A - F    G - L    M - R    S - Z    VARIOUS ARTISTS

A BAND OF ORCS "Adding Heads to the Pile" (Itchy Metal Entertainment)

A BAND OF ORCS "Warchiefs of the Apocalypse" (Grimpire)

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS "In the Absence of Light" (Candlelight)

THE ABOMINABLE IRON SLOTH "The Id Will Overcome" (Metal Blade)

ABOMINANT "Triumph of the Kill" (Deathgasm)

ABORTED "The Archaic Abattoir" (Olympic)

ABORTUS "Judge Me Not" (Self-produced)

ABORYM "Fire Walk With Us" (WW III/Mercenary Musik)

ABOVE THIS "7L7" (BandCamp)

ABSCESS "Tormented" (Necropolis)

ABSENT SOCIETY "Opaque Eyes Seal Our Fate" (Self-produced)

ABSOLUTION "Remission of Sin" (Self-released)

ABSTRACT "Promo 2002" (Self-produced)

ABYSMAL DAWN "Obsolescence" (Relapse)

THE ACACIA STRAIN "Coma Witch" (Rise)

THE ACACIA STRAIN "The Dead Walk" (Prosthetic)

THE ACACIA STRAIN "Wormwood" (Prosthetic)

AC ANGRY "Black Denim" (Dust on the Tracks)

ACCEPT "Blood of the Nations" (Nuclear Blast)

ACCEPT "Death Row" (Pavement)

ACCEPT "Objection Overruled" (CMC International)

THE ACCUSED "Splatter Rock" (Ichiban Old Indie)

ACCOMPLICE "Accomplice" (Adrenaline Records)

ACCOMPLICE "She's on Fire" (MBM)

ACROSS TUNDRAS "Sage" (Neurot)

ACCUSER "Reflections" (Century Media/Major Records)

AC/DC "Backtracks" (Columbia)

AC/DC "Black Ice" (Columbia)

AC/DC "Bonfire" (EastWest)

AC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" (Atlantic)

AC/DC "Flick of the Switch" (Sony)

AC/DC "Highway to Hell" (Atlantic)

AC/DC "No Bull: The Director's Cut" DVD (Columbia/CMV)

AC/DC "Rock or Bust" (Columbia)

AC/DC "Stiff Upper Lip" (Elektra)

AC/DC "Who Made Who" (Atlantic)

ACEPHALIX "Aporia" (Prank Records)

ACID BATH "When the Kite String Pops" (Rotten Records)

A.C.T. "Silence" (Inside Out)

ACTION ACTION "An Army Of Shapes Between Wars" (Victory Records)

ADAGE "Define" (Pavement Records)

A DAY TO REMEMBER "For Those Who Have Heart" (Victory Records)

ADEMA "Adema" (Arista)

ADEMA "Planets" (Nuclear Blast)

THE ADICTS "Life Goes On" (People Like You)

ADOLF CASTLE "Really Crazy Germans" (Valiant Music Productions/MetalAgen)

ADRENALINE MOB "Men of Honor" (Elm City Music)

ADRENECHROME "Hideous Appetites" (Self-released)

AEON "Dark Order" (Necropolis/Deathvomit)

AEON ZEN "Enigma" (Nightmare)

AEROSMITH "Aerosmith" (Sony/Columbia)

AEROSMITH "A Little South of Sanity" (Geffen)

AEROSMITH "Honkin' on Bobo" (Columbia)

AEROSMITH "Just Push Play" (Sony)

AEROSMITH "Rockin' the Joint: Live at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas" (Columbia)

AEROSMITH "Toys in the Attic" (Sony)

A.F.I. "Decemberunderground" (Dreamworks)

A.F.I. "Sing the Sorrow" (Dreamworks)

AFTER DEATH "Retronomicon" (Iron Pegasus)

AFTERSHOK "Unfinished Business" (Self-produced)

AGAINST ME! "Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live in London!!!" (Fat Wreck)

AGALLOCH "Ashes Against the Grain" (The End)

AGALLOCH "The Serpent & The Sphere" (Profound Lore Records)

AGENT STEEL "Omega Conspiracy" (Metal Blade)

AGENT STEEL "Order of the Illuminati" (The End Records)

AGE OF NEMESIS "Psychogeist" (Magna Carta)

AGE OF NEMESIS "Terra Incognita" (Magna Carta)

AGE OF RUIN "Black Sands of the Hourglass" (Tribunal / Angelskull)

AGE OF RUIN "The Opium Dead" (Demo - Independent)

AGE OF SILENCE "Acceleration" (The End)

AGE OF SILENCE "Complications" EP (The End / Candlelight)

AGGRESSION A.D. "Forgotten Skeleton" (Profusion)

A GIRL A GUN A GHOST "Save This City" (Hotfoot Records)

AGNOSTIC FRONT "Warriors" (Nuclear Blast)

AGRESSOR "Deathreat" (Season of Mist)

AHIMSA THEORY "We Screen for Thieves" (Self-released)

AIDEN "Conviction" (Victory)

AILANTHUS "Ailanthus" EP (Self-released)

AINA "Days of Rising Doom" (The End)

AIRBOURNE "Runnin' Wild" (EMI International)

ALABAMA THUNDER PUSSY "Fulton Hill" (Relapse)


ALABAMA THUNDER PUSSY "River City Revival" (Man's Ruin)

ALAS "Absolute Purity" (Hammerheart America)

ALCATRAZZ "Disturbing the Peace" (Capitol)

ALCHEMIST "Organasm" (Relapse)

ALCHEMY X "11:59:59" (M.P.G. Productions)

ALCHEMY X "Alchemy X" (Self-produced)

ALCHEMY X "A Delicate Balance" (BMI/Plastic Giraffe)

ALESTORM "Captain Morgan's Revenge" (Napalm)

ALEXA "Alexa" (MTM Classix)

ALEXISONFIRE "Old Crows / Young Cardinals" (Vagrant)

CARINA ALFIE "Transmission" (Self-produced)

ALGHAZANTH "Wreath of Thevetat" (Woodcut)

ALICE IN CHAINS "Black Gives Way to Blue" (Virgin/EMI)

ALICE IN CHAINS "Facelift" (Columbia)

ALICE'S GARDEN "Alice's Garden" (Alchemist Records)

ALIEN ANT FARM "Anthology" (Dreamworks/New Noize)

ALIEN LIFE "Hope" (Self-produced)

A LIFE ONCE LOST "Hunter" (Ferret)

ALLIANCE "In Control" (Self-produced)

ALL ELSE FAILED "Archetype" (Now or Never Records)

ALL ELSE FAILS "The Oracle: What Was, Is, and Could Have Been" (Suicidal Brides Records)

RUSSELL ALLEN "Atomic Soul" (Inside Out)

RUSSELL ALLEN / JORN LANDE "The Battle" (Frontiers)

ALLEN / LANDE "The Showdown" (Frontiers)

ALL OUT WAR "Assassins in the House of God" (Victory)

ALL OUT WAR "Condemned to Suffer" (Victory)

ALL OUT WAR "For Those Who Were Crucified" (Victory)

ALL THAT REMAINS "A War You Cannot Win" (Razor & Tie)

ALL THAT REMAINS "Behind Silence & Solitude" (Metal Blade/Prosthetic)

ALL THAT REMAINS "The Fall of Ideals" (Razor & Tie)

ALL THAT REMAINS "Overcome" (Prosthetic / Razor & Tie)

ALL TOO HUMAN "Entropy" (R/R Records)

ALMAH "Fragile Equality" (Blistering)

ALMAH "Motion" (AFM Records)

ALONE "Demo" (Self-produced)

A LOVE ENDS SUICIDE "The Cycle of Hope" (Brand Name Records)

ALPHA TIGER "Beneath the Surface" (Century Media)

ALTER BRIDGE "Fortress" (Roadrunner/EMI)

ALTER BRIDGE "One Days Remains" (Wind-up)

ALTERED STATE "Get Real" (Self-produced)

AMALGAMA "Stainless" EP (Self-produced)

AMALGAMA "When the Dust Settles" (Self-produced)

AMARANTHE "Amaranthe" (Spinefarm)

AMARANTHE "The Nexus" (Spinefarm)

AMAZE ME "Amaze Me" (Z Records)

AMBASSADOR GUN "When in Hell" (Panagea)

AMBITIONS "Stranger" (Bridge Nine)

AM CONSPIRACY "AM Conspiracy" (Burnhill Union)

AMDUSCIAS "Amduscias" (Metal Blade/Blackend)

AMEN "We Have Come for Your Parents" (Virgin)

AMEN "Death Before Musick" (EatUrMusic / Columbia)

AMENIZE "Black Sky" (Eternal Hate Records)

AMERICAN BLACK LUNG "...And They Rode Their Weapons into War" (Burning House)

AMERICAN BLACK LUNG "Sudden Departure of Vultures" (Uprising)

AMERICAN DOG "Foamin' at the Mouth Live" (Outlaw)

AMERICAN DOG "Red White Black and Blue" (Outlaw Recordings)


AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE "Trepanation" (Independent)

AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE "The War of Art" (American Recordings)

AMERICAN HERITAGE "Sedentary" (Translation Loss)


AMERICAN SPEEDWAY "Ship of Fools" (Prophase)

AMERIKAN MADE "Amerikan Made" (J Rock)

AMOEBIC DYSENTERY "Hospice Orgy" (Deathgasm)

AMON AMARTH "The Avenger" (Metal Blade)

AMON AMARTH "The Crusher" (Metal Blade)

AMON AMARTH "Twilight of the Thunder God" (Metal Blade)

AMON AMARTH "Versus the World" (Metal Blade)

AMORPHIS "Am Universum" (Relapse)

AMORPHIS "Eclipse" (Nuclear Blast)

AMORPHIS "Elegy" (Relapse)

AMORPHIS "Magic & Mayhem - Tales from the Early Years" (Nuclear Blast)

AMORPHIS "Silent Waters" (Nuclear Blast)

AMORPHIS "Tuonela" (Relapse)

AMPLIFIED HEAT "Amplified Heat" (Arclight)

AMPLIFIED HEAT "How Do You Like the Sound of That?" (Arclight)

AMPLIFIED HEAT "In For Sin" (Arclight)


AMPS II ELEVEN "Amps II Eleven" (Smog Veil)

AMSVARTNER "The Trollish Mirror" (Blackend/Metal Blade)

ANAND CLIQUE "Click." (Orchard)

ANATHEMA "A Fine Day To Exit" (KOCH)

ANATHEMA "A Natural Disaster" (KOCH)

ANATHEMA "Serenades" (Futurist/Peaceville)

ANATOMY OF A GHOST "Evanesce" (Fearless Records / Rise Records)

ANBERLIN "Blueprints for the Black Market" (Tooth & Nail)

ANBERLIN "Cities" (Tooth & Nail)

ANBERLIN "New Surrender" (Universal Republic)

ANCHORED "Listen to This" (Trynd)

ANCIENT "The Halls of Eternity" (Metal Blade)

ANCIENT "Proxima Centauri" (Metal Blade)

ANCIENT RITES "Dim Carcosa" (Black Mark)

ANCIENT SPELL "Forever in Hell" (Minotaura)

...AND OCEANS "A.M.G.O.D." (Century Media)

AND THIS ARMY "Doom & Space" (Self-produced)


ANDY REISERT & NATURAL DISASTER "Time of Aggression" (Self-produced)

ANEKDOTEN "Chapters" (K-Scope)

AN END TO OCTOBER "A Feeble Attempt..." (Self-produced)


ANGEL DUST "Bleed" (Century Media)

ANGEL DUST "Border of Reality" (Century Media)

ANGELS & AIRWAVES "I-Empire" (Geffen)

ANGELS & AIRWAVES "We Don't Have To Whisper" (Suretone / Geffen)

ANGELSTORM "Rise from the Ash" (Set-Fire Records)

ANGEL WITCH "As Above, So Below" (Metal Blade)

ANGLAGARD - "Viljans Oga" (Mellowtronen)

ANGRA "Aurora Consurgens" (SPV)

ANGRA "Temple of Shadows" (SPV)

THE ANGRY AMPUTEES "Slut Bomb" (Dead Teenager)

ANGTORIA "Demo" (Self-produced)

ANGTORIA "God Has a Plan for Us All" (Listenable)

ANIMALS AS LEADERS "Animals as Leaders" (Prosthetic)

ANIMALS AS LEADERS "The Joy of Motion" (Sumerian)

ANIMOSITY "Animal" (Metal Blade)

ANNIHILATION TIME "Annihilation Time II" (Manic Ride)

ANNIHILATOR "All For You" (The End)

ANNIHILATOR "Carnival Diablos" (Metal-Is)

ANNIHILATOR "Criteria for a Black Widow" (CMC International)


ANNIHILATOR "Schizo Deluxe" (Locomotive)

ANIMA "The Daily Grind" (Metal Blade)

ANOTHER ANIMAL "Another Animal" (Universal / Republic)

ANOTHER BLACK DAY "Another Black Day" (Bieler Bros.)

ANOTHER DESTINY PROJECT "The Meaning of Life" (Self-produced)

ANOTHER LOST YEAR  "Alien Architect" (Mirage Míhal Records/EMP/eOne)

THE ANSWER "Never Too Late" (The End)

ANTAEUS "Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan" (Necropolis/Baphomet)

ANTAGONIST "World in Decline" (Prosthetic)

ANTERRABAE "Shakedown Tonight" (Triple Crown)

ANTHRAX "Alive 2" (Sanctuary)

ANTHRAX "Anthrology: No Hit Wonders" (Island)

ANTHRAX "For All Kings" 7-Inch Vinyl Box Set (Megaforce)

ANTHRAX "The Greater of Two Evils" (Sanctuary)

ANTHRAX "Music of Mass Destruction" (Sanctuary)

ANTHRAX "We've Come For You All" (Sanctuary)

ANTI-HERO "Unpretty" (HER)

ANTI-KAROSHI "Crushed Neocons" (Exile on Mainstream)

ANTI-M "Damage" (Self-released)

ANTIPATHY "Imminent Peril" (Demo)

ANTIQUUS "Eleutheria" (Cruz Del Sur)

ANTIQUUS "Ramayana" (Self-produced)

ANTI-TANK NUN "Fire Follow Me" (Metal Mind)

ANTITHESIS "Dying for Life" (Nightmare Records)

ANTLER "Incarnate" (Tortuga / Mad Oak)

ANTON TSYGANKOV PROJECT "Anti" (Self-released)

ANUBIS GATE "Purification" (Locomotive)

ANVIL "Hope in Hell" (The End Records)

ANVIL "This is Thirteen" (VH-1 Classics)

ANYONE "Anyone" (Roadrunner)

APARTMENT 26 "Music for the Massive" (Atlantic)

APARTMENT 26 "Within" (Self-produced/demo)

APE "And Then There Were 2" (Barred Records)

APE "Survival of the Fittest" (Barred Records)

APEIRON "Among the Lost" (Last Scream)

A PERFECT CIRCLE "Mer de Noms" (Virgin)

A PERFECT CIRCLE "Thirteenth Step" (Virgin)

APEX THEORY "The Apex Theory" (Dreamworks)

APEX THEORY "Topsy Turvy" (Dreamworks)

APOCALYPTICA "Cult" (Spitfire)

APOCALYPTICA "Plays Metallica by Four Cellos" (Mercury)

APOCALYPTICA "Worlds Collide" (Jive)

APOCALYPTIC VISIONS "Doomsday Device" (Self-released)

APOLLYON SUN "Sub" (Mayan Records)

APRIL ETHEREAL "Advent" (Conquest Records)

JOHN ARCH "A Twist of Fate" (Metal Blade)

ARCH ENEMY "Burning Bridges" (Century Media)

ARCH ENEMY "Dead Eyes See No Future" (Century Media)

ARCH ENEMY "Wages of Sin" (Century Media)

ARCHETYPE "Dawning" (CDM Productions)

ARCHETYPE "Hands Of Time" (Intromental)

ARCHITECT "Ghost of the Salt Water Machines" (Black Market Activities)

ARCHITECTS "Here and Now" (Century Media)

