stairs and Elevators" (Fat Possum)

HEATHEN "The Evolution of Chaos" (Mascot)

HEATHEN FORAY "The Passage" (Black Bards)

HEAVEN AND EARTH "Windows to the World" (Frontiers / Now & Then)

HEAVEN AND HELL "The Devil You Know" (Rhino)

HEAVENLY "Dust to Dust" (Noise/Sanctuary)

THE HEAVILS "The Heavils" (Metal Blade)

HEAVY GLOW "The Filth & The Fury" (Self-released)

HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW "Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching" (Ferret)

HEAVYSURF "HeavySurf" (Self-released)

HECATE ENTHRONED "Redimus" (Candlelight USA / Blackend)

(hed)p.e. "Back 2 Base X" (Jive)

(hed)p.e. "Blackout" (Jive)

(hed)p.e. "Broke" (Jive)

(hed)p.e. "Insomnia" (Suburban Noize)

(hed)p.e. "New World Orphans" (Suburban Noize)

HE IS LEGEND "91205" (Tribunal)

THE HELLACOPTERS "Rock & Roll Is Dead" (Liquor and Poker)

HELARAGE "A Carnivore's Platter" (Independent)

HELIX "Half-Alive" (DeRock)

HELIX "The Power of Rock and Roll" (Perris)

HELLBASTARD "The Need To Kill" (Selfmadegod)

HELLBOUND HAYRIDE "Devil's Junction" (Pepperland)

HELLCITY 13 "Hellcity 13" (Bale)

HELLFUELED "Volume One" (Nuclear Blast)

HELLFUELED "The Red One" (Self-produced)

HELLION "To Hellion and Back" (New Renaissance)

HELL ON EARTH "All Things Disturbingly Sassy" (Neptune)

HELL OR HIGHWATER "Begin Again" (Pavement Entertainment)

HELLSPAWN "Lords of Eternity" (Rotten Records)

HELL TO PAY "Hell to Pay" (Self-Produced)

HELLOWEEN "The Dark Ride" (Noise International)

HELLOWEEN "Gambling with the Devil" (SPV / Steamhammer)

HELLOWEEN "Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 1" (Noise International)

HELLOWEEN "Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 2" (Noise International)

HELLOWEEN "Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy" (SPV / Steamhammer)

HELLOWEEN "Metal Jukebox" (Sanctuary/Metal Is)

HELLOWEEN "Rabbit Don't Come Easy" (Nuclear Blast)

HELLOWEEN "Straight Out of Hell" (SPV / Steamhammer)

HELLOWEEN "Treasure Chest" (Sanctuary/Metal Is)

HELLRAZOR "Feel the Sting" (Self-released)

HELL WITHIN "Asylum of the Human Predator" (Lifeforce)

HELL WITHIN "Shadows of Vanity" (Lifeforce)

HELLYEAH "Hellyeah" (Epic)

HELMET "Meantime" (Interscope)

HELMET "Size Matters" (Interscope)

HELMET "Unsung: The Best of Helmet 1991 - 1997" (Interscope)

HEMLOCK "Bleed the Dream" (Candlelight)

HERBERT "Steppin' Off To Eden" (Necropolis/Fueled Up Records)

HERETIC'S FORK "Heretic's Fork" (Self-produced)

HERE'S TO "Letters to Hill Valley" (Casanova)

HEROD "For Whom the Gods Would Destroy" (Lifeforce Records)

HEROD "Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight" (Lifeforce Records)

IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY "Fallen Angel" (Frontiers)


HESS "Opus 1" (Self-produced)

HEZZAKYA "Drug Metal" (Vaudeville Records)

THE HIDDEN HAND "Divine Propaganda" (Meteor City)

THE HIDDEN HAND "The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote" (Southern Lord)

HIGHBINDER "All the Way to Hell" (Sin Klub)

HIGHLORD "Medusa's Coil" (Arise)

HIGH ON FIRE "Blessed Black Wings" (Relapse)

HIGH ON FIRE "Death is This Communion" (Relapse)

HIGH SCHOOL HELLCATS / THE GAMMA RAYS "Split Personality" (Vile Beat)

THE HIGH SPEED SCENE "The High Speed Scene" (Star Trak / Interscope)

H.I.M. "Dark Light" (Sire)

H.I.M. "Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights" (BMG)

HIM "Venus Doom" (Sire)

HIMSA "Courting Disaster and Tragedy" (Prosthetic Records)

HIMSA "Hail Horror" (Prosthetic Records)

HINDER "Take it to the Limit" (Universal Motown)

HIRAX "Barrage of Noise" (Deep Six Records)

HIRAX "The New Age of Terror" (Mausoleum)

THE HISTRIONIKS "About This Girl" (CatErratic)

HITTEGODS "All for Rock'n'Roll" (Demo)

HITTEGODS "Flower Power" (Demo)

HITTEGODS "Let It Burn" (Self-released)

HITTEGODS "You Reap What You Sow" (Self-released)

THE HIVES "The Black and White Album" (A&M)

THE HIVES "Veni Vidi Vicious" (Burning Heart)

HIVESMASHER "Gutter Choir" (Black Market Activities)

HOBBIT "Two Feet Tall" (Midwest Records)

JOEL HOEKSTRA "The Moon is Falling" (Self-produced)

GARY HOEY "Animal Instinct" (Warner Bros.)

WOLF HOFFMANN "Classical" (SoundShop Records)

HOG MOLLY "Kung Fu Cocktail Grip" (Kool Arrow)

HOKUM "No Escape" (Self-produced)

HOLDING ON "Question What You Live For" (Bridge Nine)

HOLD ON HUMANITY "Hold on Humanity" (Self-produced)

HOLD ON HUMANITY "Warning Shot" (Self-produced)

THE HOLD STEADY "Stay Positive" (Vagrant)

HOLE "Live Through This" (DGC)

HOLFILLER "Holfiller" (Holfiller)

THE HOLLOWAYS "So This is Great Britain?" (TVT)

HOLLYWOOD BURNOUTS "Excess All Areas" (Rock Road)

HOLLYWOOD ROSE "The Roots of Guns N'Roses" (Deadline)

HOLLYWOOD SUPERSTARS "Let It Shine" (Self-produced)

HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "American Tragedy" (A&M Octane)

HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "Day of the Dead" (Interscope)

HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "Swan Songs" (A&M Octane / Polydor)

CHRIS HOLMES "Shitting Bricks" (Non Nobis)

HOLY GRAIL "Crisis in Utopia" (Prosthetic)

HOLY MOSES "Queen of Siam" (Locomotive Records)

HOLY MOTHER "Agoraphobia" (SPV / Steamhammer)

HOME GROWN "Act Your Age" (Outpost Recordings)

HOME GROWN "Kings of Pop" (Drive-Thru)

HONEY FOR CHRIST "The Darkest Pinnacle of Light" (Rundown)

HONEYMOON SUITE "The Big Prize" (Warner Bros.)

HOOBASTANK "Every Man For Himself" (Island)

HOOBASTANK "For(N)ever" (Island)

HOOBASTANK "Hoobastank" (Island)

HOOBASTANK "The Reason" (Island)

HOODS "Pray for Death" (Victory)

HOODS "Time ... The Destroyer" (Victory)

HOOK ECHO "Demo Sampler 2002" (Demo)

HOPELESS DREGS OF HUMANITY "Revolutionary Rock Apocalypse" (Ever Reviled Records)

HORFIXION "Disynchronize" (Burn To Death Music)

HORFIXION "Rage" (Burn To Death Music)

THE HORRIFICS "Now Fear This" (1031 Records)

HORSE THE BAND "A Natural Death" (KOCH / Combat)

HORSE THE BAND "The Mechanical Hand" (KOCH / Combat)

THE HOSTAGE HEART "Where There is Despair, Hope" (Five Point)

HOSTILE "Hostile" (Self-released)

THE HOTNESS "Stay Classy" (Ferret)

HOTWIRE "The Routine" (RCA)

HOURCAST "State of Disgrace" (Alkamedia Records)

HOUSE OF LORDS "Come to My Kingdom" (Blistering)

HOUSE OF LORDS "Indestructible" (Frontiers)

HOUSE OF LORDS "Live in the U.K." (Frontiers)

HOUSTON "Fast in Elegance" (Sliptrick)

HOW IT ENDS "So Shall It Be" (Thorp)

HOWL "Full of Hell" (Relapse)

GARY HUGHES "Once and Future King: Part I" (Frontiers)

GARY HUGHES "Once and Future King: Part II" (Frontiers)

HUGHES TURNER PROJECT "Hughes Turner Project" (Sharpnel)

HULDA "Always Haunted" (Self-produced)

HULL "Sole Lord" (The End)

HUMAN "Out of the Dust" (Organic)

HUMAN RITUAL "Offering" (Self-produced)

HUMBLE GODS "Born Free" (Suburban Noize)

HUNG "Progeny" (Self-produced)

SEB HUNTER "Hell Bent For Leather" Book (4th Estate)

HURT "The Crux" (Carved Records)

THE HURT PROCESS "Drive By Monologue" (Victory)

HUSKER DU "New Day Rising" (SST Records)

HUSKY "The Sea King" (The Husky Sound)

HYBRID FREAK DIVISION "Non-Conformative" (Lion Music)

HYDROGYN "Deadly Passions" (DR2)

HYMNS OF THE WICKED "Never See the Sun Again" (Obelisk)

HYPERION "Through Centuries" (Deathgasm)

HYPNO5E "Des Deux L’une Est L’autre" (Overcome Distribution)

HYPNOSIS "Cyber Death" (Crash)

HYPNOSIS "Seeds of Fate" (Bent Records)

HYPOCRISY "Hypocrisy" (Nuclear Blast)

HYPOCRISY "Into the Abyss" (Nuclear Blast)

I, APPARATUS "Ebola and the Botanist" (Hotfoot)

ICECOCOON "The Sindividual(s)" (Owenian Records)

ICED EARTH "Alive in Athens" (Century Media)

ICED EARTH "Burnt Offerings" (Century Media)

ICED EARTH "The Crucible of Man" (SPV)

ICED EARTH "The Glorious Burden" (SPV / Hunter)

ICED EARTH "Days of Purgatory" (Century Media)

ICED EARTH "Framing Armageddon: Something Wicked Pt. 1" (Century Media)

ICED EARTH "Live in Ancient Kourion" (Century Media)

ICED EARTH "Overture of the Wicked" (SPV)

ICED EARTH "The Reckoning" (Steamhammer)

ICED EARTH "Something Wicked This Way Comes" (Century Media)

ICED EARTH "Tribute to the Gods" (Century Media)

ICHABOD "2012" (Rootsucker Records)

ICHABOD "Let the Bad Times Roll" (Rootsucker Records / Black Lotus Entertainment)

ICHABOD "Reaching Empyrean" (Rootsucker Records / Black Lotus Entertainment)

ICON FOR HIRE "Scripted" (Tooth and Nail)

BILLY IDOL "Billy Idol" (Capitol/Chrysalis)

BILLY IDOL "Devil's Playground" (Sanctuary)

BILLY IDOL "Kings and Queens of the Underworld" (Kobalt)

BILLY IDOL "The Very Best of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourself" (Capitol)

BILLY IDOL "VH-1 Storytellers" (Capitol)

BILLY IDOL "Vital Idol" (Capitol/Chrysalis)


IDOLS NEVER DIE "Election Day Fire" (215 Records)

IF HOPE DIES "The Ground is Rushing Up to Meet Us" (Ironclad Recordings)

IF HOPE DIES "Life in Ruin" (Metal Blade)

IGNARUS "Ignarus" (LITO Music)

IGNITOR "Road of Bones" (Cruz Del Sur)

I GOT SHOT IN THE FACE "How Am I Not Myself" (Count It)

ILLBREAK "The Flood" (Imprint)

ILL GOTTEN GAINZ "The Pet Goat" (Burnt Ramen)

ILLIDIANCE "Synthetic Breed" (Hellcome to Dollywood)

ILL NINO "Confession" (Roadrunner)

ILL NINO "Epidemia" (Victory)

ILL NINO "Revolution/Revolucion" (Roadrunner)

ILL NINO "The Undercover Sessions" (Cement Shoes)

ILLOGICIST "Subjected" (Crash)

ILL REPUTE "Positive Charged" (Grand Theft Audio)

THE ILLUMINATI "The Illuminati" (Liquor and Poker)

I LOVE RICH "The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Record of All Time" (Self-produced)

IMAGINE THIS "Imagine This" (ERG - Essential Records Group)

IMARI TONES "Victory in Christ" (Kitchen Knife Records)

IMMOLATION "Close to a World Below" (Metal Blade)

IMMOLATION "Failure For Gods" (Metal Blade)