ARCHONTES "Book One - The Child of Two Worlds" (Valiant Music Productions)

ARCHONTES "The World Where Shadows Come to Life" (Valiant Music Productions/MetalAgen)

ARCTIC MONKEYS "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" (Domino)

ARISE FROM THORNS "Before an Audience of Stars" (Dark Symphonies)

ARIZING "Advance" (Medea Records)

ARJEN ANTHONY LUCASSEN'S STAR ONE "Space Metal" (Inside Out Music)

ARKENSTONE "Dead Human Resource" (Casket Music)

ARMORED SAINT "La Raza" (Metal Blade)

ARMORED SAINT "Nod to the Old School" (Metal Blade)

ARMORED SAINT "Revelation" (Metal Blade)

ARTESGUITARS "Devices in PopMusic" (Rockwerk Music)

ARTHRITIC FOOT SOLDIERS "Only Beer Can Save Us Now" (Voltage)

ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER "Artimus Pyledriver" (DRT)

ARWEN "Memories of a Dream" (Arise)

AS ALL DIE "Victory" (Flood the Earth)

ASCENSION THEORY "Answers" (Nightmare)

ASCENSION THEORY "Regeneration" (Nightmare)

AS CITIES BURN "Hell or Highwater" (Tooth and Nail)

ASG "Blood Drive" (Volcom)

ASHEN REIGN "An Angel's Burden" (Self-produced)

ASHEN REIGN "Immortality" (Self-produced)

ASHES TO ASHES  "Cardinal VII" (DVS Records)

ASHES TO ASHES  "Shapes of Spirits" (self-produced)

ASHOKA "American Mantra" (Self-produced)

ASIA "Silent Nation" (Inside Out)

AS I LAY DYING "An Ocean Between Us" (Metal Blade)

AS I LAY DYING "Decas" (Metal Blade)

AS I LAY DYING "Frail Words Collapse" (Metal Blade)

AS I LAY DYING "The Powerless Rise" (Metal Blade)

ASKA "Avenger" (EMA Records)

THE ASSASSINATIONS "Future Blasts From the Past" (Hasheshin)

ASSKICKER "The Barley And Yeast Brain Glaze" (Self-produced)

ASONO "Asono" (Fishface Records)

ASRAI "Touch in the Dark" (Transmission)

ASSAULTER "Boundless!" (Metal Blade)

ASSAULTER "Salvation Like Destruction" (Pulverized)


ASSROCKERS "All Inputs" (The Living Room)

A STATIC LULLABY "A Static Lullaby" (Fearless)

ASTERIUS "A Moment of Singularity" (Cruz Del Sur)

ASTRAL "Filicetum Lunare" (World War III/Mercenary Musik/Last Episode)

ASTRAL DOORS "Jerusalem" (Metalville)

ASTRAL DOORS "Of the Son and the Father" (Locomotive)

AS YOU DROWN "Rat King" (Metal Blade)

ASYLUM "Madman Industry" (self-released)

ATAKHAMA "Existence Indifferent" (Woodcut Records)

AT ALL COST "It's Time to Decide" (Combat / KOCH)

ATERIAL "War Machinery" (Hellion)

ATHEIST "Unquestionable Presence: Live at Wacken" (Relapse)


THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX "Boxriff" (Meteor City)

ATOMIC OPERA "Gospel Cola" (Metal Blade)

ATOMSHIP "The Crash of '47" (Wind-up)

ATREYU "The Curse" (Victory Records)

ATREYU "A Death-Grip on Yesterday" (Victory)

ATREYU "Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses" (Victory)

ATROCITY "Contaminated" (Open Grave)

ATTENTION DEFICIT "Attention Deficit" (Magna Carta)

AT THE DRIVE-IN "Relationship of Command" (Virgin/Grand Royal)

ATTIKA 7 "Blood of My Enemies" (Rocket Science Ventures)

AT WAR WITH SELF "Acts of God" (Sluggo's Goon Music)

AT WAR WITH SELF "Torn Between Dimensions" (Laser's Edge / Free Electric Sound)

THE AUBURN SYSTEM "The Auburn System EP" (Five Point)

AUDIBLETHREAD "Polar Shifts: A Prelude to The Positive of Negative" (Expanding Music)

AUDIO ADRENALINE "Lift" (Forefront)

AUDIOGASM "Rain Machine" (Dreamscape)

AUDIOSLAVE "Audioslave" (Epic)

AUDIOSLAVE "Out of Exile" (Epic)

AUDIOSLAVE "Revelations" (Epic / Interscope)

AUGUST BURNS RED "Constellations" (Solid State)

AURA "A Different View from the Same Side" (My Kingdom)

AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE "Double Brutal" (Metal Blade)

AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE "Total Brutal" (Metal Blade)

AUTHORITY ZERO "A Passage In Time" (Lava Records)

AUTHORITY ZERO "Rhythm + Booze" (Suburban Noize)

AUTHORITY ZERO "The Tipping Point" (Hardline Entertainment)

AUTOMAG 'Hellbound" (Rockadrome)

AUTOMATIC ANIMAL "Automatic Animal" (Self-produced)

AUTOREVERSE "Countless Monsters" (Self-produced)

AUTUMNBLAZE "Perdition Diaries" Prophecy)

AUTUMN'S DAWN "Gone" (Eisenwald)

AUTUMN TEARS "Promotional Sampler Compilation" (Dark Symphonies)

AVANTASIA "Lost in Space Parts 1 & 2" (Nuclear Blast)

AVANTASIA "The Scarecrow" (Nuclear Blast)

AVENGED SEVENFOLD "Avenged Sevenfold" (Warner Bros.)

AVENGED SEVENFOLD "City of Evil" (Warner Bros.)

AVENGED SEVENFOLD "Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough" (Warner Bros.)

AVENGED SEVENFOLD "Waking the Fallen" (Hopeless)

AVULSED "Gorespattered Suicide" (Metal Age)

AVULSED "Nullo" (Ibex Moon)

THE AWESOME MACHINE "Demo" (Self-produced)

AWKWARD THOUGHT "Ruin A Good Time" (Thorp)

AXAMENTA "Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture" (Shiver Records)

AXE "The Crown" (MTM Records)

AXE "Live in America 1981" (NEH Records)

AXE "Twenty Years, Volume II" (MTM Records)

AXENSTAR "Far From Heaven" (Arise)

AXENSTAR "The Inquisition" (Arise)

AXENSTAR "Perpetual Twilight" (Arise)

AXIS POWERS "Marching Towards Destruction" (Pulverised)

AXTION "Look Out for the Night" (Retrospect)

AXXIS "Paradise in Flames" (Locomotive)

AZTEC JADE "Paradise Lost" (Adrenaline)

AZURE "King of Stars - Bearer of Dark" (Deathgasm)

BABYLON "Tales of Doom: Chapter 1" (Man In Black)

BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA "Axis of Evil" (Self-produced)

BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA "Earth As It Is In Heaven" (Self-produced)

BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA "The Godless, The Godforsaken and the Goddamned" (Self-produced)

BABY METAL "Metal Resistance" (Toy's Factory)

BABY WOODROSE "Third Eye Surgery" (Bad Afro Records)

SEBASTIAN BACH "Forever Wild" DVD (Eagle Vision)


BACHMAN AND TURNER "Bachman and Turner" (RBE)

BACHMAN AND TURNER "Live at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC" (Eagle Rock Entertainment)

BACKFIRE! "Change the Game" (I Scream Records)

BACKFIRE! "Still Dedicated" (I Scream Records)

BACK FROM ASHES "Broken" (Self-released)

BACKSTREET LAW "Hockey Helmet" (Riviere)

BAD ACID TRIP "Lynch the Weirdo" (Sony)

BAD BRAINS "I Against I" (SST)

BAD COMPANY "Bad Company In Concert: Merchants of Cool" (CD and DVD) (Sanctuary)

BAD HABIT "Demo" (Self-produced)

BADLANDS "Badlands" (Koch Records)

BADLANDS "Voodoo Highway" (Atlantic)

BADMOUTH "Badmouth" (Self-produced)

BAD RELIGION "New Maps of Hell" (Epiaph)

BAG "Bag" (Simmons / Sanctuary)

GINGER BAKER "Beware of Mr. Baker" (Vivendi Entertainment)

BALANCE OF POWER "Book of Secrets" (Nightmare)

BALANCE OF POWER "Perfect Balance" (Nightmare)

BALANCE OF POWER "Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion" (Nightmare Records)

BALATONIZER "Occlused in Ottusity" (Dark Reign)

BALD DAISY "Demo" (Self-produced)

BALFOR "Barbaric Blood" (Pulverized)

BAL-SAGOTH "The Power Cosmic" (Nuclear Blast)

BALTIMOORE "Original Sin" (Lion Music)

THE BANG BANG "Brothers of the Head: Music from the Motion Picture" (Milan)

BANG CAMARO "Bang Camaro" (Self-released)

BANG CAMARO "Bang Camaro II" (Black Sword)

RICHARD BARBIERI "Stranger Inside" (K-Scope)

BARGAIN MUSIC "The Magic is Over" (Beatville)

BARONESS "The Red Album" (Relapse)

BARROWS "Red Giant" (Self-produced)

CRAIG BARTOCK "The Finer Points of Instinct" (Independent)

WILLIE BASSE "The Money Grind" (New Empire)

BATHTUB SHITTER "Dancehall Grind" (Super Hit Jam Records)

BATTALION "Winter Campaign" (Self-produced)

BATTLECROSS "Pursuit of Honor" (2011)

BATTLELUST "Of Battle and Ancient Warcraft" (Pavement)

BATTLERAGE "The Slaughter Returns" (Metal on Metal)

BATTLEROAR "To Death and Beyond" (Cruz Del Sur)

BATON ROGUE MORGUE "High End of the Season" (Self-released)

BLAZE BAYLEY "Infinite Entanglement" (Blaze Bayley Recordings)

BLAZE BAYLEY "Promise and Terror" (Candlelight)

BAYSIDE "Sirens and Condolences" (Victory)

BEAK "Eyrie" (Some Odd Pilot)

BEASTMAKER "Lusus Naturae" (Rise Above Limited)

BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE "Dichotomy" (Solid State)

BEATALLICA "Sgt Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band" (Oglio)

BEATS THE HELL OUT OF ME "Revising History" (Self-released)

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES "Beautiful Creatures" (Warner Bros.)


BEAUTIFUL SIN "The Unexpected" (AFM Records / Rock Inc.)

BEECHER "This Elegy His Autopsy!" (Earache)

BEFORE THE DAWN "4:17" (Locomotive)

BEFORE THE FALL "Slow Descent" (Self-released)

BEHEMOTH "Evangelion" (Nuclear Blast/Metal Blade)

BEING AS AN OCEAN "How We Both Wondrously Perish" (InVogue Records)

ADRIAN BELEW "Side One" (Sanctuary)

BELFEGOR "The Kingdom of Glacial Palaces" (World War III Records)

BELIEVE "Hope to See Another Day" (Galileo)

BELIEVER "Transhuman" (Metal Blade)

BELPHEGOR "Blutsabbath" (WW III / Mercenary Musik / Last Episode)

BELPHGOR "Bondage Goat Zombie" (Nuclear Blast)

BELPHEGOR "The Last Supper" (WW III / Mercenary Musik / Last Episode)

BELTFED WEAPON "Peacekeeper" (Self-released)

BENEATH THE MASSACRE "Incongruous" (Prosthetic)

BENEATH THE MASSACRE "Maree Noire" (Prosthetic)

BENEATH THE SKY "What Demons Do to Saints" (Victory)

BENEDICTUM "Uncreation" (Locomotive Records)

BEN JACKSON GROUP "All Over You" (Escapi)

BENUMB "Withering Strands of Hope" (Relapse)

BEOWULF "Westminster & 5th" (I Scream)

BERMUDA "The Wandering" (MediaSkare)

THE BERZERKER "The Berzerker" (Earache)

THE BERZERKER "Dissimulate" (Earache)

BESEECH "Drama" (Napalm Records)

BEST OF SEVEN "Best of Seven" (Fastlane Records)

BETTER LEFT UNSAID "The Silencing" (Self-produced)

BETTER THAN EZRA "Before The Robots" (Artemis)

BETTY BLOWTORCH "Are You Man Enough?" (Foodchain Records)


BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME "The Anatomy Of" (Victory)


BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME "The Parallax II: Future Sequence" (Metal Blade)

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME "The Silent Circus" (Victory)

BEYOND AGONY "The Last of a Dying Breed" (American Detriment Recordings)

BEYOND FEAR "Beyond Fear" (SPV / Sanctuary)

BEYOND SURFACE "Destination's End" (Sanctuary/Noise)

BEYOND THE EMBRACE "Against the Elements" (Metal Blade)

BEYOND THE EMBRACE "Insect Song" (Metal Blade)

BEYOND THE FLESH "What the Mind Perceives" (Screaming Ferret)

BEYOND THERAPY "Deadliners" (Self-produced)

BEYOND TWILIGHT "For the Love of Art and the Making" (Nightmare)

BEYOND TWILIGHT "Section X" (Nightmare)

BE YOUR OWN PET "Get Awkward" (Ecstatic Peace!)

EMILY BEZAR "Exchange" (DemixVox)

BHLEG "Draumr Ast" (Nordvis)

BIG BABY SATAN "Big Baby Satan" (BBS)

BIG BALL "Hotter than Hell" (AFM)

BIG COCK "Motherload" (Driver Wild Music)

BIG COCK "Year of the Cock" (Driver Wild Music)

BIG COLLAPSE "Prototype" (The Militia Group)

BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE "Strictly Rude" (Side One Dummy)

BIG DISMAL "Believe" (Wind-up)

BIG DUMB FACE "Duke Lion Fights the Terror!!" (Flip/Geffen)

BIG ELF "Hex" (Custard)

BIG ENGINE "Shot Like a Rocket" (Pavement)

BIGGER THAN PLASTIC "Santa Sucks" (Self-produced)

BIASTFEAR "Demo" (Self-produced)

BILLION DOLLAR BABIES "Stand Your Ground" (Self-produced)

BILLY BUTCHER "Penny Dreadful" (Outlaw Recording)

BILLY CLUB SANDWICH "The Usual Suspects" (Dead City)

BILLY JOE WINGHEAD "Precious Moments With ..." (R.A.F.R)

THE BILLY MARTINI SHOW "Like No Other" (Delicious)

THE BILLY MARTINI SHOW "Pajama Party A Go Go" (Delicious)

BILLY TALENT "666 Live" (Warner)

BILLY TALENT "Billy Talent" (Atlantic)

BILOXI "III: In the Wake of the Storm" (Self-produced)

BIOHAZARD "A Means to an End" (SPV / Steamhammer)

BIOHAZARD "Uncivilization" (Sanctuary)

BIOMECHANICAL "Cannibalised" (Earache)

BIONIC JIVE "Armageddon Through Your Speakers" (Interscope)

BIRDFLESH "Mondo Musicale" (Candlelight)

BIRDS AND BUILDINGS "Birds and Buildings" (Bantam to Behemoth)

BIRDS OF PREY "Weight of the Wound" (Relapse)

BISHOP "Centipede" (Self-produced)

BISHOP "Centipede: The Maxi-Single" (Self-produced)

BISHOP "Rock On" (Self-produced)

BISHOP "Steel Gods" (Self-produced)

BISON BC "Lovelessness" (Metal Blade)

BITTER SANE "8th Hour of a Roller Coaster Ride" (Self-produced)

BLACK BAMBI "Black Bambi" (20th Century Music)

BLACKBERRY SMOKE "New Honky Tonk Demos" (Self-produced)

BLACK BLUE BIRDS "Life Blood for Music" (Fiskum and Humber Sound)

BLACK BONZO "Sound of the Apocalypse" (The Laser's Edge / B&B Records / Proton)

BLACK BREATH "Sentenced to Life" (Southern Lord)

BLACKBREW "BlackBrew" (Self-released)

BLACK COBRA "Bestial" (At a Loss)

BLACK COMEDY "Synthesis" (Self-produced)


THE BLACK CROWES "Freak'n'Roll ... Into the Fog" (Eagle)


THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER "Deflorate" (Metal Blade)

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER "Unhallowed" (Metal Blade)

BLACKFIELD "NYC: Blackfield Live in New York City" (K-Scope)

BLACK FLAG "Damaged" (SST)

THE BLACK HALOS "Alive Without Control" (Liquor and Poker)

BLACKIE WILCOX "Such a Shame" (Self-produced)

BLACK JU-JU "Universal Asshole" (Self-produced)

BLACK KNIGHT "Tales From the Darkside" (Aeon)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "1919*Eternal" (Spitfire Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Alcohol Fueled Brewtality Live Plus 5" (Spitfire Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Black Label Society" (Spitfire Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned" DVD (Spitfire / Eagle Vision)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "The European Invasion: Doom Troopin'" DVD ( Eagle Vision Entertainment)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Hangover Music Vol. VI" (Spitfire)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Kings of Damnation: 1998 - 2004" (Spitfire Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Live & Acoustic EP" (Spitfire)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Mafia" (Artemis Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Order of the Black" (E1 Music)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Shot to Hell" (Roadrunner)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Sonic Brew" (Spitfire Records)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "The Song Remains Not the Same" (E1 Music)

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Stronger Than Death" (Spitfire Records)

THE BLACK LEAGUE "Ichor" (Nuclear Blast/Spinefarm)

BLACK LIGHT BURNS "Cruel Melody" (I Am / Wolfpack)

BLACKLIST 9 "Mentally Ill, Legally Sane" (Self-released)

BLACKLISTED "We're Unstoppable" (Deathwish)

BLACKLIST UNION "After the Mourning" (Blu Records)

BLACKLIST UNION "Breakin Bread with the Devil" (Blu Records)

BLACKLYST "Liars, Killers and Master Thieves" (Demo)

THE BLACK MARIA "A Shared History of Tragedy" (Victory)

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT "All Our Yesterdays" (Frontiers)

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT "Christmas Eve" (SPV / Steamhammer)

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT "Christmas Eve" (SPV / Steamhammer)

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT "Winter Carols" (Locomotive)

BLACK NASA "Deuce" (Meteor City)

BLACK N'BLUE "Rarities" (Crash)

BLACK OXYGEN "The American Dream" (Self-released)

BLACK RAIN "Innocent Rosie" (Thundering)


BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB "Take Them On, On Your Own" (Virgin)

BLACK SABBATH "13" (Vertigo)

BLACK SABBATH "Black Sabbath" (WEA/Warner Bros.)

BLACK SABBATH "Born Again" (Vertigo)

BLACK SABBATH "Dehumanizer" (Reprise)

BLACK SABBATH "The Dio Years" (Rhino)

BLACK SABBATH "The End" (Black Sabbath)

BLACK SABBATH "The End" (Eagle Rock)

BLACK SABBATH "Heaven and Hell" (Warner Bros.)

BLACK SABBATH "Live at Hammersmith Odeon" (Rhino Handmade)

BLACK SABBATH "Master of Reality" (WEA)

BLACK SABBATH "The Mob Rules" (Warner Bros.)

BLACK SABBATH "Paranoid" (WEA/Warner Bros.)

BLACK SABBATH "Past Lives" (Sanctuary)

BLACK SABBATH "Reunion" (Epic)


BLACK SABBATH "Symptom of the Universe 1970 - 1978" (Warner / Rhino)

THE BLACK SHADOWS "BlueXotica" (Black Shadows)

BLACK SHEEP "Sacrifice" (Rock's Cool)

BLACK STEEL "Battle Cry" (MGM Australia)

BLACK STEEL "Destructor" (Adrenaline / Steel Heart)

BLACK STEEL "Hellhammer" (Adrenaline / Steel Heart)

BLACK STONE CHERRY "Black Stone Cherry" (Roadrunner)

BLACK STONE CHERRY "Folklore and Superstition" (Roadrunner)

BLACKSTORM "As Black As Thy Candles Burn" (Darque Records)

BLACK SUNSHINE "Black Sunshine" (2010)

BLACK TIDE "Light From Above" (Interscope)

BLACK TUSK "Set the Dial" (Relapse)

BLACK VEIL BRIDES "IV" (Lava/Universal Republic)

BLACK VEIL BRIDES "Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones" (Lava/Universal Republic)

BLADE OF THE RIPPER "Blade of the Ripper" (Devil Doll)

THE BLANK THEORY "Beyond the Calm of the Corridor" (New Line Records / Scratchie Records)

THE BLANK THEORY "Catalyst" (Four Alarm Recordings)

BLASPHEMOUS CREATION "Rest in Pieces" (Self-produced)

BLASPHEMOUS CREATION  "Shadows of Evil" (Self-produced)

BLASTED TO STATIC "Blasted to Static" (Metalopolis)

BLASTROCK "Ruthless Fuck" (Puberty Music, Inc.)

BLAZE "As Live as It Gets" (SPV)

BLAZE "Silicon Messiah" (SPV)

THE BLED "Pass the Flask" (Fiddler)

THE BLED "Silent Treatment" (Vagrant)

BLEED "Miss Alcohol" (Self-released)

BLEED FOR ME "Composition" (Self-released)

BLEEDING KANSAS "Dead Under Decor" (Abacus)

BLEEDING THROUGH "The Truth" (Trustkill)

BLESSING THE HOG "The Twelve Gauge Solution" (Goodfellow Records)

BLESSTHEFALL "Hollow Bodies" (Fearless)

BLESS THE FALLEN "The Eclectic Sounds of a Town Painted Black and White" (Crush)

BLIND DOG "Captain Dog Rides Again" (Meteor City)

BLINDING EYE DOG "Prologue" (Self-released)

BLIND GUARDIAN "Beyond the Red Mirror" (Nuclear Blast)

BLIND GUARDIAN "Fly" (Nuclear Blast)

BLIND GUARDIAN "Imaginations From the Other Side" (Century Media)

BLIND RAGE "Cycles of Endurance" (Demo)

BLIND STARE "Symphony of Delusions" (Arise)

BLINK-182 "Blink-182" (Geffen)

BLINK 182 "Enema of the State" (MCA)

BLINK 182 "The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!)" (MCA)

BLINK 182 "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket" (MCA)

BLISS 66 "Trip to the 13th" (Sony)

BLISSED "Corrosive" (KR Records)

BLISSED "Waking Up the Dead" (KR Records)

BLITZKID "Apparitional" (People Like You)

BLITZKID "Let Flowers Die" (Self-produced)

blld "materia prima" (lapetus/Squatter Madras)

BLOODBATH "Breeding Death" (Century Media)

BLOODBATH "Nightmares Become Flesh" (Century Media)

THE BLOOD BROTHERS "Burn Piano Island, Burn" (ArtistDirect / I Am)

THE BLOOD BROTHERS "March on Electric Children" (Three.One.G)

BLOODGOOD "To Germany, With Love! Live in Germany 1993" (M8)

BLOODIEST "Descent" (Relapse)

BLOODLET "Three Humid Nights in the Cypress Trees" (Victory Records)

BLOOD OF KINGU "Sun in the House of Scorpion" (Candlelight)

BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL "Banishing Ritual" (Bindrune Recordings)

BLOOD RED THRONE "Altered Genesis" (Earache)

BLOOD RED THRONE "Come Death" (Earache)

BLOODSWORN "All Hyllest Til Satan" (Agoria)

BLOOD VOMIT "Up From the Grave" (Bloodsoaked Records / Eternal Night Productions)

BLOODY MAIDEN "The Absence of a Soul" (Independent Records)

BLOODY MAIDEN "The Early Demo Recordings" (Self-produced)

BLOTTED SCIENCE "The Machinations of Dementia" (Eclectic Electric)

BLOYD "Wanna Play?" (Octopulse Records)

BLUDGEON "Crucify The Priest" (Metal Blade/Magic Circle Music)

BLUDGEON "World Controlled" (Magic Circle Music)

BLUEBEARD "Deluxe with Reverb" (Shelter From The Storm Records)

BLUEBIRD "Hot Blood" (Dim Mak Records)

BLUE CHEER "Live at Rockpalast - Bonn 2008" (MIG Music)

BLUE CHEER "What Doesn't Kill You" (Rainman)

BLUE COUPE "Tornado on the Tracks" (Blue Coupe)

BLUE FLANNEL "XL" (Universal)

BLUE HONEY "Nine Days Wonder" (Asgard Music)

BLUE LINE "Hit Kickin'" (Noiseosaurus)

BLUE MEANIES "The Post Wave" (MCA)

BLUE OCTOBER "Approaching Normal" (Universal)

BLUE OCTOBER "Argue with a Tree" (Brando)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "Career of Evil: The Metal Years" (Columbia)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "Curse of the Hidden Mirror" (CMC International)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "Fire of Unknown Origin" (Columbia)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "Heaven Forbid" (CMC International)

BLUE OYSTER CULT "A Long Day's Night" (Sanctuary/CMC International)

BLUESTONE CO. "Bluestone Co." (PID)


BLUSHING WELL "This Flesh I'm In" (800lb Productions)

BLUT AUS NORD "Mort" (Candlelight)

BLUT AUS NORD "The Work That Transforms God" (Candleight)

B-MOVIE MONSTERS "Some Things are Better Left Undead" (Self-released)

BOBAFLEX "Anything That Moves" (BFX Records)

BOBAFLEX "Apologize For Nothing" (TVT)

BOBAFLEX "Tales from Dirt Town" (TVT)

BOBGOBLIN "Love Lost for Blood Lust" (Self-produced)

DON BODIN "Greed, Lust and Cloning" (Endocrinemusic)

BODYBUG "DIY" (Self-produced)

BODYBUG "Universes & Civilizations on My Belly" (Self-produced)

BODY COUNT "Live in L.A." DVD (New Media Studio)

BODY COUNT "Murder 4 Hire" (Escapi Music)

BOILER "Cow Tipping in C Sharp" (Self-produced)

BOILER ROOM "Can't Breathe" (Tommy Boy Music)

BOLT THROWER "Mercenary" (Metal Blade)

BOLT UPRIGHT "Red Carpet Sindrome" (550 Music)

BOMBNATION "H.A.Z.M.A.T." (D7i / Doomsday Machine / Profusion)

BONDED BY BLOOD "Exiled to Earth" (Earache)

BONDED BY BLOOD "Feed the Beast" (Earache)

BONED "Up at the Crack" (Perris Records)

BONE DANCE "Bone Dance" (Throat Ruiner)

BONES BRIGADE "Endless Bummer" (Coalition Records)

BONESCREW "Bonescrew" (Demo)

BONE SHAKER "Bang ... You're Dead" (Turkey Vulture)

BONESHAKER "Boneshaker" (Self-produced)

BONESHAKER "Start The Race" (Gofannon)

BONGRIPPER "Satan Worshipping Doom" (CD Baby)

BONHAM "The Disregard of Timekeeping" (WTG)

BON JOVI "Bounce" (Island)

BON JOVI "Crush" (Island)

BON JOVI "Have a Nice Day" (Island)

BON JOVI "Lost Highway" (Island)

BON JOVI "This Left Feels Right" (Island)

BON JOVI "Slippery When Wet" (Mercury)

BOOBIE TRAP "Look Inside" (Self-released)

BORIS "New Album" (Tearbridge)

BORKNAGER "Origin" (Century Media)

BORN OF OSIRIS "Soul Sphere" (Sumerian Records)

ANDREW W. BOSS "Invincible" (Self-released)

BOSTON "Boston" (Epic)

BOSTON "Don't Look Back" (Epic)

BOSTON "Corporate America" (Artemis)

BOSTON "Third Stage" (MCA)

BOTTLE ROCKETS "Leftovers" (Dolittle)

BOTTOM "Bottom" (Demo - Independent)

BOULDER "Ravage and Savage" (Tee Pee Records)

LINDSEY BOULLT "Composition" (Self-produced)

BOURBON CROW "Highway to Hangovers" (Horror High)

BOWLING FOR SOUP "Fishin' for Woos" (Brando Records)

BOWLING FOR SOUP "A Hangover You Don't Deserve" (Jive)

BOWLSCRAPER "Red Hair Revolution (Self-produced)

BOWLSCRAPER "Red Hair Revolution (Sampler) (Self-produced)

BOX CAR RACER "Box Car Racer" (MCA)

BOYCE "II" (Self-released)

BOYFRNDZ "Breeder" (Brutal Panda Records)

BOY HITS CAR "Boy Hits Car" (Wind Up)

BOYSETSFIRE "After the Eulogy" (Victory Records)

BOYSETSFIRE "Live For Today" (Victory Records)

BOYSETSFIRE "Tomorrow Come Today" (Victory)

BOYS NIGHT OUT "Trainwreck" (Ferret)

TERRY BOZZIO & BILLY SHEEHAN "Nine Short Films" (Magna Carta)

BRAD JENDZA & THE ANDROIDS "Brad Jendza & The Androids" (Streamline Records)

J.D. BRADSHAW "Caught in the Act" (Self-produced)

J. D. BRADSHAW "Essence of Existence" (Acacia Entertainment)

BRAINDANCE "Redemption" (Progressive Darkwave Recordings)

BRAIN DRILL "Quantum Catastrophe" (Metal Blade)

BRAIN POLICE "Beyond the Wasteland" (Small Stone)

BRAINSTORM "Ambiguity" (Metal Blade)

BRAINSTORM "Downburst" (Metal Blade)

BRAINSTORM "Liquid Monster" (Metal Blade)

BRAINSTORM "Metus Mortis" (Metal Blade)

BRAIN SURGEONS NYC "Denial of Death" (Cellsum)

BRANT "Across An Ever Darkening Sky" (Solomon Entertainment)

BRASS KITTEN "Across America" (Nightmare Records)

BRAVE "Searching for the Sun" (Dark Symphonies)

BRAVE "Waist Deep in Dark Waters" (Self-produced)

BRAVE LAST DAYS "Brave Last Days" (Jumberlack)

BRAZEN ABBOT "Guilty as Sin" (Steamhammer)

BRAZIL "Dasein" (Fearless)

BREAKING BENJAMIN "Phobia" (Hollywood Records)

BREAKING BENJAMIN "So Cold EP" (Hollywood Records)

BREAKING POINT "Beautiful Disorder" (Wind-Up)

BREAKING POINT "Coming of Age" (Wind-Up)

BREEDINGROUND "Emergence EP" (Self-produced)

THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE "Tepid Peppermint Wonderland: A Retrospective" (TeePee)

BRIAN LOYD BAND "Gutted" (Self-produced)

BRICK BATH "Rebuilt" (Crash Music Inc.)

BRICK BATH "I Won't Live the Lie" (Crash Music Inc.)

BRIDE "End of the Age" (Pure Metal)

BRIDE "Silence is Madness" (Millennium 8)

BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION "Here Come the Brides" (Sanctuary)

BRINGERS OF DISEASE "Gospel of Pestilence" (Translation Loss)

BRING ME THE HORIZON "Sempiternal" (Epitaph)

BROCK BRIEN "Demo" (Self-produced)

THE BRIGGS "Come All You Madmen" (SideOneDummy)

BRIGHTON "Promise of Love" (Pakaderm)

DANNY BRILL "Better Late Than Never" (Danny Brill)

BRITNY FOX "A Long Way to Live!" (Spitfire Records)

BRITNY FOX "Springhead Motorshark" (Spitfire)

BROCK "Brock" (Self-produced)


BROKEN FACTORY WINDOWS "Bright Lights, Bright Lights!" (BFW)

BROKEN TEETH "Broken Teeth" (Perris)

THE BRONX "The Bronx" (Ferret Records)

THE BRONX "The Bronx" (Island Records)

BRONZE "Bronze" (Self-released)

THE BRONZE "The Bronze" (Independent)

THE BROUGHT LOW "Third Record" (Small Stone)

BROWBEAT "Audioviolence" (Self-produced)

BROWN SOX "Lucky 13" (Self-produced)


BROWSING COLLECTION "Don't Want to Dance" (Icons Creating Evil Art"

MICHAEL BRUCE "Halo of Ice" (Pilot)

MICHAEL BRUCE "In My Own Way: The Complete Sessions" (Pilot)

BRUJERIA "Brujerizmo" (Roadrunner Records)

BUCKCHERRY "15" (10th Street)

BUCKCHERRY "Black Butterfly" (Eleven Seven/Atlantic/EMI)

BUCKETHEAD "COLMA" (Cyberoctave)

BUCKETHEAD "Giant Robot" (Cyberoctave)

BUCKETHEAD "Monsters and Robots" (Cyberoctave)

BUCK-O-NINE "Libido" (TVT)

BUFFALO CROWS "Primitive Grind" (Self-produced)

BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION "The Book of Mourning" (Da'Core)

BULBUL "6" (Exile on Mainstream)

BULLDOZER BREED "Promo 2005" (Independent)

BULLETBOYS "Behind the Orange Curtain" (Crash Classics)

BULLETBOYS "Bulletboys" (Warner Bros.)