IMPALED "Choice Cuts" (Necropolis/Deathvomit)

IMPALED "The Dead Shall Remain Dead" (Necropolis/Deathvomit)

IMPALED "Death After Life" (Necropolis / Deathvomit)

IMPELLITTERI "Pedal to the Metal" (SPV)

IMPELLITTERI "Wicked Maiden" (SPV)

IMPERIAL "We Sail At Dawn" (Pluto/EastWest)

IMPIETY "Kaos Kommand 696" (Osmose Productions)

IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER "Live at WFMU" (Beer City Records)

IN AETERNUM "Past and Present Sins" (Necropolis)

INCANTATION "The Infernal Storm" (Relapse)

INCITE "All Out War" (Minus Head Records)

INCOMING CEREBRAL OVERDRIVE "Controverso" (Supernatural Cat)

INCUBUS "A Crow Left of the Murder" (Epic)

INCUBUS "Fungus Amongus" (Stopuglynailfungus)

INCUBUS "Light Grenades" (Epic / Immortal)

INCUBUS "Make Yourself" (Epic)

INCUBUS "Monuments and Melodies" (Epic)

INCUBUS "Morning View" (Sony)

INCUBUS "S.C.I.E.N.C.E." (Immortal/Epic)

INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND "Heaven Sent Hellbound" (Candlelight)

INDUKTI "S.U.S.A.R." (The Laser's Edge)

IN EXTREMO "Sunder ohne Zugel" (Metal Blade)

IN EXTREMO "Verehrt und Angespien" (Metal Blade)

IN EXTREMO "Weckt Die Toten" (Metal Blade)

INFERION "This Will Decay" (Horror Pain Gore Death Records)

INFERNUM "The Curse" (Sound Riot)

IN FLAMES "A Sense of Purpose" (Koch)

IN FLAMES "Clayman" (Nuclear Blast)

IN FLAMES "Colony" (Nuclear Blast)

IN FLAMES "Come Clarity" (Ferret)

IN FLAMES "The Jester Race" (Nuclear Blast)

IN FLAMES "The Mirror's Truth" (Koch)

IN FLAMES "Reroute to Remain" (Nuclear Blast)

IN FLAMES "Sounds of a Playground Fading" (Century Media)

IN FLAMES "Soundtrack to Your Escape" (Nuclear Blast)

IN FLAMES "The Tokyo Showdown: Live in Japan 2000" (Nuclear Blast)

IN FLAMES "Whoracle" (Nuclear Blast)

INGESTED "Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering" (Candlelight)

INJECTED "Burn It Black" (Island)

INNERFURY "Demo" (Self-produced)

INNER SURGE "Death-Pierce Me" (Autopsy Kitchen)

INSANE "King of Fools" (Edge Records)

INSENSE "De-Evolution" (Mas-Kina Recordings)

INSILENCE "InSilence EP" (Self-released)

INSISION "Revealed and Worshipped" (Wicked World)

INSOMNIUM "In the Halls of Awaiting" (Candlelight)

INSOMNIUM "Shadows of a Dying Sun" (Century Media)

INSOMNIUM "Since the Day It All Came Down" (Candlelight)

IN.SPITE.OF "Metaphor" (Self-produced)

INSTRUCTION "God Doesn't Care" (Geffen)

INTENTIONAL RAGE "The Price of Freedom" (Wicked Edge)

IN THIS MOMENT "Beautiful Tragedy" (Century Media)

IN THIS MOMENT "Blood" (Century Media)

IN THIS MOMENT "The Dream" (Century Media)

INTO ETERNITY "Buried in Oblivion" (Century Media)

INTO ETERNITY "The Incurable Tragedy" (Century Media)

INTO ETERNITY "The Scattering of Ashes" (Century Media)

INTO THE LIGHT "Into the Light" (Frontiers)

INTRONAUT "Prehistoricisms" (Century Media)

INTRONAUT "Void" (Goodfellow)

INVAIN "Anti-Everything" (Self-produced)

INVITRO "When I Was a Planet" (Gridiron)

IOMMI "The 1996 DEP Sessions with Glenn Hughes" (Sanctuary)

IOMMI "Fused" (Sanctuary)

IOMMI "Iommi" (Divine/Priority)

IQ "Frequency" (Inside/Out)

I.R.A.T.E. "Infinite Rebellion Against the Establishment" (Self-produced demo)

IRATE "New York Metal" (Self-released)

IRONBOUND NYC "With a Brick" (Thorp)

IRON CLAW "A Different Game" (Ripple)

IRON LUNG "Sexless / No Sex" (Prank)

IRON MAIDEN "A Matter of Life and Death" (Sanctuary)

IRON MAIDEN "The Best of the Beast" (Raw Power)

IRON MAIDEN "The Book of Souls" (2015)

IRON MAIDEN "Brave New World" (Portrait/Columbia)

IRON MAIDEN "Dance of Death" (Sanctuary / Columbia)

IRON MAIDEN "Death on the Road" (Sanctuary)

IRON MAIDEN "Eddie's Archive" (Columbia)

IRON MAIDEN "Ed Hunter" (Portrait)

IRON MAIDEN "Edward the Great" (Columbia)

IRON MAIDEN "The Final Frontier" (Sony Legacy)

IRON MAIDEN "Iron Maiden" (Sony)

IRON MAIDEN "Live After Death" (Raw Power)

IRON MAIDEN "Live After Death" DVD (Sony)

IRON MAIDEN "Live at Donington" (Raw Power)

IRON MAIDEN "Rock in Rio" (Portrait/Columbia)

IRON MAIDEN "Rock in Rio" DVD (Columbia Music Video)

IRON MAIDEN "Somewhere Back in Time: The Best of 1980 - 1989" (2008)

IRON MAIDEN "Virtual X" (CMC International Records)

IRON MAIDEN "Visions of the Beast" DVD (Sony)

IRON MAIDEN "The Wicker Man Singles" (EMI)

IRON MAIDEN "The X Factor" (Sanctuary)

THE IRON MAIDENS "The Iron Maidens" (DRZ Records)

IRON SAVIOR "Battering Ram" (Noise / Sanctuary)

IRON SAVIOR "Condition Red" (Noise)

IRON SAVIOR "Dark Assault" (Noise)

IRON SAVIOR "Titancraft" (AFM)

IRON SAVIOR "Unification" (Noise)

IRONSWORD "Return of the Warrior" (The Miskatonic Foundation)

IRONWEED "Your World of Tomorrow" (Small Stone Records)

ISIS "Oceanic" (Ipecac Records)

ISM "Monkey Underneath" (STM Records)

ISM "Urgency" (STM Records)

ISSUES "Issues" (Rise)

IT DOESN'T MATTER "I.D.M." (Self-produced)

MATT IVAN "Ivanism" (AIF Records)

IVORY GATES "Shapes of Memory" (MegaHard Records)

IVORY KNIGHT "Unconscience" (Self-released)

IVORY KNIGHT "Unconscience" (Self-released)

JACKNIFE "Moment of Reckoning" (Zero Sum)

THE JACK LORDS "The Jack Lords" (Riding Mower)

JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE "He Saw it Comin'" (Frontiers)


JACOB'S DREAM "Drama for the Ages" (Metal Blade)

JACOB'S DREAM "Jacob's Dream" (Metal Blade)

JACOB'S DREAM "Theater of War" (Metal Blade)

BEN JACKSON "Here I Come" (Jaxhammer)

ROBERT JACKSON "Personal Jesus" (AIF Records)

ROBERT JACKSON "Twilight Theatre" (AIF Records)

JACKYL "Live from the Full Throttle" (Sanctuary)

JACKYL "Relentless" (Humidity)

JACKYL "When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide" (Mighty Loud)

JACKYL "ROWYCO" (Mighty Loud)


MICK JAGGER "Goddess In the Doorway" (Virgin)

JAG PANZER "Casting the Stones" (Century Media)

JAG PANZER "Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat" (Century Media)

JAG PANZER "Dissident Alliance" (Pavement)

JAG PANZER "The Scourge of the Light" (SPV)

JAG PANZER "Thane to the Throne" (Century Media)

STEEVI JAIMZ "Damned If I Do ... Damned If I Don't" (Starry Eyes)

JANUS "Red Right Return" (Glass Bottom Boat Records)

JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE "Früher War Auch Nicht Alles Gut" (Bastardized)

JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE "Hardcore Aus Der Ersten Welt" (Bastardized)

JAR'D LOOSE "Turns 13" (The Path Less Traveled Records)

JAUGERNAUT (A.D.) "Contra-Mantra" (Self-released)

JAW "Jaw" (Reversed Records)

JAY GORDON & THE PENETRATORS "Gold Rings Silver Bullets" (Shuttle Music)

JED "Sanctuary 200" (Self-released)

JED "Synesthesia" (Self-released)

JEFFERSON STARSHIP "Windows Of Heaven" (CMC International Records)

THE JELLY JAM "The Jelly Jam" (Century Media/Inside Out)

JENDZA "End of the World" (Self-produced)

THE JENERATORS "Hitting the Silk" (Wildcat)

THE JENNIFER ECHO "Be Dangerous on Rock Guitar" (Jumping Jupiter)

JOE JERMANO "Dreaming in Color" (Onamrej Records)

JESTERS MOON "Jesters Moon" (Man In Black Music)

JESUS KNEVIL "Jesus Knevil" (Self-released)

JET "Family Style" DVD (Atlantic)

JET "Get Born" (Elektra)

JET "Shine On" (Atlantic)

JETBOY "The Glam Years" (Deadline/MVD)

JET CIRCUS "Look at Death Now" (Hypersonic)

JETHRO TULL "Minstrel in the Gallery" (Chrysalis)

JETHRO TULL "Too Old to Rock & Roll, Too Young To Die" (Chrysalis Records)

JETHRO TULL "War Child" (Chrysalis)

JETT BLACK "Dead Town" (Fivecore)

JEZABEL "Legiones Del Sur" (Cruz Del Sur)

JIMMIE'S CHICKEN SHACK "Bring Your Own Stereo" (Island)

JIMMY CHAMBERLIN COMPLEX "Life Begins Again" (Sanctuary)

JINJER "Cloud Factory" (The Leaders Records)

JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS "Sinner" (Blackheart Records)

JOB FOR A COWBOY "Ruination" (Metal Blade)

JOBOJ "Orange" (Quad Records)

JOBOJ "Raw Sausage Finger" (Quad Records)

JOBOJ "X" (Quad Records)

JOE STUMP'S REIGN OF TERROR "Conquer & Divide" (Leviathan Records)

ERIC JOHNSON "Ah Via Musicom" (Capitol)

JOHNNY MARR & THE HEALERS "Boomslang" (ArtistDirect IMusic)

JOHN WILKES BOOTH "Sic Semper Tyrannis" (Bukkake Orange)

JOKE ADDICTION "G.A.S." (Spider Rock)

 JOLLY ROGER "Cactus" (Self-released)


JON OLIVA'S PAIN "Global Warning" (Locomotive)

JON OLIVA'S PAIN "Maniacal Renderings" (Locomotive)

JONUTIS "Solid" (Self-released)

SASS JORDAN " Get What You Give" (Elvair Entertainment / Universal Canada)

JORN "Unlocking the Past" (Frontiers)

JORN "Starfire" (Frontiers Records)

JOURNEY "Arrival" (Columbia)

JOURNEY "Eclipse" (Nomota LLC)

JOURNEY "Evolution" (Columbia / Legacy)

JOURNEY "Generations" (Sanctuary)

JOURNEY "Greatest Hits" (Columbia / Legacy)

JOURNEY "Raised on Radio" (Columbia)

JPT SCARE BAND "Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden" (Ripple)

JUDAS PRIEST "'98 Live Meltdown" (CMC International Records)

JUDAS PRIEST "Angel of Retribution" (Epic)

JUDAS PRIEST "Battle Cry" (Epic)

JUDAS PRIEST "British Steel" (Sony Music)

JUDAS PRIEST "British Steel: 30th Anniversary" (Sony)

JUDAS PRIEST "Defenders of the Faith: Special 30th Anniversary Edition" (Legacy)

JUDAS PRIEST "Demolition" (Atlantic)

JUDAS PRIEST "Firepower" (Epic)

JUDAS PRIEST "Genocide" (Snapper Music)

JUDAS PRIEST "Jugulator" (CMC International)

JUDAS PRIEST "Live in London" (SPV)

JUDAS PRIEST "Live Vengeance '82" (Columbia Music Video / Legacy)

JUDAS PRIEST "Metal Works '73 - 93" (Sony/Columbia)

JUDAS PRIEST "Nostradamus" (Sony)

JUDAS PRIEST "Painkiller" (Sony)

JUDAS PRIEST "Ram It Down" (Sony)

JUDAS PRIEST "Redeemer of Souls" (Epic)