BULLETBOYS "Za Za" (Warner Bros.)

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE "Scream Aim Fire" (Jive)

BULLET TRAIN TO VEGAS "We Put Scissors Where Our Mouths Are" (Nitro)

BULLISTIC "Chronicles of Love & Hate" (Backstreet Records)

THE BUNNY THE BEAR "Stories" (Victory Records)

BURIAL "Enlightened With Pain" (Lost Disciple Records)

BURIAL GROUND "Burial Ground" (Sampler)

BURIAL HORDES "Devotion to Unholy Creed" (Pulerized)

BURNED IN EFFIGY "Burned in Effigy" (Self-produced)

CARL BURNETT "Life Before Midi: Naked" (self-released)

BURN GUITARS "Burn Guitars" (Self-produced)

BURNING BRIDGES "Politics of Dead Friendships" (Thorp Records)

BURNING INSIDE "Apparition" (Pavement Europe / Crash Music)

BURNING SKIES "Desolation" (Lifeforce)

BURNING SKIES "Murders by Means of Existence" (Lifeforce)

BURNING THE DAY "Blacklisted" (Blue Pie)

BURNING THE DAY "In Fall She Sleeps" (Self-produced)

BURNING POINT "Burned Down the Enemy" (Metal Haven)

BURN IN SILENCE "Angel Maker" (Prosthetic)

BURNTFIELD "Hereafter" (Progressive Gears)

BURY ME DEEP "Graceheart" (Self-produced)

BURY YOUR DEAD "Beauty and the Breakdown" (Victory)

BURY YOUR DEAD "You Had Me at Hello" (Alveran)

BUSH "The Science of Things" (Interscope)

STAN BUSH AND BARRAGE  "Heaven" (Frontiers Records/Now & Then Productions)

BUSHWHACK "Bushwhack" (Self-produced)

BUTCHER BABIES "Goliath" (Century Media)

BUTTONHOOK "Hear Me Roar" (Rough Stone Records)

BYFIST "Adrenaline" (Self-produced)

BY NIGHT "A New Shape of Desperation" (Lifeforce)

BY NIGHT "Burn the Flags" (Lifeforce)

BYRD "Flying Beyond the 9" (Lion Music)

BYZANTINE "2003 European Sampler EP" (Self-produced)

BYZANTINE "And They Shall Take Up Serpents" (Prosthetic)

BYRON NEMETH GROUP "The Force Within" (Pacifica)

CACTUS "V" (Escapi)

CADAVER "Necrosis" (Candlelight USA)

CADAVERIA "The Shadows of Madame" (Triple Silence / Scarlet)

CAFFIENDS "Dissonance is Beauty" (459 Audio Recreations)

CAGE "Astrology" (World War III)

CAGE "Darker Than Black" (Fugitive Records)

CAGE "Hell Destroyer" (MTM Records)

CAGE "Science of Annihilation" (Heavy Metal Media)

CAIN'S ALIBI "Sanctified" (Nightmare Records)

CAKE "Fashion Nugget" (Capricorn)

CALABRESE "III: They Call Us Death" (Spookshow)

CALABRESE "The Traveling Vampire Show" (Spookshow)

CALICO SYSTEM "Duplicated Memories" (Eulogy)


CALLENISH CIRCLE "Flesh_Power_Dominion" (Metal Blade Records)

CALLENISH CIRCLE "My Passion / Your Pain" (Metal Blade Records)

CALL ME NO ONE "Last Parade" (Asylum)

CAMAROSMITH "Camarosmith" (Dead Teenager)

CAMPGROUND "Pastor Pasture" (Local Cannery Recording Co.)

CAMPGROUND EFFECT "The Flight Seat" (Self-produced)

CAMPGROUND EFFECT "Kindling" (Self-produced)

CANDIRIA "300 Percent Destiny" (Century Media)

CANDIRIA "The COMA Imprint" (Lakeshore Records)

CANDIRIA "Process of Self-Development" (MIA Records)

CANDLEBOX "Candlebox" (Maverick)

CANDLEBOX "Happy Pills" (Maverick)

CANDLEBOX "Into the Sun" (Silent Majority)

CANDLEMASS "Documents of Doom" DVD (Escapi / Two Headed Dog)

CANDYGRAM FOR MONGO "Candygram for Mongo" (CF Media)

CANNAE "Gold Becomes Sacrifice" (Prosthetic Records)

CANNIBAL CORPSE "A Skeletal Domain" (Metal Blade)

CANNIBAL CORPSE "Bloodthirst" (Metal Blade)

CANNIBAL CORPSE "The Evisceration Plague" (Metal Blade)

CANNIBAL CORPSE "Gore Obsessed" (Metal Blade)

CANNIBAL CORPSE "Live Cannibalism" (Metal Blade)

CANNIBAL CORPSE "The Wretched Spawn" (Metal Blade)

CANOBLISS "Demon Angel" (Self-produced)

CANOBLISS "Liberation of Dissonance" (Self-produced)

CANOBLISS "Man is the Enemy" (Self-produced)

CANOBLISS "Psychothermia" (Self-produced)

JERRY CANTRELL "Degradation Trip" (Roadrunner)

CANVAS "Lost In Rock" (Prosthetic / Metal Blade)

CANVAS SOLARIS "The Atomized Dream" (Sensory)

CANVAS SOLARIS "Irradiance" (Sensory)

CANVAS SOLARIS "Penumbra Diffuse" (Sensory)

CANVAS SOLARIS "Sublimation" (Tribunal)

CAPRICORNS "River, Bear Your Bones" (Rise Above)

CAR BOMB "Car Bomb" (Self-produced)

CAR BOMB "w^w^^w^w"" (Relapse; 2012)

CARBON 9 "COTM" (Self-produced)

THE CARDINAL EFFECT "Red Light Carousel" (Tribunal)

LARRY CARLTON / STEVE LUKATHER "No Substitutions: Live in Osaka" (Favored Nations)

CARNIFEX "The Diseased and the Poisoned" (Victory)

CARNIFEX "Until I Feel Nothing" (Victory)

GYPSY CARNS "The Watchman" (Trailer Trash)

CAROLINA LIAR "Coming to Terms" (Atlantic)

CAROLINE BLUE "Caroline Blue" (Self-produced)

CARPATHIAN "Isolation" (Deathwish)

JOHN CARPENTER "Ghosts of Mars" (Varese Sarabande)

THE CARS "Candy-O" (Elektra)

SYDNEI CARVALHO / ALEX MARTINHO "Intensity" (Digital Technologica Amazonia)

SYDNEI CARVALHO / ALEX MARTINHO "Intuition" (Digital Technologica Amazonia)

CARVED IN STONE "Carved In Stone" (Independent Demo)

CASANATRA "Wood and Glass" (Blue Worm)

CASSIUS "I Am Jim Jones" (Lifeforce)

CASTERO "Consequence of Thoughts" (Self-released)

CASTLE "Blacklands" (Prosthetic)

TOMMY CASTRO "Painkiller" (Blind Pig)

CATEGORY 5 "Off the Ivory Coast" (Reeltime)

CATERINE "Fear - Pain - Love" (Caterine Music)

CATCH 22 (New Jersey) "Alone in A Crowd" (Victory Records)

CATCH 22 (Ohio) "Soulreaper: Evilution/Devilution" (Metal on Metal)

CATCHIN' 22 "Can't Steal Our Spirit" (US Records)

CHRIS CATENA "Booze, Brawds and Rockin' Hard" (Versailles)

CATHEDRAL "Endtyme" (Earache)

CATHEDRAL "The VIIth Coming" (Spitfire)

BOB CATLEY "Middle Earth" (Frontiers/Now & Then)

CAUGHT OFF GUARD "Caught Off Guard" (Self-produced)

CAULDRON "Burning Fortune" (Earache)

CAULDRON "Chained to the Nite" (Earache)

CAULDRON "Tampering with the Unnatural" (Headrush)

CAUSTIC LYE "That That Is Is" (Fervid)

CAUTERIZE "So Far From Real" (Wind-up)

CAVE IN "Antenna" (RCA)

CAVE IN "Perfect Pitch Black" (Hydrahead Records)

CAVO "Sounds from the Hollow" EP (Eleven Seven)

CEA SERIN "Where Memories Combine" (Nightmare)

CEASE TO EXIST "Cease to Exist" (Demo)

CELAN "Halo" (Exile on Mainstream)

CELEBRATUM "Instinct" (Metal Age)

CELESTIAL DAWN "Genesis" (Self-produced)

CELESTY "Legacy of Hate" (Arise Records)

CELESTY "Reign of Elements" (Arise Records)

CELLBLOCK ONE "Cellblock One" (Self-released)

CELLDWELLER "Celldweller" (Esion Media / Position)

CELLOUT "Superstar Prototype" (Nuerra Records)

CELTIC LEGACY "Guardian of Eternity" (Self-produced)

CENTINEX "Hellbrigade" (Repulse Records)

CENTURY "Black Ocean" (Prosthetic)

CEPHALIC CARNAGE "Anomalies" (Relapse)

CEPHALIC CARNAGE "Exploiting Dysfunction" (Relapse)

CEPHALIC CARNAGE "Misled by Certainty" (Relapse)

CEPHALIC CARNAGE "Xenosapien" (Relapse)

CEREBUS "The Cage of Existence" (Hell and Death)

CERBERUS "What Have We Become?" (Hell and Death)

CEREBUS EFFECT "Acts of Deception" (Self-produced)

CESSATION OF LIFE "Kill You Again" (Self-produced)

CHACH "To Destroy Your Boyfriend's Confidence" (Self-produced)

CHAIN COLLECTOR "Masquerade" (Sound Riot)

CHAIN LINK FAITH "Chain Link Faith" (Full Well)

CHAINSNAP "Hollow" (Self-produced)

CHAMBERS "Old Love" (Self-released)

CHAOS BREED "Unleashed Carnage" (Crash / Low Frequency)

CHAOS CODE "Propaganda" (Self-produced)

CHAPELBLAQUE "Hymnals of the Lastdays" (Bethany Records)

CHARETTA "A Nation Distracted" (Self-released)

CHARIOT OF SHAME "Chariot of Shame" (Self-produced)

CHARLIE HUSTLE "Celebration for the Bride" (Reason Y Records)

CHARLUS "Tragic Accident" (Self-produced)

CHARM CITY DEVILS "Sins" (Fat Lady Music)

CHASTAIN "We Bleed Metal" (Leviathan)

CHEAP SEX "Headed for a Breakdown" (Punkcore)

CHEAP TIME "Wallpaper Music" (In the Red Records)

CHEAP TRICK "Bang, Zoom, Crazy...Hello" (Big Machine)

CHEAP TRICK "Heaven Tonight" (Epic)

CHEAP TRICK "The Latest" (Cheap Trick)

CHEAP TRICK "Music For Hangovers" (Cheap Trick)

CHEAP TRICK "Music For Hangovers" (DVD) (Rhino)

CHEAP TRICK "Rockford" (Cheap Trick Unlimited / Big 3 Records)

CHEAP TRICK "Sessions@AOL" (iTunes)

CHEAP TRICK "Simple One" (Cheap Trick Unlimited / B3 Records)

CHEAP TRICK "We're All Right" (Big Machine)

THE CHELSEA SMILES "Thirty Six Hours Later" (Acetate)

CHEMICAL BURN "Three Song Sampler" (Self-released)

CHERRY STREET "Buster Cherry" (Perris Records)

CHEVA "Cheva" (Self-produced)

CHEVELLE "Hats Off to the Bull" (Epic)

CHEVELLE "La Gargola" (Epic)

CHEVELLE "This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)" (Epic)

CHEVELLE "Vena Sera" (Epic)

CHEVELLE "Wonder What's Next" (Epic)

CHICKENFOOT "III" (Entertainment One)

CHICKENFOOT "Chickenfoot" (Fontana)

CHIGGER RED "Hammered" (RoadTooth Records)

CHIGGER RED "The Hard Road" (RoadTooth)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Are You Dead Yet?" (Spinefarm)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Blooddrunk" (Spinefarm)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Follow the Reaper" (Nuclear Blast)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Hatebreeder" (Nuclear Blast/Spinefarm)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Skeletons in the Closet" (Spinefarm)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Something Wild" (Nuclear Blast)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "Tokyo Warhearts" (Spinefarm)

CHILDREN OF BODOM "You're Better Off Dead" Single (Spinefarm)

CHIMAIRA "The Impossibility of Reason" (Roadrunner)

CHIMAIRA "Infection" (Roadrunner)

CHIMAIRA "Pass Out of Existence" (Roadrunner)

CHIMAIRA "Resurrection" (Ferret)

CHINCHILLA "Madness" (Metal Blade)

CHINCHILLA "Madtropolis" (Metal Blade)

CHIODOS "All's Well That Ends Well" (Equal Vision)

FABRIZIO CHIRUZZI "Gates of Doom" (Panastudio Productions)

CHORD "Flora" (Neurot)

CHOSEN "Resolution" (Self-released)

CHRIS A. "A Vulgar Display of Power" (Book) (MJS)

JOHN CHRIST "Flesh Caffeine" (Tang Records)

CHRISTINE "Badasser" (Supernova)

DANIEL CHRISTOPHERSON "One Zillion Guitars" (Scrunchy Cat Records)

CHROME DIVISION "Booze, Broads and Beezelbub" (Nuclear Blast)

CHROME HELMET "Full Circle" (Sin Klub)

CHURCH OF MISERY "Houses of the Unholy" (Rise Above)

CHURCH OF MISERY "Master of Brutality" (Southern Lord)

CHURL "Churl" (Grub Records)

CIA "Attitude" (Screaming Ferret)

CINEMA8 "Cinema8" (The Telegraph Company)


THE CINEMATICS "A Strange Education" (TVT Records)

CIPHER SYSTEM "Central Tunnel 8" (Lifeforce)

CIRCA SURVIVA 'Descensus" (Sumerian Records)

CIRCA SURVIVE "Violent Wave" (Self-released)

CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN "The Genocide Machine" (Necropolis/Deathvomit)

CIRCLE II CIRCLE "The Middle of Nowhere" (Locomotive)

CIRCLE II CIRCLE "Watching in Silence" (AFM Records)

CIRCUIT "Eau De Humanity" (WEA)

CIRCUS "Circus" (Locomotive)

CIRCUS MAXIMUS "The 1st Chapter" (Sensory)

CIRITH UNGOL "King of the Dead" (Metal Blade)

CIRITH UNGOL "Paradise Lost" (Restless)

CIRROSIS "Reddando Desesperacion" (Arte Virtual)

CITIZEN KING "Mobile Estates" (Warner Bros.)

CITY OF FIRE "City of Fire" (Candlelight)

CIVIL UNREST "Civil Unrest" (Self-produced)

CKY "An Answer Can Be Found" (Island/Def Jam)

CKY "Carver City" (Roadrunner)

CKY "Infiltrate - Destroy - Rebuild" (Island)

FAST EDDIE CLARKE "It Ain't Over Till It's Over" (Griffin)

GILBY CLARKE "99 Live" (Spitfire)

GILBY CLARKE "The Hangover" (Spitfire)

GILBY CLARKE "Rubber" (Spitfire Records)

GILBY CLARKE "Swag" (Spitfire)

THE CLARKS "Fast Moving Cars" (Razor & Tie)

THE CLASH "Live at Shea Stadium" (Sony Legacy)

THE CLASH "Sandinista!" (Epic)

CLASSIC CASE "Dress to Depress" (Fiddler Records / Help Records)

CLAW HAMMER "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are NOT Devo!" (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

ANDREW DICE CLAY "Face Down, Ass Up" (SFO/The Right Stuff)

THE CLAYMORDS "...More Sombre Than Life" (Self-produced)

THE CLAY PEOPLE "The Clay People" (Mercury/Slipdisc)

THE CLAY PEOPLE "Waking the Dead" (Ryko)

LES CLAYPOOL "Of Fungi and Foe" (Prawn Song)

click. "Failure" (Supertone Records)

click. "Gently Unraveling" (Fowl Records)

CLINGING TO THE TREES OF A FOREST FIRE "Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation" (Prosthetic)

CLOCKCLEANER "The Hassler" (Manic Ride)

CLOCKWISE "Healthy Manipulation" (RCA)

CLOKSEED "So That All May Witness" (Demo)

CLOSER "A Darker Kind of Salvation" (Pulverized)

CLOSER THAN KIN "Dead Flowers For a Dying Lover" (All About Records)

CLOSER THAN KIN "The Machineries of Breath" (Punkutation Records)

CLOUDSCAPE "Crimson Skies" (Nightmare)

CLOWN ALLEY "Circus of Chaos" (Southern Lord)

CLUTCH "Blast Tyrant" (DRT Entertainment)

CLUTCH "Book of Bad Decisions" (Weathermaker)

CLUTCH "Earth Rocker" (Weathermaker)

CLUTCH "The Elephant Riders" (Columbia)

CLUTCH "Jam Room" (River Run Records)

CLUTCH "Live at the Googolplex" (Megaforce)

CLUTCH "Psychic Warfare" (Weathermaker)

CLUTCH "Pure Rock Fury" (Atlantic)

CLUTCH "Robot Hive: Exodus" (DRT Entertainment)

CLUTCH "Strange Cousins from the West" (Weathermaker)

CLUTCH "Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes, and Undeniable Truths" (EastWest)

COAL CHAMBER "Chamber Music" (Roadrunner)

COAL CHAMBER "Dark Days" (Roadrunner)

COAL CHAMBER "Giving the Devil His Due" (Roadrunner)

COALESCE "Ox" (Relapse)

MARCEL COENEN "Guitar Talk" (Lion Music)

JOE COFFEE "When the Fabric Don't Fit the Frame" (I Scream)

COHEED AND CAMBRIA "Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness" (Equal Vision)

COHEED AND CAMBRIA "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth" (Equal Vision)

COHEED AND CAMBRIA "The Second Stage Turbine Blade" (Equal Vision)

COLD "13 Ways to Bleed on Stage" (Flip/A&M)

COLDWORKER "Rotting Paradise" (Relapse)

COLLAPSE 7 "Supernova Overdrive" (Noisehead)

COLISEUM "Goddamage" (Manic Records)

COLISEUM "No Salvation" (Reprise)

COLLATERAL DAMAGE "The Carnival" (Spider Rock)

COLLECTIVE SOUL "Dosage" (Atlantic)

COLLECTIVE SOUL "Rabbit" (Roadrunner)


COLOR WALL "The View From Above" (Lazy Suzan)

COLPORTER "Sovereign Mind" (Self-produced)

COMA "Excess" (Armoury)

COMADOSE "Re-Up" (Screaming Ferret Wreckords)

COMEBACK KID "Broadcasting ..." (Victory)

combinationLOCK "Demo 2000" (Self Produced)

combinationLOCK "Oh ..." (Self Produced)

THE COMMERCIALS "It's Not What You Say ... It's How You Say It" (Blackout)

THE COMPANY BAND "Pros & Cons" (Venture Capital)

COMPRESSION "Compression" (Tolerance)

THE COMPULSIONS "21 Powers Street" (Self-produced)

CONCEPT 7 "Extract" EP (Earthspike)

CONCEPT 7 "The Undeniable Constant" (Earthspike)

CONCRETE BLONDE "Bloodletting" (IRS)

CONCRETE BLONDE "Live in Brazil" (Ark 21)

CONDEMNED "And That's How I Found Them" (Self-produced)


CONDITION RED "Condition Red" (Lion Music)

STEVE CONE "Crazy Ei8hts" (Dilligaf)

STEVE CONE "Distortion" (Self-produced)

STEVE CONE "In My Bones" (Dilligaf)

STEVE CONE "Unfinished Business" (Dilligaf)

CONFUSION "Enter Alone" (Diamond Snake)

CONFUSION "Genesis" (Mille Records)

CONQUEST "End of Days" (Dark Star Records)

CONQUEST "No Boundaries" (Self-produced)

CONQUEST "Under the Influence" (Dark Star Records)

CONSPIRACY "Concordat" (Pulverised)

CONSPIRACY A.D. "Humanity = Destruction: The End is Near" (Crash)

CONTRADICTION "The Voice of Hatred" (Locomotive)

CONTRIVE "The Internal Dialogue" (Shock Music Oz)

CONTRIVE "The Meaning Unseen" (Shock Music Oz)

CONTROL DENIED "The Fragile Art of Existence" (Nuclear Blast Records)

ALICE COOPER "Along Came a Spider" (SPV)

ALICE COOPER "A Paranomal Evening at the Olympia Paris"

ALICE COOPER "Billion Dollar Babies" Deluxe Edition (Warner Archives/Rhino)

ALICE COOPER "Billion Dollar Babies" SACD (High Fidelity)

ALICE COOPER "Brutal Planet" (Spitfire)

ALICE COOPER "Brutally Live" DVD/CD Combo (Eagle Vision)

ALICE COOPER "Da Da" (Warner Bros.)

ALICE COOPER "Dirty Diamonds" (New West Records)

ALICE COOPER "DragonTown" (Spitfire)

ALICE COOPER "DragonTown" Special Edition (Spitfire)

ALICE COOPER "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" (Eagle Records)

ALICE COOPER "Flush the Fashion" (Warner Bros.)

ALICE COOPER "From the Inside" (Warner Bros.)

ALICE COOPER "Good to See You Again, Alice Cooper" DVD (Shout! Factory)

ALICE COOPER "Hey, Stoopid" (Epic)

ALICE COOPER "The Last Temptation" (Sony)

ALICE COOPER "The Life & Crimes of Alice Cooper" (WEA/Rhino)

ALICE COOPER "Mascara & Monsters: The Best of Alice Cooper" (WEA/Rhino)

ALICE COOPER "Muscle of Love" (Warner)

ALICE COOPER "Paranormal" (earMusic)

ALICE COOPER "Raise the Dead: Live at Wacken" (UDR)

ALICE COOPER "Raise Your Fist and Yell" (MCA)

ALICE COOPER "School's Out" (Warner Bros.)

ALICE COOPER "Super Duper Alice Cooper" (Eagle Vision)

ALICE COOPER "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" (UME)

ALICE COOPER "Welcome to My Nightmare" (Atlantic)

ALICE COOPER "Welcome to My Nightmare / The Nightmare 1975 TV Special" (Eagle Vision)

COPPER "The Fragile Fall" (Rockpie Records)

COPPERHEAD "Live & Lost" (Eastwinds Records)

COPREMESIS "Muay Thai Ladyboys" (Paragon)

CORE DEVICE "Core Device" (Demo)

CORE DEVICE "Our Fellowship Eternal" (self-released)

CHRIS CORNELL "Carry On" (Suretone/Interscope)

CORNERS OF SANCTUARY "Metal Machine" (Metalizer Records)

CORNERSTONE (Austria) "Somewhere in America" (Atom Records)

CORNERSTONE (Denmark) "Once Upon Our Yesterdays" (Escapi)

CORPUS CHRISTI "The Darker Shades of White" (Victory)

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY "America's Volume Dealer" (Koch)

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY "Corrosion of Conformity" (Candlelight)

CORVUS CORAX "The Atavistic Triad" (Dark Symphonies)

COSMIC WOOL "Cosmic Wool" (Nemesis Records)


COUNTERVAIL "In the Event of an Unscheduled Landing" (Status Recordings)

COUNTER-WORLD EXPERIENCE "Pulsar" (Hansel & Gretel)

COUNT THE STARS "Never Be Taken Alive" (Victory Records)

COURT JESTER "Gina" (Cellar Records)

COUSIN SLEAZE "Cousin Sleaze" (Self-produced)

COVENANT "Nexus Polaris" (Nuclear Blast)

COVERED CALL "Money Never Sleeps" (Blistering)

COWBOY MOUTH "Mercyland" (MCA)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Bitter Suites to Succubi" (Spitfire)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Cruelty And The Beast" (Mayhem/Fierce)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Damnation and a Day" (Epic / Red Ink)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Dusk and Her Embrace" (Fierce)

CRADLE OF FILTH "From the Cradle to Enslave E.P." (Metal Blade/Music For Nations)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Heavy, Left-Handed & Candid" (DVD) (Abracadaver)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Lovecraft & Witch Hearts" (Koch Records/Music For Nations)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Midian" (Koch Records)

CRADLE OF FILTH "No Time To Cry" (KOCH/Music For Nations)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Nymphetamine" (Roadrunner)

CRADLE OF FILTH "Thornography" (Roadrunner)

CRADLE TO GRAVE "Cradle to Grave" (Year of the Sun Records)

CRADLE TO GRAVE "Lifespan Sessions 2003" (Self-produced)

CRADLE TO GRAVE "Texas Sun" (Year of the Sun Records)

CRAIG ERICKSON PROJECT "Shine" Grooveyard Records)

CRASHDIET "The Unattractive Revolution" (Universal)

CRASH KELLY "Electric Satisfaction" (Liquor and Poker)

CRASH KELLY "One More Heart Attack" (Warrior)

CRASH ROMEO "Minutes to Miles" (Trustkill)

CRASH STREET KIDS "Sweet Creatures" (Vanity Music Group)

CRAZY TOWN "The Gift of Game" (Sony)

CREAM PIE "Dirty Job" (Self-produced)

CREMATORY "Believe" (Nuclear Blast)

CREOZOTH "Creozoth" (New Media)

CRIMSON FALLS "The True Face of Human Nature" (Shiver Records)

CRIMSON GLORY "Astronomica" (Spitfire)

CRIMSON ORCHID "A Chosen Path" (Self-produced)

THE CRINGE "Scratch the Surface" (Listen)

CRIONICS "Human Error - Ways to Self-Destruction" (Candlelight USA / Empire Records)

CRITICAL BILL "Downtown the World" (Westbound Records)

CROATAN "Violent Passion Surrogate" (Man's Ruin Records)

CHROMA KEY "Graveyard Mountain Home" (InsideOut)

CRONIC "Noi" (Self-produced)

CROOKED "Crooked" (Demo)

CROSSBREED "Synthetic Division" (Artemis)

CROSS CANADIAN RAGWEED "Mission California" (Universal South)

CROSS EXAMINATION "Menace II Sobriety" (Organized Crime)

CROSSFADE "Crossfade" (Columbia)

CROSSFIRE "Dirty Games" (Perris Records)

CROWBAR "Equilibrium" (Spitfire)

CROWBAR "Lifesblood of the Downtrodden" (Candlelight)

CROWBAR "Sludge: History of Crowbar" (Spitfire)

CROWBAR "Symmetry in Black" (Century)

CROWHEAD "Frozen" (My Kingdom)

THE CROWN "Crowned in Terror" (Metal Blade)

THE CROWN "Deathrace King" (Metal Blade)

THE CROWN "Possessed 13" (Metal Blade)

CROWN OF THORNS "Faith" (Wicked Cool Records)

CRUACHAN "The Morrigan's Call" (Candlelight)

CRUCIFIED BARBARA "In Distortion We Trust" (Liquor and Poker)

CRUMBLE "Disconnect" (Self-produced)

CRUSH "Don't Be Afraid of Rock'n'Roll" (Self-produced)


CRUXITER "Paradise Found" (Demo)

CRY OF LOVE "Brother" (Columbia)



CRYPTOPSY "Whisper Supremacy" (Century Media)

CRYSKNIFE "Disbelieve" (Self-produced)

CRYSKNIFE "Demo 2000" (Self-produced)

THE CULT "Beyond Good and Evil" (Atlantic Records)

THE CULT "Born Into This" (Roadrunner)

THE CULT "Pure Cult: The Singles 1984 - 1995" (Beggars Banquet)

CULTED "Of Death and Ritual" (Relapse)

CULT OF DAATH "The Grand Torturers of Hell" (Deathgasm)

CULT OF LUNA "Salvation" (Earache)

THE CURE "The Cure" (Geffen)

WARREN CUCCURULLO "Thanks 2 Frank" (Imago)

THE CURSED "Room Full of Sinners" (Locomotive)

CURSE OF DISOBEDIENCE "Curse of Disobedience" (Self-produced)

CURSE OF DISOBEDIENCE "Curse of Disobedience" Sampler (Self-produced)

CURSE OF DISOBEDIENCE "Reflections" (Self-produced)

CURSE OF THE GOLDEN VAMPIRE "Mass Destruction" (Ipecac)

CUSTOM "Fast" (Artist Direct)

CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR "Rotation" (2008)

CUTTERS "Sonic Wave Love" (CMC International)

CYANIDE 4 "Complex" (Self-produced)

CYBIL "Crumbs" (Self-produced)

CYBIL "Radiate" (Self-produced)

CYCLEFLY "Cyclefly" (Radioactive)

CYCO MIKO "The Mad Mad Muir Musical Tour" (Suicidal)

CYDONIA "Cydonia" (Metal Blade)

CYNIC "Traced in Air" (Season of Mist)

MARK D "The Silent Treatment" (Tee Pee Records)

DAD'S PORNO MAG "Dad's Porno Mag" (Robison)

DAGORLAD "Herald of Doom" (Phantom)

DAKONA "Perfect Change" (Maverick)

DICK DALE "Spacial Disorientation" (Dick Dale Records/Music Force)

DALENA ARMS "Dalena Arms"

DALI'S DILEMMA "Manifesto For Futurism" (Magna Carta)

DALI'S LLAMA "Full on Dunes" (Dali's Llama)

DALI'S LLAMA "Howl Do You Do?" (Dali's Llama)

DALI'S LLAMA "Raw is Real" (Dali's Llama)

DALI'S LLAMA "Sweet Sludge" (Dali's Llama)

DAMAGE "Velocity" (Damage Records)

DAMAGED "Purified in Pain" (Rotten Records)

DAMAGED DOLLS "Demo" (Self-produced)

DAMAGEPLAN "New Found Power" (Elektra)

DAMIEN THORNE "End of the Game" (Self-produced)

DAMIEN THORNE "Haunted Mind" (Self-produced)

DAMNATION "Destructo Evangelia" (Candlelight USA / Threeman)

DAMNATION A.D. "In This Life or the Next" (Victory)

DAMN THE MACHINE "Damn the Machine" (A&M)

DAMN YANKEES "Damn Yankees" (Warner Bros.)