JUDAS PRIEST "Stained Class" (Columbia/Legacy)

JUDAS PRIEST "Turbo" (Sony Music)

JUDAS PRIEST "Unleashed in the East" (Sony)

JUGGERNOTT "Necessary Evil" (Self-produced)

JUGHEAD "Jughead" (Inside Out / Ear Candy Records)

JUGULUR "Planet Dead" (Self-produced)

JULIET'S VICE "Decadence and Romance" (Self-produced)


JUNGLE ROT "Skin the Living" (Victory)

JUNGLE ROT "War Zone" (Crash)

JUNGLE ROT "What Horrors Await" (Napalm)

JUNIOR BROWN "Mixed Bag" (Curb)

THE JUNIOR VARSITY "Cinematographic" (Victory)

THE JUNIOR VARSITY "The Great Compromise" (Victory)

THE JUNIOR VARSITY "Wide Eyed" (Victory)

JUNKYARD "Tried and True" (Heat Slick)

KABANG "Degeneration" (Tribro Records)

KABANG "Equilibrium" (Tribro Records)

KAIPA "Notes From the Past" (Inside Out Music)

KAIZEN "Supporting Continual Improvement" (Kontsha Productions)

KALOPSIA "Amongst the Ruins" (Godeater)

KAMELOT "The Black Halo" (SPV / Steamhammer)

KAMELOT "The Fourth Legacy" (Noise)

KAMELOT "Ghost Opera" (SPV / Steamhammer)

KAMELOT "Ghost Opera: The Second Coming" (SPV / Steamhammer)

KAMELOT "One Cold Winter's Night" DVD/CD (SPV / Steamhammer)

KANSAS "Kansas" (Epic / Legacy)

KANSAS "Works in Progress" (Intersound Records)

KAOS "Kaos Among Us" (Self-produced)

KAOS RISING "Wiped Away" (Self-Produced)

ELMO KARJALAINEN "Unintelligent Designs" (KC Sounds)

KARMAKANIC "Wheel of Life" (The End / Regain Records North America)

KARMAKANIC "Who's the Boss in the Factory?" (InsideOut)

KARMA TO BURN "Almost Heathen" (Spitfire/Jellysyrup Productions)

KARMA TO BURN "Wild Wonderful Purgatory" (Spitfire)

KARNIVOOL "Set Fire to the Hive" (Red)

KATAGORY V "A New Breed of Rebellion" (Metal Ages)

KATAGORY V "Present Day" (Nightmare Records)

KATAGORY V "The Rising Anger" (Nightmare Records)

KATAKLYSM "In the Arms of Devastation" (Nuclear Blast)

KATANA "Heads Will Roll" (Listenable Records)

KATATONIA "Discouraged Ones" (Century Media)

KATATONIA "The Great Cold Distance" (Peaceville)

KATATONIA "Last Fair Deal Gone Down" (Peaceville)

KAURA "Kaura" (Kaum Records)

KAUZ OF AFFLICTION "The New Norm" (Self-produced)

KAUZ OF AFFLICTION "Soultaker" (Self-produced)

KAYSER "Frame the World ... Hang it on the Wall" (SPV)

SAM KAZEROONI "Angry Planet" (Fossil)

SAM KAZEROONI "Delve" (Fossil)

SAM KAZEROONI "Vision" (Fossil)

KELLY KEAGY "Time Passes" (Now & Then / Frontiers)

KEEL "Larger Than Live" (DeRock)

RON KEEL "Alone at Last" (Ron Keel Entertainment / A&R Entertainment)

RICHARD KENDRICK "Murder and the F Word" (Versailles)

KENZINER "The Prophecies" (Metal Blade / Leviathan)

KENOS "The Craving" (Lucretia)

KETTLE CADAVER "Among the Damned" DVD (Horror Rock)

THE K.G.B. "The K.G.B." (Dreamworks)

KHALLICE "The Journey" (Magna Carta)

KHANN "Tofutopia" (Metal Blade)

KHOLD "Krek" (Candlelight USA)

KHOLD "Morke Gravers Kammer" (Candlelight USA)

KHZ "Reality on a Finer Scale" (Propain)

KICK AXE "IV" (Song Haus)

KID ROCK "Cocky" (Atlantic)

KID ROCK "Devil Without a Cause" (Atlantic)

KID ROCK "Kid Rock" (Atlantic)

KID ROCK "Rock N Roll Jesus" (Atlantic)

KILGORE "A Search For Reason" (Revolution)

KILL CHEERLEADER "All Hail" (Spinerazor)

KILL DEVIL KILL "Revolution Rise" (Century Media)

THE KILLER "Better Judged by Twelve Than Carried by Six" (Organized Crime)

KILLER BE KILLED "Killer Be Killed" (Nuclear Blast)

KILLER KHAN "Kill Devil Hills" (Killer Khan)

KILLER KHAN "Rock 'n Roll Forever" (Self-produced)

THE KILLERS "Day & Age" (Island/Vertigo)

THE KILLERS "Sam's Town" (Island)

KILLERS BY TRADE "Pub Wolves of London" (Self-released)

KILL HANNAH "For Never & Ever" (Atlantic)

KILLINGBIRD "Kilingbird' (2KSounds/EMI)

KILLING SPREE "Deception. Betrayal. Revenge." (What's My Cut Records)

KILLING THEORY "Dead. Buried. Forgotten." (Tribunal)

KILLING TYRANNY "Church of the Twisted Prophet" (Twisted Prophet)

KILLING TYRANNY "Martyr" (Twisted Prophet)

KILL RITUAL "The Serpentine Ritual" (Scarlet)

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Alive or Just Breathing?" (Roadrunner)

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "As Daylight Dies" (Roadrunner)

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "The End of Heartache" (Roadrunner)

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Disarm the Decent" (Roadrunner)

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Killswitch Engage" (Roadrunner)

KILLWHITNEYDEAD "Never Good Enough For You" (Tribunal)

KILLWHITNEYDEAD "Nothing More, Nothing Less" (Tribunal)

KILLWHITNEYDEAD "So Pretty So Plastic" (Tribunal)

KINDRED SAINT "Kindred Saint" (Self-released)

KINETO "Transform" (Self-released)

KING 810 "proem" EP (Roadrunner)

KING CRIMSON "The Collectable King Crimson Volume 3: Live in London, Pts. 1-2 1996" (Discipline Global Mobile / Inner Knot)

KINGCROW "Insider" (Consytech Limited)