DAMONE "From the Attic" (RCA)

DAMSEL "Queens of Royale" (Self-released)

DANAVA "Hemisphere of Shadows" (Caroline)

DANDELION "Dyslexicon" (Sony)

DANGER "First Touch" (Self-produced)

DANGER DANGER "The Return of the Great Gildersleeves" (Low Dice)

DANGERED ACE "Gotengo" (Self-produced)

DANGEROUS TOYS "Dangerous Toys" (Columbia)

SIMON DANIELS "Human Being" (Labyrinth)

DANKO JONES "Below the Belt" (Bad Taste)

DANKO JONES "Never Too Loud" (Bad Taste)

DANKO JONES "We Sweat Blood" (Razor & Tie)

DANZIG "I Luciferi" (Spitfire)

GLENN DANZIG "Black Aria" (Plan 9)

DARK ANGEL "Decade of Chaos: The Best of Dark Angel" (Relativity)

DARK BLACK "Midnight Wraith" (Stormspell)

DARK CASTLE "Spirited Migration" (At a Loss)

DARK DAYS "Screaming in Horror" (Self-produced)

THE DARKER SHORE "The Mechaphysik" (Love Muffin)

DARKEST ERA "The Last Caress of Light" (Metal Blade)

DARKEST HOUR "Deliver Us" (Victory Records)

DARKEST HOUR "The Eternal Return" (Victory Records)

DARKEST HOUR "Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation" (Victory Records)

DARKEST HOUR "The Misanthrope" (Death Truck Records)

DARKEST HOUR "So Sedated, So Secure" (Victory Records)

DARKEST HOUR "Undoing Ruin" (Victory Records)

DARK HAVEN "Your Darkest Hour" (Self-produced)

DARK MASS "Dark Mass Medium" (Self-produced)

DARK MASS "Dark Mass Medium" Special Edition (DMSP)

DARK MOOR "Beyond the Sea" (Arise)

DARK MOOR "Dark Moor" (Arise)

THE DARKNESS "Last of Our Kind" (+180 Records)

THE DARKNESS "One Way Ticket to Hell and Back" (Atlantic)

THE DARKNESS "Permission to Land" (Atlantic)

DARKNESS DYNAMITE "The Astonishing Fury of Mankind" (Metal Blade)

DARK RITUAL "Dark Ritual" (Demo)

DARK RITUAL "Frayed" (Self-produced)

DARKSIDE "Amber: Skeletal Journeys Through the Void" (Noisehead)

DARK SUNS "Grave Human Genuine" (Sensory)

DARKTHRONE "Sardonic Wrath" (The End / Moonfog)

DARK TRANQUILLITY "Construct" (Century Media)

DARK TRANQUILLITY "Damage Done" (Century Media)

DARK TRANQUILLITY "Fiction" (Century Media)

DARK TRANQUILLITY "Haven" (Century Media)

DARK TRANQUILLITY "Lost to Apathy" (Century Media)

DARK TRANQUILLITY "Projector" (Century Media)

DARK TRANQUILLITY "We are the Void" (Century Media)

DARK TRANQUILLITY "Zero Distance" (Century Media)

DARQUE CARNIVAL "Gathering of Souls" (Halogen Records)

DARWIN'S WAITING ROOM "Orphan" (Universal/MCA)

THE DATSUNS "The Datsuns" (Hellsquad / V2 Records)

DAUGHTRY "Break the Spell" (RCA)

DAUGHTRY "Daughtry" (19 Recordings / RCA)

DAUGHTRY "Leave This Town" (RCA)

DAVE BROCKIE EXPERIENCE "Diarrhea of a Madman" (Metal Blade Records)

DAVE BROCKIE EXPERIENCE "Songs for the Wrong" (Metal Blade)

DAVE CORP "The Sweet Life" (Sluggo's Goon Music)

DAVE GODDESS GROUP "Something New" (Self-released)

DAVID REAVIS BAND "Turn" (D.R.B. Records)

DAVID'S PLAYGROUND "David's  Playground" (Halogen Records)

DAWN OF ASHES "Genocide Chapters" (Metal Blade)

DAWN OF DREAMS "Darklight Awakening" (World War III / Mercenary Musik / Last Episode)

DAYCARE SWINDLERS "This is No Way to Make a Living" (Vile Beat)

DAYCARE SWINDLERS "In Loving Memory" (Vile Beat)

DAY OF FIRE "Cut and Move" (Red Ink)

DAY OF FIRE "Day of Fire" (Essential)

DAYS OF THE NEW "Days of the New" (Outpost)

DAY WITHOUT DAWN "Day Without Dawn" (Self-produced)

DAZE "Girl" (Ratcage Records)

DAZE "Punk Blues" (Ratcage Records)

D.C. COOPER "D.C. Cooper" (Inside Out Music America)

dc talk "Supernatural" (Virgin Records America)

THE DEAD ART "Another Fleeting Moment" (Self-produced)

DEAD EARTH POLITICS "The Weight of Poseidon" (Genuine Recordings)

DEADEN "Displaying the Art of Carnage" (Epitomite)

THE DEAD HEROES "Let It Ride" (Sin Klub / Road Noise)

DEAD ICONS "Condemned" (Bullet Tooth)

THE DEADLIGHTS "The Deadlights" (Elektra)

DEADLOCK "Earth.Revolt" (Lifeforce)

DEADLOCK "Manifesto" (Lifeforce)

DEADLOCK "Wolves" (Lifeforce)

DEADLY SIN  "Sunborn" (Nightmare)

DEAD MAN IN RENO "Dead Man in Reno" (Candlelight)

DEAD MEADOW "Shivering King and Others" (Matador)

DEAD RABBITS "Sin-Eater" (Overit)

DEAD RITES "Dead Alive" (Hedonism Records)

DEAD RITES "In the Midst of Malevolence" (Hedonism Records)

DEADSOIL "Forever the Enemy" (Tribunal)

DEADSOIL "Sacrifice" (Lifeforce)

DEADSOIL "The Venom Divine" (Lifeforce)

DEAD SOUL TRIBE "Dead Soul Tribe" (Inside Out)

DEADSTAR ASSEMBLY "Unsaved" (Pure Records)

DEAD TO FALL "Are You Serious?" (Victory)

DEAD TO FALL "Everything I Touch Falls To Pieces" (Victory)

DEARESTAZAZEL "Touch Me" (Smartpunk)

DEARLY BEHEADED "Temptation" (Fierce/Futurist)

DEATH "Live in L.A.: Death & Raw" (Nuclear Blast)

DEATH "The Sound of Perseverance" (Nuclear Blast)

DEATH ANGEL "The Art of Dying" (Nuclear Blast)

DEATH ANGEL "Killing Season" (Nuclear Blast)

DEATH BEFORE DISCO "Barricades" (Lifeforce)

DEATH BY STEREO "Black Sheep of the American Dream" (Viking

DEATHKILLER "New England is Sinking" (I Scream)

DEATHSQUAD DEMONGODS "Everybody's Favorite Guy" (FatCat Radio Network)

DEATHSTAR "We Are the Threat" (Facedown)

DEBASE "Unleashed" (Noise)

DECAPITATED "The Negation" (Earache)

DECAPITATED "Organic Hallucinosis" (Earache)

DECEIVER "Thrashing Heavy Metal" (Pulverized)

DECEMBER "Praying, Hoping, Nothing" (InZane)

THE DECEMBER PEOPLE "Sounds Like Christmas" (Magna Carta)

DECIDING TONIGHT "The Delusionist" (Hotfoot)

DECONSTRUCT "The Human Condition" (Apocalypse)

DECONSTRUCT "The Human Condition - Act 1" (Apocalypse)

DECONSTRUCT "Sign of Things to Come" (Apocalypse)

DED "Mis-an-thrope" (Suretone)

DEEP "Pieces of Nothing" (Pavement Music)

DEEP PURPLE "Abandon" (CMC International)

DEEP PURPLE "Bananas" (Sanctuary)

DEEP PURPLE "Burn: 30th Anniversary Edition" (Rhino)

DEEP PURPLE "Extended Versions: The Encore Collection" (BMG Special Products)

DEEP PURPLE "From the Setting Sun..." (earMusic)

DEEP PURPLE "In Concert With the London Symphony Orchestra" (Spitfire)

DEEP PURPLE "In Concert With the London Symphony Orchestra" (Image Entertainment) (DVD)

DEEP PURPLE "InFinite" (earMusic)

DEEP PURPLE "Live at the NEC" (Eagle Rock)

DEEP PURPLE "Live at the Olympia '96" (Thames)

DEEP PURPLE "Live in California 74" DVD (Eagle Vision)

DEEP PURPLE "Live in Montreaux 1996" CD & DVD (Eagle Vision)

DEEP PURPLE "Live in Paris 1975" (Eagle Rock Entertainment)

DEEP PURPLE "Machine Head (25th Anniversary)" (EMI)

DEEP PURPLE "Now What?" (Eagle Rock)

DEEP PURPLE "Rapture of the Deep" (Eagle Records)

DEEP PURPLE "The Soundboard Series: Australasian Tour 2001" (Thames)

DEEP PURPLE "To the Rising Sun..." (earMusic)

DEEP PURPLE "Who Do We Think We Are" (Warner Bros./Rhino)

DEEP THOUGHT "Somewhere in the Dark" (Galileo / SUISA)

DEFAULT "The Fallout" (TVT)

DEFAULT "One Thing Remains" (TVT)

DEFILED "Ugliness Revealed" (Necropolis/Deathvomit/Baphomet)

DEF LEPPARD "Euphoria" (Mercury)

DEF LEPPARD "Hysteria" (Mercury)

DEF LEPPARD "Pyromania" (Vertigo)

DEF LEPPARD "Viva Hysteria" (Frontiers)

DEF LEPPARD "X" (Island)

DEF LEPPARD "Yeah!" (Island)

DEFTONES "Deftones" (Maverick)

DEFTONES "White Pony" (Maverick)

DEFYANCE "Reincarnation" (Minotauro)

DEFYANCE "Time Lost" (Minotauro)

DEGREE ABSOLUTE "Degree Absolute" (Sensory Records)

DEICIDE "Scars of the Crucifix" (Earache)

DEINOYCHUS "Mournument" (My Kingdom Music)

DELAIN "Interlude" (Napalm Records)

DELUGE GRANDER "August in the Urals" (Emkog Records)

DEMENTED ARE GO "Hellbilly Storm" (Hepcat)

DEMETRA SINE DIE "Council From KAOS" (My Kingdom)

DEMIANS "Building an Empire" (InsideOut)

DEMIRICOUS "Two (Poverty)" (Metal Blade)

DEMON "The Best Of ... Volume One" (Spaced-Out Music)

DEMON DAGGER "Aftershock" (Recital)

DEMON DOG SPERM "Hopeless" (Open Grave)

DEMON HUNTER "Extremist" (Solid State Records)

DEMON HUNTER "Storm the Gates of Hell" (Solid State Records)

DEMONIC RESURRECTION "The Return to Darkness" (Candlelight)

DEMONS & WIZARDS "Demons & Wizards" (Steamhammer/SPV)

DEMONS & WIZARDS "Touched by the Crimson King" (Steamhammer/SPV)

DENIAL FIEND "They Rise" (Ibex Moon)


DEPSWA "Two Angels and a Dream" (Geffen)

DERIDE "Deride" (Promo)

DESALMADO "Desalmado" (Greyhaze)

MICHAEL DES BARRES "Hot N Sticky Live" (CD Baby)

DESERT SUN NORMAL "American Sound Normal" (Deep Dive)

DESIRE BLACK "Last Call for Decadence" (Excalibur Records)

DESPITE EXILE "Scarlet Reverie" (Self-produced)

DESTINATION: OBLIVION "The Bridge to No Where" (Apocalypse Machine)

DESTINATION: OBLIVION "December Sun" (Apocalypse Machine)

DESTINATION: OBLIVION "Larvae" (Self-produced)

DESTINATION: OBLIVION "The Phoenix" (Apocalypse Machine)

DESTINATION: OBLIVION "Winter Solstice" (Apocalypse Machine)

DESTINY "The Tracy Chapter" (Lifeforce)

DESTINY'S END "Transition" (Metal Blade)

THE DESTROYED "Russian Roulette" (Self-released)

DESTROYER DESTROYER "Littered with Arrows" (Goodfellow Records)

DESTRUCT-A-THON "Aloha Jihad" (Destruct-a-Thon / This is Thrashachusetts)

DESTRUCTION "All Hell Breaks Loose" (Nuclear Blast)

DESTRUCTION "Inventor of Evil" (Candlelight)

DESTRUCTION "Thrash Anthems" (Candlelight)

DETERIOROT "In Ancient Beliefs" (WW III)

DETHKLOK "Dethalbum II" (Williams Street)

SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA "A Sign of the Sublime" (Candlelight)

THE DEVIANT "Ravenous Deathworship" (Candlelight)

DEVICE "Device" (Warner Bros. Records)

DEVILDRIVER "The Last Kind Words" (Roadrunner)

DEVILDRIVER "Pray for Villains" (Roadrunner)

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA "Dead Throne" (Ferret Music)


THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA "With Roots Above and Branches Below" (Ferret Music)

THE DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND "Accelerated Evolution" (Hevy Devy)


THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT "The Retinal Circus" (Hevy Devy)

DEVOLUTION "Self Made Monster" (Self-produced)

DEW-SCENTED "Incinerate" (Nuclear Blast)

DEW-SCENTED "Invocation" (Prosthetic)

DEZPERADOZ "Path of Nails" (AFM Records)

THE DIABLO PROJECT "Volume 1" (Emagine Music)

DIABLO ROYALE "Diablo Royale" (Self-produced)

DIABLO ROYALE "Greedy Dogs" (Self-produced)

DIABOLIC "Excisions of Exorcisms" (Deathgasm)

DIABOLICAL "Synergy" (WW III/Mercenary Musik)

DIABOLIQUE "The Green Goddess" (Necropolis)

DIABULUS IN MUSICA "Secrets" (Metal Blade)

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS "Day of the Dead" (Cinismo Records)

DIAMOND REXX "Diamond Rexx" (Crash Music Inc.)

DIAMOND REXX "Golden Gates" (Deadline)

DIAMOND REXX "Land of the Damned" (Crash Classics)

DI'ANNO "Nomad" (Perris Records)

DIARIES OF A HERO "Diaries of a Hero" (Dust on the Tracks Records)

DIATRIBE "Diatribe" (Self-produced)

THE DICKIES "Dogs From the Hare That Bit Us" - (Triple X Records)

THE DICKIES "Stukas Over Disneyland" (Restless)

BRUCE DICKINSON "The Best Of" (Sanctuary/Metal-Is)

BRUCE DICKINSON "The Chemical Wedding" (CMC International)

BRUCE DICKINSON "Scream For Me Brazil" (Air Raid Records)

BRUCE DICKINSON "Skunkworks" (Castle)

BRUCE DICKINSON "Tyranny of Souls" (Sanctuary/Metal-Is)

DIE AMONG HEREOS "Die Among Heroes" (Self-produced)

DIECAST "Day of Reckoning" (Now or Never)

DIE HARD "Nihilistic Vision" (Agonia)

DIE HUNNS "You Rot Me" (Volcom)

DIES IRAE "The Sin War" (Metal Blade)


DIGITAL BLACK "The Chaotic Method" (Demo)

DIGITAL RUIN "Dwelling In The Out" (Inside Out Music America)

DIGITAL RUIN "Demo 2002" (Self-produced)

THE DIKERS "Las Noches Que Me Invente" (Locomotive)

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN "Calculating Infinity" (Relapse)

DIMITRI "The Long War" (self-produced)

DIMMU BORGIR "Death Cult Armageddon" (Nuclear Blast)

DIMMU BORGIR "Godless Savage Garden" (Nuclear Blast)

DIMMU BORGIR "In Sorte Diaboli" (Nuclear Blast)

DIMMU BORGIR "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia" (Nuclear Blast)

DIMMU BORGIR "Spiritual Black Dimensions" (Nuclear Blast)

DIMMZ "This is Life" (Self-released)

DINOSAUR EYELIDS "Left Turn on Red" (Left turn on Red Records)

DIO "At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987" (Niji)

DIO "Evil or Divine: Live in New York City" (Spitfire)

DIO "Holy Diver" (Warner Bros.)

DIO "Holy Diver Live" (Eagle)

DIO "Inferno: Last in Live" (Mayhem)

DIO "Killing the Dragon" (Spitfire)

DIO "Lock Up the Wolves" (Reprise)

DIO "Master of the Moon" (Sanctuary)

DIO "Magica" (Spitfire)

DIO "Stand Up and Shout: The Anthology" (Rhino / Warner Bros.)