KING DIAMOND "20 Years Ago: A Rehearsal" With Black Rose (Metal Blade)

KING DIAMOND "Abigail II: The Revenge" (Metal Blade)

KING DIAMOND "Give Me Your Soul ... Please" (Metal Blade)

KING DIAMOND "House of God" (Metal Blade)

KING DIAMOND "The Puppet Master" (Metal Blade)

KINGDOM COME "In Your Face" (Polydor)

KINGDOM COME "Rendered Waters" (SPV)

KING DUST "Full Denim Jacket" (Maggadee)

KINGFISHER SKY "Hallway of Dreams" (The Laser's Edge)

KING KARMA "King Karma" (Self-produced)

KING PRAWN "Got the Thirst" (Plastic Head)

KING RAT "Beautiful Songs for Ugly People" (Fivecore Records / Hotshot Locksmith)

KING RAT "Duct Tape and Dreams" (Fivecore)

KINGS OF LEON "Aha Shake Heartbreak" (RCA)

KINGS OF LEON "Holy Roller Novocaine" (RCA)

KING'S X "Black Like Sunday" (Metal Blade / Brop! Records)

KING'S X "Live All Over the Place" (Metal Blade / Brop! Records)

KING'S X "Manic Moonlight" (Metal Blade)

KING'S X "Ogre Tones" (InsideOut)

KING'S X "Please Come Home ... Mr. Bulbous" (Metal Blade)

KING'S X "Tape Head" (Metal Blade)

KING'S X "XV" (InsideOut)

THE KINISON "Mortgage Is Bank" (Fearless)

THE KINISON "What Are You Listening To?" (LaSalle)

KINRICK "Sense Your Darkness" (Leviathan)

KISMET "Shades of Clarity" (Dust on the Tracks)

KISS "Alive" (Casablanca)

KISS "Alive! 1975 - 2000" (Mercury)

KISS "Animalize" (Mercury Records)

KISS "Asylum" (Mercury Records)

KISS "The Box Set" (Mercury)

KISS "Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions" (Mercury)

KISS "Creatures of the Night" (Mercury)

KISS "Destroyer" (Casablanca)

KISS "Hotter Than Hell" (Casablanca)

KISS "Kissology Volume 2: 1978 - 1991" (VH1 Classics)

KISS "Kissology 3: 1992 - 2000" (VH1 Classic)

KISS "KISS Pinball" (PlayStation) (Tarantula Studios / Take2 Interactive)

KISS "Love Gun" (Casablanca / Mercury)

KISS "Monster" (Universal)

KISS "Psycho Circus" (Mercury)

KISS "Revenge" (Mercury)

KISS "Rock the Nation: Live!" (Image Entertainment)

KISS "The Second Coming" DVD (Image Entertainment)

KISS "Sonic Boom" (Roadrunner)

KISS "Symphony: Alive IV" (Sanctuary / KISS Records)

KISSIN' DYNAMITE "Generation Goodbye" (AFM)

KISSIN' DYNAMITE "Money, Sex & Power" (AFM)

THE KITCHEN KNIFE CONSPIRACY "Worst Case in Stereo" (Self-produced)

KITTENS FOR CHRISTIAN "Privilege of Your Company" (Red Ink)

KITTIE "Funeral for Yesterday" (X of Infamy)

KITTIE "Spit" (NG Records / Artemis Records)

KIX "Blow My Fuse" (Atlantic)

KIX "Can't Stop the Show: The Return of Kix" (Loud & Proud)

KIX "Cool Kids" (Atlantic)

KIX "Kix" (Atlantic")

KLEEN "Fail" (Self-produced)

THE KNACK "...But the Little Girls Understand' (Capitol)

THE KNACK "Get the Knack' (Capitol)

THE KNACK "Round Trip" (Capitol)

THE KNACK "Serious Fun" (Charisma)

THE KNACK "Zoom" (Rhino)

THE KNAST "Reckless Soul" (Casuals Audio Group)

MICHAEL KNIGHT "Mechanica Diablo" (KM Records)

KNIGHT AREA "Realm of Shadows" (Laser's Edge)

KNIGHT AREA "Under a New Sign" (Laser's Edge)

KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS "Shades" (Ferret)

THE KNIVES "Skin Flicks" (Criterion Records)

KNOCK OUT KAINE "House of Sin" (Dust on the Tracks Records)

KNOCKOUT KID "Your Name All Over It" (THC Music)

KOMA "Sinonimo de Ofender" (Locomotive)

KOMMANDANT "Stormlegion" (Planet Metal)

DAVID KONOW "Bang Your Head: The Rise and Fall of Heavy Metal" Book (Three Rivers Press)

TONY KORETZ "Kicking Cans" (Rocksure Soundz)

KORN "Follow the Leader" (Sony)

KORN "Issues" (Epic/Immortal)

KORN "Live & Rare" (Epic)

KORN "The Path of Totality" (Roadrunner)

KORN "Untitled" (EMI)

KORN "Untouchables" (Epic/Immortal)

KOSTO AND FULL "A.D.I.C.T.O.M.I.A." (Self-released)

KOTIPELTO "Coldness" (Century Media)

KOTIPELTO "Serenity" (Candlelight)

KOTTAK "Therupy" (Escapi)

KOTTONMOUTH KINGS "Fire It Up" (Suburban Noize)

KOTTONMOUTH KINGS "The Green Album" (Suburban Noize)

RICHIE KOTZEN "Bi-Polar Blues" (Blues Bureau Int'l.)

RICHIE KOTZEN "The Essential" (DGC)

RICHIE KOTZEN "Into the Black" (Headroom-Inc.)

THE KOVENANT "Animatronic" (Nuclear Blast)

KOZELJNIK "Deeper the Fall" (Paragon)

KOZELJNIK "Null: The Archeron of Multiform Negation" (Paragon)

LENNY KRAVITZ "It is Time for a Love Revolution" (Virgin)

LENNY KRAVITZ "Lenny" (Virgin)

KREATOR "Endorama" (Pavement)

KREATOR "Enemy of God" (Steamhammer / SPV)

KREATOR "Hordes of Chaos" (Steamhammer / SPV)

KREATOR "Live Kreation" (SPV)

KREATOR "Past Life Trauma" (Noise)

KREATOR "Renewal" (Pavement)

KREATOR "Violent Revolution" (SPV)

KRISIUN "AssassiNation" (Century Media)

KRISIUN "Bloodshed" (Century Media)

KROKUS "Big Rocks" (Columbia)

KROKUS "Hellraiser" (Locomotive)

KROMLEK "Finis Terrae" (SMP/Trollzorn Records)

KRYOBURN "Three Years Eclipsed" (Candlelight)

KRYPTIC "Premature Burial" (Self-produced)

KTU "Quiver" (Hoedown/7dMedia)

BRUCE KULICK "AudioDog" (Audio Dog Records)

BRUCE KULICK "Transformer" (Self-produced)

KUTLESS "Hearts of the Innocent" (Bec Recordings)

KUTLESS "Kutless" (BEC Recordings)

KUTLESS "Sea of Faces" (Bec Recordings)

KUTLESS "To Know That You're Alive" (BEC Recordings)

KYLESA "Exhausting Fire" (Season of Mist)

KYLESA "Static Tensions" (Prosthetic)

L7 "Bricks Are Heavy" (Reprise)

LABRAT "Ruining It For Everyone" (Century Media)

JAMES LABRIE "Imperfect Resonance" (InsideOutMusic)

LABYRINTH "Freeman" (Arise)

LABYRINTH "Sons of Thunder" (Metal Blade)

LABYRINTH "Timeless Crime" (Metal Blade)

LACUNA COIL "Broken Crown Halo " (Century Media)

LACUNA COIL "Comalies" (Century Media)

LACUNA COIL "Dark Adrenaline" (Century Media)

LACUNA COIL "In A Reverie" (Century Media)

LACUNA COIL "Karmacode" (Century Media)

LACUNA COIL "Shallow Life" (Century Media)

PETE LACEY "Eternal Pursuit" (Spitfirewolf)

PETE LACEY "Karma's Gonna Get You" (Spitfirewolf)

L.A. GUNS "Man in the Moon" (Spitfire Records)

L.A. GUNS "Waking the Dead" (Spitfire)

LAHMIA "Into the Abyss" (Bakerteam)

LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR "The Ultimate Destroyer" (Southern Lord)

LAKE OF TEARS "Black Brick Road" (Sanctuary / Noise)

ALEXI LALAS "Ginger" (CMC International Records)

LAMB OF GOD "Ashes of the Wake" (Epic)

LAMB OF GOD "As the Palaces Burn" (Prosthetic)

LAMB OF GOD "New American Gospel" (Metal Blade/Prosthetic)

LAMB OF GOD "Sacrament" (Epic)

LAMB OF GOD "Wrath" (Epic)

LAMBOTOMY "Demo 2002" (Self-produced)

LAMBOTOMY "Everything Feeds" (Self-produced)

LAMONT "Thunder Boogie" (Traktor7)

LANDING PROJECT "Here Goes Everything" (Self-released)

LANDMINE MARATHON "Gallows" (Prosthetic)

LANDMINE MARATHON "Sovereign Descent" (Prosthetic)

LANDMINE MARATHON "Wounded" (Level Plane)

LANFEAR "Art Effect" (Nightmare Records)

JONNY LANG "Long Time Coming" (A&M)

JONNY LANG "Turn Around" (A&M)

LAST GREAT HOPE "Creatures of Beauty" (HandOut)

THE LAST HARD MEN "The Last Hard Men" (Spitfire)

LAST LAUGH "No Regrets" (Suburban Noize)

LAST PERFECTION "Violent Solutions for a Violent World" (United Edge)

THE LAST VEGAS "The Other Side" (Electric City)

LAZY AMERICAN WORKERS "Surf Lake Erie" (Sin Klub)

LEADED FUEL "Inhale and Get Pale" (Costa Ovest)

LEADFOOT "We Drink For Free" (Abstract)

LEASH LAW "Dogface" (Black Lotus)

LEATHER SYNN "Leather Synn" (Non Nobis/Metal Soldiers)

LEATHERWOLF "New World Asylum" (N.I.L.8. Records)

LEATHERWOLF "Unchained Live" (N.I.L.8.)

LECHEROUS GAZE "On the Skids" (Tee Pee Records)

LECHEROUS GAZE "One Fifteen" (Tee Pee Records)

LECHEROUS NOCTURNE "The Age of Miracles has Passed" (Unique Leader)

LEDYARD "Demo 2007" (Self-produced)

LED ZEPPELIN "I" (Atlantic)

LED ZEPPELIN "II" (Atlantic)

LED ZEPPELIN "In Through the Out Door" (Swan Song)

TOMMY LEE "Never a Dull Moment" (MCA)

TOMMY LEE "Tommyland: The Ride" (TL Education Services, Inc.)

LEFAY "SOS" (Noise Records)

LEFT IN RUINS "Straight Out of Hell" (Self-released)

THE LEFTOVERS "667 Neighbour of the Beast" (Fueled Up/Necropolis)

LEGEN BELTZA "Insanity" (Crush)

LEMMY,  SLIM JIM & DANNY B "Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B" (Cleopatra)

LENGTH OF TIME "Antiworld" (I Scream)

LENNON "5:30 Saturday Morning" (Arista)

ALAN LENNON "Heaven's Call" (Self-produced)

LESBIAN BED DEATH "Designed by the Devil, Powered by the Dead" (Psychophonic)


LES CLAYPOOL'S FROG BRIGADE "Live Frogs - Set 1" (Prawn Song)

LES CLAYPOOL'S FROG BRIGADE "Live Frogs - Set 2" (Prawn Song)

TYSON LESLIE "Train Wrecks, Havoc & Heartbreak" (Above the Level)

LESS THAN UNDER "A Life Less Ordinary" (LTU Music / Barking Dog Studios)

letlive "The Blackest Beautiful" (Epitaph)

LETTER KILLS "The Bridge" (Island)

LEVERAGE "Blind Fire" (Blistering)

LEVL "Controlled By Time" (Punctured)

LIBERTY 37 "The Greatest Gift" (Beggars Banquet)

LICH KING "Necromantic Maelstrom" (Lich King)

LICK "No Love" (Self-released)

LIEGE LORD "Burn To My Touch" (Metal Blade)

LIEGE LORD "Master Control" (Metal Blade)

LIFE IN THE SKY "Illusions of Loudness" (Mechanical Bull)

LIFE OF AGONY "20 Years Strong" (I Scream)

LIFE OF AGONY "1989-99" (Roadrunner)

LIFE OF AGONY "River Runs Again" (Steamhammer / SPV)

LIFE OF AGONY "River Runs Again" DVD (Steamhammer / SPV)

LIFEND "Innerscars" (Cruz Del Sur)