DIORAMIC "Technicolor" (Lifeforce)

DIPNOI "FKDDD" (Self-produced)

DIPNOI "Torn" (Self-produced)

DIPHTHERIA "To Wait for Fire" (Pitch Black)

DIR EN GREY "Uroboros" (The End)

DIR EN GREY "Withering to Death" (Warcon)

DIRTY AMERICANS "Strange Generation" (Liquor and Poker Music)

DIRTY CHILDREN "Shut Off the World" (NoizyNinja)

DIRTY DEEDS "Danger of Infection" (Beast Records)

DIRTY DEEDS "Real World" (Beast Records)

DIRTY DOGS "No Regrets" (RecordJet)


DIRTY LOOKS "California Free Ride" (Perris)

DIRTY LOOKS "Gasoline" (Perris)

DIRTY POWER "Dirty Power" (Dead Teenager)

DIRTY RIG "Demo" (Self-produced)

DIRTY RIG "Rock Did It" (Escapi)

DIRTY ROYALS "Obsessed America" (UK2LA)


DISARRAY "In the Face of the Enemy" (Eclipse)

THE DISCHARGERS "There's No Place Like Hell" (Fury 76)

DISCIPLE "Attack" (+180 Records)

DISCIPLE "Scars Remain" (SRE)

DISCIPLE "Southern Hospitality" (INO/Columbia)

DISFEAR "Misanthropic Generation" (Relapse)

DISGORGE "Forensick" (Repulse)

DISILLUSION "Back to Times of Splendor" (Metal Blade)

DISKREET "Engage the Mechanicality" (Siege of Amida)

DISMEMBER "Where Ironcrosses Grow" (Candlelight USA / Karmageddon Media)

DISSECTION "Rebirth of Dissection" DVD (Escapi / Black Horizon)

DISSIMULATION "Prakeikimas" (Ledo Takas Records)

THE DISTANCE "Your Closest Enemies" (Bridge Nine)

DISTORSIS "Distorsis" (Distorsound)

DISTURBED "Asylum" (Reprise)

DISTURBED "Believe" (Reprise)

DISTURBED "Indestructible" (Reprise)

DISTURBED "The Lost Children" (Reprise)

DISTURBED "Sickness" (Giant)

DISTURBED "Ten Thousand Fists" (Warner Bros.)

DITCHWATER "Breakdown" (Self-produced)

DITCHWATER "Persistence" (Self-produced)

DITCHWATER "The Stupendous Yappi" (Self-produced)

DITCHWATER "Sees Me Through" (Self-produced)

DIVIDED BY ZERO "The Black Sea" (SIK World)

DIVINE EVE "Vengeful and Obstinate" (Ibex Moon)

DIVINITY "Allegory" (Nuclear Blast)

DIVINITY DESTROYED "Eden in Ashes" (Screaming Ferret)

DIXIE WITCH "Smoke and Mirrors" (Small Stone)

DIZZYLILACS "Where's My Sunshine ...?" (Psychosis)

DJIZOES: "The Erkonos Project" (Self-produced)

DJIZOES: "In the Papers" (Self-produced)

D.O.A. "The Black Spot" (Sudden Death)

D.O.A. "Kings of Punk, Hockey and Beer" (Sudden Death)

D.O.A. "Smash the State: The Raw Original D.O.A. 1978-81" DVD (Sudden Death)

D.O.A. "War on 45" (Sudden Death)

D.O.A. "Win The Battle" (Sudden Death)

THE DOCTOR PROJECT "Demo Sampler - 2007" (Self-produced)

DOGENDS "The Butcher" (Self-produced)

DOG FACED GODS "Spit in My Eye" (Voodoo National)

DOG FASHION DISCO "Anarchists of Good Taste" (Spitfire Records)

DOG FASHION DISCO "Committed to a Bright Future" (Spitfire Records)

DOG FASHION DISCO "The Embryo's In Bloom" (Outer Loop)

DOGHOUSE SWINE "Fearless" (Manta Ray Records)

DOGS OF WINTER "Cut Down to the Quick" (Exotic)

DOGTIDE "Intermittent" (Self-produced)

DOKKEN "Erase the Slate" (CMC International)

DOKKEN "Hell To Pay" (Sanctuary)

DOKKEN "One Night Live" (CMC International)

DOKKEN "The  Very Best of Dokken" (Elektra)

DOKKEN "Unchain the Night" DVD (Rhino)

THE DOLLYROTS "Because I'm Awesome" (Blackheart Records)

THE DOLLYROTS "A Little Messed Up" (Blackheart Records)

DOMINE "Dragonlord (Tales of the Noble Steel)" (Metal Blade)

DOMESHOTS "Self-Titled" (Rock Ridge Music)

DOMINICI "03 A Trilogy - Part 2" (Inside Out)

DOMINICI "03 A Trilogy - Part 3" (Inside Out)

THE DONNAS "Spend the Night" (Atlantic)

DON'T DIE CINDY "Most Imperfect Skies" (Cake)

THE DOOBIE BROTHERS "World Gone Crazy" (HOR Records)

DOOMRIDERS "Black Thunder" (Deathwish Inc.)

DOPE "American Apathy" (Artemis Records)

DOPE "Felons and Revolutionaries" (Flip/Epic)

DOPE "Group Therapy" (Recon / Artemis / KOCH)

DOPE "Life" (Epic)

DOPE "No Regrets" (KOCH)

DORMITORY EFFECT "Wealth of the Disease" (Self-released)

DORO "All We Are - The Fight" (Locomotive)

DORO "Calling the Wild" (KOCH Records)

DORO "Classic Diamonds" (Locomotive)

DORO "Fear No Evil" (Locomotive Records)

DORO "Fight" (Steamhammer / SPV)

DORO "Fur Immer" DVD (SPV / Steamhammer)

DORO "Love Hurts" (Nuclear Blast)

DORO "Warrior Soul" (Locomotive Records)

DOUBLEDRIVE "1000 Yard Stare" (MCA/Universal)

DOUGLASS KINGS "3 Bucks" (Evil Owl Records / Posting Toad Records)

DO UNTO OTHERS "Peer Prescribed Suicide" (Self-produced)

DOWN "Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow" (Elektra)

DOWN "Down III: Over Your Under" (Down Records)

DOWN "Down IV: Part Two" (Down Records)

DOWN "NOLA" (East West)

REV. NEIL DOWN "When a Wrong Turns Right" (Burn Barrel)

DOWN AND ABOVE "Anodyne" (Jubba Dee Productions)

DOWN AND ABOVE "Vena Caba" (Jubba Dee Productions)

DOWN AND OUTLAWS "Above Snakes" (A Diamond Heart Production)

DOWNLORD "Grind Trials: The Demos EP" (Open Grave)

DOWNLORD "Random Dictionary of the Damned" (Open Grave)

DOWNSHALLOW "The New Fashion" (Self-released)

DOWNSPIRIT "Point of Origin" (Metalville)

DOWNSTROKE "Distorted Sunshine" (Non-Inteference)

DOWNTHESUN "downthesun" (Roadrunner)

DOZER "Through the Eyes of Heathens" (Small Stone)

DR. ACULA "Slander" (Victory)

THE DRAFT "In a Million Pieces" (Epitaph)

DRAGHEAD "Magnolia" (Self-produced)

DRAGO "Nuclear Winter Demo" (Self-produced)

DRAGON FIRE "Ready to Burn" (Self produced)

DRAGONFORCE "Inhuman Rampage" (Roadrunner)

DRAGONFORCE "Valley of the Damned" (Noise/Sanctuary)

DRAGONLORD "Black Wings of Destiny" (New Media)

DRAGONLORD "Rapture" (Spitfire)

THE DRAGONS "Sin Salvation" (Gearhead)

DRAGONSCLAW "Judgement Day" (Dragonsclaw Music)

DRAGPIPE "Music for the Last Day of Your Life" (Interscope)

DRAIN S.T.H. "Freaks of Nature" (Mercury/The Enclave)

DRAIN S.T.H. "Horror Wrestling" (Mercury)

DREADNAUGHT "Body Blood Skin Mind" (Blah.Blah.Blah Records)

DREADNAUGHT "Idiosyncrasy" (Traction Bleeder Records)

DREAM CHILD "Reaching the Golden Gates" (Metal Blade/NSR)

DREAM EVIL "The Book of Heavy Metal" (Century Media)


DREAMAKER "Enclosed" (Arise)

DREAMS OF DAMNATION "Let the Violence Begin" (Necropolis)

DREAM STEEL "You" (My Kingdom)

DREAM SYSTEM "Traveling After Midnight" (Foreshadow)

DREAM THEATER "A Change of Seasons" (EastWest)

DREAM THEATER "A Dramatic Turn of Events" (Roadrunner)

DREAM THEATER "Awake" (EastWest)

DREAM THEATER "Black Clouds & Silver Linings" (Roadrunner)

DREAM THEATER "Chaos in Motion: 2007-2008" (Roadrunner)

DREAM THEATER "Dream Theater" (Roadrunner)

DREAM THEATER "Falling Into Infinity" (EastWest)

DREAM THEATER "Images and Words" (Atco)

DREAM THEATER "Master of Puppets" (Ytsejam Records)

DREAM THEATER "Metropolis 2: Scenes From a Memory" (EastWest)

DREAM THEATER "Octavarium" (Atlantic)


DREAM THEATER "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" (Elektra)

DREAM THEATER "Systematic Chaos" (Roadrunner)

DREAM THEATER "Train of Thought" (Elektra)

DREDG "Catch Without Arms" (Interscope)

DREDG "El Cielo" (Interscope)

DREDG "LeitMotif" (Interscope)

DRIFT "Stalkin' Like Killers" (Alveran Records)

DRILL 187 "Drill 187" (Demo)

DRILL 187 "The Faceless Majority" (Self-produced)

DRILLPOINT "Snapperhead" (Self-produced)

DRIST "Bitter Halo" (Spunout Records)

DRIST "Sterile" (Self-produced demo)

DRIVEBLIND "Driveblind" (Geffen)

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS "A Blessing and a Curse" (Nine West)

DRIVER 13 "Until the End of Time" (Self-produced)

DRIVER SIDE IMPACT "The Very Air We Breathe" (Victory)

DRIVIN "Black Epitaph" (Self-released)

DRIVING FORWARD "For the Rest of Our Lives" (Carburetor Media)

DR. MASTERMIND "Sin Sandwich" (Self-released)

THE DROGUES "No Facts That Don't Fit" (Waxbrain)

DRONE "For Torch and Crown" (Metalville)

DROP ALIVE "Drop Alive" (Self-produced)

DROPBOX "Dropbox" (Re-Align / Universal)

DROPKICK MURPHYS "Blackout" (Hellcat Records)

DROPKICK MURPHYS "The Gang's All Here" (Hellcat Records)

THE DROPKICK MURPHYS "The Meanest of Times" (Born & Bred)

DROPKICK MURPHYS "The Warriors Code" (Hellcat)

DROP TANK "Drop Tank" (Self-released)

DROWNING POOL "Desensitized" (Wind Up)

DROWNING POOL "Full Circle" (Eleven Seven)

DROWNING POOL "Sinema" DVD (Wind Up)

DROWNING POOL "Sinner" (Wind Up)

DRUG CHURCH "Paul Walker" (No Sleep Records)

DRY KILL LOGIC "Dead and Dreaming" (Repossession)

DRY KILL LOGIC "The Darker Side of Nonsense" (Roadrunner)

DRY KILL LOGIC "Of Vengeance and Violence" (Repossession)

DRYLINE "Reach for the Surface" (Zero-Sum)

DYSINFORMATION "Smoke & Mirrors" (Masonic Records)

CHRIS DUARTE "Blue Velocity" (Blues Bureau International)

DUB TRIO "IV" (Roir)

THE DUKE "My Kung-Fu is Good" (Spitfire)

DUM.DUMS "It Goes Without Saying" (Universal)

JAMES DURBIN "Memories of a Beautiful Disaster" (Wind-Up)


DUST FOR LIFE "Dust for Life" (Wind-up)

DUSTSUCKER "Diabolo Domination" (SPV)

DUSTSUCKER "Jack Knife Rendezvous" (SPV)

DUST TO DUST "Dust to Dust" (Sanctuary Records)

DUST TO DUST "Preview 2002" (Self-produced)

DUST TO DUST "Sick" (Music Cartel)

D-VOID "Down in Codes" (Demo)

D-VOID "The Groovetube E.P." (Self-produced)

DYECREST "The Way of Pain" (Sanctuary / Noise)

DYING FETUS "Killing on Adrenaline" (Full Force)

DYING FETUS "Destroy the Opposition" (Relapse Records)

DYING FETUS "Stop at Nothing" (Relapse Records)

DYING FETUS "War of Attrition" (Relapse Records)

DYNAMITE CLUB "Fusion Era" (Caminante)

DYSE "Dyse" (Exile of Mainstream)

DYSINFORMATION "Smoke & Mirrors" (Masonic Records)

DYSRHYTHMIA "Pretest" (Relapse Records)

11k "Bring the Rage Now" (Self-produced)

THE EAGLES "Long Road to Eden" (Eagles Recording Company)

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL "Death by Sexy" (Rekords / Downtown)

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL "Peace Love Death Metal" (Rekords)

EARLY GRAVES "Goner" (Ironclad)

EARLY MAN "Death Potion" (The End)

EARSHOT "Letting Go" (Warner Bros.)

EARTH "The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull" (Southern Lord)

EARTHBOUND SMOKE GHOST "Karma's Grave" (Self-produced)

EARTH BURNT BLACK "Harrowing Catharsis" (Self-released)

EARTH CRISIS "Last of the Sane" (Victory)

EARTH CRISIS "Slither" (Victory)

EARTHCUBED "The Dark and the Divine" (Self-produced)

EAST WEST "Hope in Anguish" (Floodgate Records LLC)

EAST WEST "The Light in Guinevere's Garden" (Sony)

EASY RIDER "Animal" (Locomotive)

EAT MY PIE "First Slice" EP (Self-produced)

EAT THE GUN "Runner" (Metalville)

ECHOVALVE "HelloAgainGoodbye" (Rock Ridge)

EDGE OF ATTACK "Edge of Attack" (Spread the Metal Records)

EDGEWATER "South of Sideways" (Wind-up)

EDGUY "Hall of Flames" (Locomotive)

EDGUY "Hellfire Club" (Nuclear Blast)

EDGUY "Theater of Salvation" (Metal Blade)

EIDOLON "Nightmare World" (Metal Blade)

EIDOLON "The Parallel Otherworld" (Escapi)

EIDOLON "Sacred Shrine" (Perris Records)

EIGHT DAYS GONE "Silence to the Naysayers" (Ragin Grace)

DAVID GLEN EISLEY "Stranger From the Past" (Frontiers)

MATTIAS IA EKLUNDH "Freak Guitar" (Favored Nations/Thunderstruck)

MATTIAS IA EKLUNDH "Freak Guitar: The Road Less Traveled" (Favored Nations/Thunderstruck)

ELDER "Elder" (Meteor City)

ELDON MAX "The Plague Is In My Socks" (Demo - Happyshit Records)

ELDORADO "Babylonia Haze" (Self-produced)

ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN "Annie's Grave" (Victory)

ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN "The Buzz of 1000 Volts!" (Victory)


ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA "A New World Record" (Epic/Legacy)

ELECTRIC PARLOR "Electric Parlor" (Smooch City)

ELECTRIC WIZARD "Dopethrone" (Rise Above)

ELEGANTLY WASTED "Desolation Row" (Flaco)

ELEKTRIK MISTRESS "Elektrik Mistress" (Echo Relations Media)

ELEMENT "Corrupt Desires" (Casket Music)

ELEMENT "Under the Influence" (Self-produced)

ELF "Elf" (Epic)

ELIMINATOR "The One They Were Waiting For" (Obskure Somber Records)

ELKS "Destined for the Sun" (Tee Pee)

ELMER "Inside" (ELMERecords)

ELOY "Visionary" (The Laser's Edge)

EL PUS "Hoodlum Rock: Vol. 1" (Virgin)

MICHAEL ELSNER "Stained Voodoo" (Self-produced)

ELWOOD EMISSION "Ode to the Ego" (A Few Little Notes)

EMBRYO PICNIC "Embryo Picnic" (Self-produced)

EMBRYO PICNIC "Tax the Nation" (Self-produced)