LIFER "Lifer" (Republic/Universal)

LIGEIA "Your Ghost is a Gift" (Ferret)

LIGHT IS THE LANGUAGE "The Void Falls Silent" (Gladiator Records)

LIGHT THIS CITY "The Hero Cycle" (Prosthetic)

LIGHT YOURSELF ON FIRE "Intimacy" (Seventh Rule)

LILITU "The Delores Lesion" (The End)

LILLIAN AXE "Lillian Axe" (Metal Mind)

LILLIAN AXE "Live 2002" (Red and Gold International)

LILLIAN AXE "Love and War" (Metal Mind)

LILLIAN AXE "One Night in the Temple" (CME)

LILLIAN AXE "Waters Rising" (Locomotive)

JOHNNY LIMA "Livin' Out Loud" (Shock Pop)

LIMBONIC ART "Legacy of Evil" (Candlelight)

LIMECELL "It's Gonna Get Ugly" (TKO Records)

LIMP BIZKIT "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water" (Interscope)

LIMP BIZKIT "Greatest Hitz" (Interscope)

LIMP BIZKIT "Results May Vary" (Interscope)

LIMP BIZKIT "Significant Other" (UNI/Interscope)

THE LINE "Monsters We Breed" (Volcom Entertainment)

LINKIN PARK "Living Things" (Warner Bros.)

LINKIN PARK "Hybrid Theory" (Warner Bros.)

LINKIN PARK "Meteora" (Warner Bros.)

LIONS AMONG WOLVES "Dreamer" EP (Self-produced)

LIONS AMONG WOLVES "The Hosts" (Self-produced)

LIQUID BABY "Liquid Planet" (Self-produced)

LIQUID OPTIMISM  "The Last Stand" (Self-produced)



LIQUID TRIO EXPERIMENT "Spontaneous Combustion" (Magna Carta)

LIVE "The Distance to Here" (Radioactive)

LIVE "Songs from Black Mountain" (Epic)

LIVE "V" (Radioactive)

LIVIDITY "Used, Abused and Left for Dead" (Epitomite)

THE LIVING END "Modern Artillery" (Reprise)

LIVING HELL "The Lost and the Damned" (Revelation)

LIVING SACRIFICE "The Hammering Process" (Solid State)

LIVING THINGS "Turn In Your Friends & Neighbors" (Dreamworks)

THE LIZARDS "Against All Odds" (Hyperspace)

THE LIZARDS "Reptilicus Maximus" (Rocker Records)

LIZZY BORDEN "Deal with the Devil' (Metal Blade)

LIZZY BORDEN "The Murderess Metal Road Show" (Metal Blade)

RICHARD LLOYD "The Cover Doesn't Matter" (Upsetter)

LMNO "Demo" (Self-produced)

LOADED DICE "Back in the Alley" (Self-produced)

LOAD POINT PULL "Down in Flames" (WTO Records)

LOKNUT "Demo" (Self-produced)

LOCK UP "Pleasures Paves Sewers" (Nuclear Blast)

LOCURA "Emotional Distress" (Self-produced)

LOLLIPOP LUST KILL "My So Called Knife" (Artemis Records)

LONG DISTANCE CALLING "Long Distance Calling" (Superball)

LONG WINTER'S STARE "The Tears of Odin's Fallen" (Dark Symphonies)

LOOK WHAT I DID "Minuteman for the Moment" (Combat)

LORD BELIAL "Revelation: The 7th Seal" (Regain)

LORD BELIAL "The Seal of Belial" (Candlelight)

LORD BELIAL "Unholy Crusade" (Metal Blade/No Fashion/House Of Kicks)

LORD MANTIS "Pervertor" (Candlelight)

LORDES WERRE "Demon Crusades" (R.I.P. Records)

LORDI "The Arockalypse" (The End)

LORIHEN "Paradigma" (Virtual Records)

LOSS "Life Without Hope" (Deathgasm)

LOST EDEN "Cycle Repeats" (Candlelight)

LOST HORIZON "Awakening the World" (KOCH)

LOSTPROPHETS "Start Something" (Columbia)

LOTHLORIEN "The Primal Event" (Black Mark Productions)

LOUD'N'NASTY "Teaser Teaser" (Hellbound Recordings / Perris Records)

LOUDNESS "Rockshocks" (Crash)

COURTNEY LOVE "America's Sweetheart" (Virgin)

LOVE/HATE "Let's Eat" (Perris Records)

LOVE HATE THEORY "Our Time" (self-produced)

LOVING THE LIE "Legends of Charm City" (Independent)

LOVESICK SAINTS "Dia De Los Muertos" (Self-Produced)

LOW TWELVE "Splatter Pattern" (DBC Records)

LUCA TURILLI'S DREAMQUEST "Lost Horizons" (Dreamquest)

LUCID FEAR "Mistro" (Self-produced)

LUCIFIXION "As Evil As Me" (Self-produced)

LUCUBRO "Demo" (Self-produced)

LUCKY STIFFS "Gold in Peace, Iron in War" (Pirates Press Records)

LUCY'S DOLL "Formula for Hate" (Twilight)

LUDDITE CLONE "The Arsonist and the Architect" (Relapse)

THE LUINISSINFES "Feelings Beyond Intimidation - Part 2" (Deformative Records)


STEVE LUKATHER / LARRY CARLTON "No Substitutions: Live in Osaka" (Favored Nations)

LULLACRY "Vol. 4" (Century Media)

LUNACY "Lunacy" (Demo)

LUNATIC SOUL "Lunatic Soul" (K-Scope)

LUVPLANET "State of Mind" (Independent Release)

LYE BY MISTAKE "Fea Jur" (Metal Blade)

LYIN' BITCH AND THE RESTRAINING ORDERS "Can't Cum Within 100 Feet of Your Love" (Fivecore)

LYKAION "Behind a Whisper" (Self-produced)

GEORGE LYNCH "Sacred Groove" (Elektra)

GEORGE LYNCH "Scorpion Tales" (Deadline)

TARA LYNCH "Evil Enough" (Tarasuz Records)

LYNCH MOB "Lynch Mob" (Elektra)

LYNCH MOB "Smoke and Mirrors" (Frontiers)

LYNCH MOB "Smoke This" (Koch Records)

LYNCH MOB "Wicked Sensation" (Elektra)

LYNCH / PILSON "Wicked Underground" (Spitfire)

LYNYRD SKYNYRD "Last of a Dyin' Breed" (Roadrunner)

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