EMERY "In Shallow Seas We Sail" (Tooth & Nail)

EMMURE "Goodbye to the Gallows" (Victory)

EMPEROR "IX Equilibrium" (Century Media)

EMPIRE "Hypnotica" (Lion)

EMPIRE "Trading Souls" (Lion)

EMPIRE STATE TROOPERS "Upstate Again" (One Cell Records)

EMPYRIA "The Legacy" (Nightmare Records)

EMPYRIA "Sense of Mind" (Scrape Records)

ENCHANT "Blink of an Eye" (Inside Out)

ENCHANT "Tug of War" (InsideOut)

THE END "Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point" (Relapse Records)

ENDLESS "With Everything Against Us" (Da-Core)

ENDLESS VOID "Apparitions" (Self-released)

ENDO "Songs for the Restless" (Columbia/Sony/DV8)

END OF LINE "End of Line" (Antibody Records)

THE END "Elementary" (Relapse)

THE END OF SILENCE "The End of Silence" (Killer Puppy Records)

END OF THE CENTURY "Hammer and the Anvil" (Self-released)

ENDSTAND "The Time Is Now" (Lifeforce)

ENEMY OF THOUGHT "Enemy of Thought" (Self-produced)

ENERTIA "Force" (Animated Insanity)

TORBEN ENEVOLDSEN "Guitarisma" (Roxon)

TORBEN ENEVOLDSEN "Heavy Persuasion" (Lion Music)

ENGAGE "Demo" (Self-produced)

ENGEL "Absolute Design" (SPV / Steamhammer)

ENGINE "Engine" (Metal Blade)

ENGINE "Superholic" (Metal Blade)

ENGINEERS "Three Fact Fader" (K-Scope/Echo)

ENLOW "The Recovery" (Blood & Ink)

ENOCHIAN CRESCENT "Black Church" (Woodcut Records)

ENSLAVED "Vertebrae" (Nuclear Blast)

ENSOPH "Opus Dementiae" (Cruz Del Sur)

ENTER MY SILENCE "Remotecontrolled Scythe" (WWIII)

ENTER SELF "Awaken In Agony" (Lost Disciple Records)

ENTER SHIKARI "Take to the Skies" (Tiny Evil)

ENTHRONED "Regie Sathanas - A Tribute to Cernunnos" (Metal Blade/Blackend)

ENTOMBED "Inferno" (Candlelight)

ENTOMBED "Morning Star" (KOCH/Music For Nations/Threeman)

ENTOMBED "Uprising" (Sanctuary/Metal-Is/Threeman)

ENTWINE "diEversity" (Magick Records / Century Media)

ENUFF Z'NUFF "10" (Spitfire / Stoney)

PAUL EPIC "South of Heaven, North of Hell" (Self-released)

EPICA "We Will Take You With Us / 2 Meter Sessies" (The End)

EPIDEMIC "Epidemic" (Elektra)

EPISODE ONE "First Degree" (Fusion Records)

EPITAPH "Fire from the Soul" (MIG Music)

EPITAPH "A Night at the Old Station" (MIG Music)

EQUINOX "The Cry of Gaia" (Inophis)

ERASE THE DAY "Afraid of Nothing" (Self-released)

ERA VULGARIS "What Stirs Within" (Open Your Ears)


THE ERNIES "Meson Ray" (Mojo)

BOB ERNST "Hands-On" (Big Duck)

ESCAPE FROM EARTH "Three Seconds East" (Sanctuary)

ESCAPE THE FATE "This War Is Ours" (Epitaph)

ESCUALO "Ritual" (Virtual)

ETERNA "Terra Nova" (Crash)

THE ETERNAL "Sleep of Reason" (Firebox)

ETERNAL FLIGHT "Positive Charge" (Cruz Del Sur)

E. TOWN CONCRETE "The Renaissance" (Razor & Tie)

DAVE EVANS "A Hell of a Night" (Perris)

DAVE EVANS "Judgement Day" (KOCH)

DAVE EVANS "Sinner" (Heart Attack / Perris)

EVANESCENCE "Anywhere But Home" (Wind-up)

EVANESCENCE "Fallen" (Wind-up)

EVANESCENCE "The Open Door" (Wind-up)

EVANS BLUE "The Melody and the Energetic Nature of Volume" (Hollywood Records)

EVE 6 "Eve 6" (RCA)

EVE 6 "It's All In Your Head" (RCA)

EVEMASTER "Wither" (Crash/Low Frequency)

EVEN SONG "Even Song" (Demo)

EVENT "Human Condition" (Inside Out)

EVENT HORIZON X "Along Came the Winter" (Orion Publications)

EVENT HORIZON X "Fall of Darkness" (Orion Publications)

EVEN X "Angry Mirror" (Sunland Records)

EVERDAE "Lights Out at the Sound of Hysteria" (Upchuck)

EVERGREEN TERRACE "Burned Alive By Time" (Eulogy)

EVERGREY "In Search of Truth" (InsideOut Music America)


EVERLAST "Whitey Ford Sings the Blues" (Tommy Boy Records)

EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE "Smokin' Delta Voodoo" (Perris Records)

EVERY TIME I DIE "The Big Dirty" (Ferret)

EVERY TIME I DIE "From Parts Unknown" (Epitaph)

EVERY TIME I DIE "Hot Damn" (Ferret)

EVERY TIME I DIE "New Junk Aesthetic" (Epitaph)

EVE TO ADAM "Auburn Slip" (Mikendra)

EVICK "Anachronism" (Potomac Records)

EVIDENCE "Truth From a Lie" (Wicked Productions)

EVIL BEAVER "In the Spirit of Resilient Optimism" (E. Lago Entertainment)

EVILE "Evile" (Spain) (Self-produced)

EVILE (U.K.) "Enter the Grave" (Earache)

EVILE "Infected Nations" (Earache)

THE EVIL QUEENS "First it Boils, Then It Spills" (Addison Records)

EVIL SURVIVES "Metal Vengeance" (Heavy Artillery)

EVOCATION "Illusions of Grandeur" (Century Media)

EVOLOCITY "Evolocity" (Nuerra Records)

EVOLOTTO "6ixers" (Sin Klub)

EXCALION "Primal Exhale" (Sound Riot)

EXCESSUM "Death Redemption" (Death Strike Records)

EXCITER "Death Machine" (Massacre)

EXECUTIONER "Anthology" (Patac Records)

EXHUMED "Anatomy is Destiny" (Relapse)

EXHUMED "SlaughterCult" (Relapse)

EXUMER "Fire and Damnation" (Metal Blade)

THE EXIES "Inertia" (Virgin)

EXILIA "My Own Army" (AFM)

THE EXIT "Home for an Island" (Some)

EXMORTUS "Beyond the Fall of Time" (Heavy Artillery)

EXMORTUS "In Hatred's Flame" (Heavy Artillery)

EXODUS "The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A" (Nuclear Blast)

EXODUS "Exhibit B: The Human Condition" (Nuclear Blast)

EXODUS "Tempo of the Damned" (Nuclear Blast)

EXPLORER'S CLUB "Age of Impact" (Magna Carta)

EXPLORER'S CLUB "Raising the Mammoth" (Magna Carta)

EXTOL "The Blueprint Dives" (Century Media)

EXTOL "Burial" (Tooth & Nail)

EXTOL "Undeceived" (Solid State/Endtime Productions)

EXTREME "III Sides to Every Story" (A&M)

EXTREME "Extreme II: Pornograffitti" (A&M)

EXTREME "Saudades of Rock" (Open E)

EX-VAGUS "Ames Vagabondes" (Galileo)

EYEHATEGOD "Southern Discomfort" (Century Media)

EYE OF THE STORM "Fall From Grace" (Self-produced)

EYES OF SHIVA "Eyes of Soul" (Locomotive)

EZPERANZA "Kilt the Konvention" (Rockparade)

4 IN THE CHAMBER "Existence" (DaCore)

4 IN THE CHAMBER "Memories Die" (Self-released)

40 BELOW SUMMER "Invitation to the Dance" (London / Sire)

40 BELOW SUMMER "The Mourning After" (Razor & Tie)

40 BELOW SUMMER "Rain" (Crash)

40 CYCLE HUM "Secret Skin" (Self-produced)

40 GRIT "Heads" (Metal Blade)

40 WATT DOMAIN "Short Wave" (Gaki Records)

4TH FLOOR "Newton's Cradle" (self-released)

F5 "The Reckoning" (OarFin)

THE FABULOUS STONER BROTHERS "Sexual Warhammer of Death" (Self-released)

THE FACELESS "Autotheism" (Sumerian)

FACES OF BLACK "The Beckoning" (Self-produced)

FACE THE PANIC "The Reclamation" (Reaper Records)

FACTORY 81 "Mankind" (Mojo)

THE FADES "The Fades" (Dirrty Records)

FAIRWEATHER "Lusitania" (Equal Vision)

FAITHFULL "Horizons" (Perris Records)

FAITH NO MORE "Angel Dust" (Slash/Reprise)

FAITH NO MORE "The Real Thing" (Slash/Reprise)

FAITH NO MORE "This Is It: The Best of Faith No More" (Slash/Reprise/Rhino)

FALCON "Demo 2003" (Demo)

FALCON "Falcon" (Liquid Flames)

FALCONER "Falconer" (Metal Blade)

FALCONER "Grime vs. Grandeur" (Metal Blade)

FAIR WARNING "4" (Frontiers / Now & Then)

FAKE FIGURES "Hail the Sycophants" (Shillen Records)

THE FALLEN "Front Toward Enemy" (Metal Blade)

THE FALLEN "The Tones In Which We Speak" (Self-produced)

FALLEN WISDOM "Immortal" (Century Media)

FALLEN WISDOM "Pleasure Turns to Pain" (Orchard)

FALLING UP "Crashings" (BEC Recordings)

THE FALL OF TROY "Doppelganger" (Equal Vision Records)

THE FALL OF TROY "Manipulator" (Equal Vision Records)

FALL OUT BOY "Infinity on High" (Island)

FALLSTAF "Bastard Sons of a Pure Breed" (Self-released)

FAMILY "Portrait" (Pelagic)

FAMOUS "All the Wicked" (Burning Records)

FANGBOY AND THE GHOULS "Welcome to the Chamber of Thrills" (Dirt Poor)

FAR "Water & Solutions" (Immortal/Epic)

FARMAKON "Robin" (Candlelight)

FASTBALL "The Harsh Light of Day" (Hollywood)

FASTWAY "Bad Bad Girls" (Enigma)

FATALIST "The Depths of Inhumanity" (Ibex Moon)

FATAL SMILE "Neo Natural Freaks" (Locomotive)

FATE "V" (MTM Music)

FATES WARNING "Awaken the Guardian" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "Disconnected" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "No Exit: Metal Blade 25th Anniversary Edition" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "Parallels" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "Perfect Symmetry" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "A Pleasant Shade of Gray" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "Still Life" (Metal Blade)

FATES WARNING "Theories of Flight" (Inside Out Music)

FATIMA HILL "Aion" (Worldchaos Productions)

FAUST "...and Finally Faust" (self-produced)

FAVOR THE BRAVE "Entropy" (self-produced)

FDISK "Connection Reset By Satan" (Self-produced)

FEAD "Nameless" (Pacific West)

FEAR "American Beer" (Hall of Records)

FEAR "Have Another Beer With Fear" (Fear/Sector 2 Records)

FEAR FACTORY "Archetype" (Liquid 8)

FEAR FACTORY "Concrete" (Roadrunner)

FEAR FACTORY "Digimortal" (Roadrunner)

FEAR FACTORY "The Industrialist" (Roadrunner)

FEAR FACTORY "Obsolete" (Roadrunner)

FEAR FACTORY "Transgression" (Calvin)

FEAR MY THOUGHTS "The Great Collapse" (Lifeforce)

FEAR MY THOUGHTS "Hell Sweet Hell" (Lifeforce)

FEAR OF WATER "Fear of Water" (Ten Fold Records)

DAVID ROCK FEINSTEIN "Bitten by the Beast" (Niji Entertainment)

FEN "Trails Out of the Gloom" (CDBaby)


FENIX TX "Lechuza" (MCA/Drive-Thru)

KEVIN FERGUSON "Exotic Extremes" (DeBone)

KEVIN FERGUSON "Strad to Strat" (DeBone)

KEVIN FERGUSON "Strad to Strat II: Vivaldi" (DeBone)

KEVIN FERGUSON "Subtle Hint" (DeBone)

FERRIGNO / LEAL / KUPRIJ "Promised Land" (Lion Music)

FETID ZOMBIE "Abort the Messiah" (

DOUG FIEGER "First Things First" (Zen Records)

FIFTYWATTHEAD "Fogcutter" (Signed by Force)

FIGHT "A Small Deadly Space" (Sony)

FIGHT "K5: The War of Words Demos" (Metal God)

FIGHT "War of Words" (Sony)

FIGHT AMP "Birth Control" (Translation Loss)

FIGHTCAST "Breeding a Divinity" (Kolony Records)

FIGHT OR FLIGHT "A Life by Design?" (Warner Bros. Records)

FILTER "Anthems for the Damned" (Pulse)

FILTER "Title of Record" (Reprise)

FILTHY WHITE TRASH "Free Ride" (Runaway Productions)

FINAL BREATH "Let Me Be Your Tank" (Magick)

FINAL GRAVITY "Final Gravity" (Self-released)

FINAL DAWN "Under the Bleeding Sky" (Candlelight USA / Karmageddon / New Aeon)

FINAL REDEMPTION "Vindicated Carnage" (Self-released)

FINCH "Say Hello to Sunshine" (Drive Thru)

FINCH "What It Is To Burn" (Drive-Thru)

FINNTROLL "Nattfodd" (Century Media)

FINGER ELEVEN "Finger Eleven" (Wind Up)

FINGER ELEVEN "Them vs. You vs. Me" (Wind Up)



FIREBALL MINISTRY "The Second Great Awakening" (Nuclear Blast)

FIREBIRD "Double Diamond" (Rise Above)

FIREBIRD "Grand Union" (Rise Above)

FIRE FOR EFFECT "Inner Dimensional Chaos" (Murderworks)

FIREHOUSE "Bring 'Em Back Live" (Spitfire)

FIREHOUSE "Hold Your Fire" (Epic)

FIRESIGN "Truth or Consequences'" (Self-produced)

FIRESIGN "Wheelin' an' Dealin'" (Self-produced)

FIREWATER "The Ponzi Scheme" (Cherry/Universal)

FIREWIND "Allegiance" (Century Media)

FIREWIND "Burning Earth" (Leviathan)

MICHAEL LEE FIRKINS "Michael Lee Firkins" (Shrapnel)

GREG FISHMAN "She Wants to Be a Star" (Ventilator)

FISTULA "Loser" (Patac Records)

FIT FOR A KING "Slave to Nothing" (Solid State)

FIVE.BOLT.MAIN "Venting" (Rock Ridge)

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1" (Prospect Park)

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "War is the Answer" (Prospect Park)

FIVE POINT O "Untitled" (Roadrunner)

FL "The Shocker" (Rancho Relaxo)

FL "What Does That Stand For?" (Rancho Relaxo)

FLAGELLATION "Incinerate Disintegrate" (Last Entertainment)

FLAMETHROWER "Flamethrower" (Dead Teenager Records)

THE FLAT TIRES "Freeborn" (Rusty Knuckles)

FLAW "Endangered Species" (Republic)

FLED FIVE "Fled Five" (Self-produced)

FLESHCRAWL "As Blood Rains From the Sky, We Walk the Path of Endless Fire" (Metal Blade)

FLESHCRAWL "Made of Flesh" (Metal Blade)

FLESHCRAWL "Soulskinner" (Metal Blade)

FLESH GORDON "Flesh Gordon" (Self-produced)

FLIGHT-09 "Forbidden Lullabies" (Neurosis Records)

FLIGHT-09 "Human Nature" (Neurosis Records)

FLIGHT-09 "Rifflections" (Neurosis Records)

FLIGHT 16 "Flight 16" (550 Music)

FLOATER SIX "Spoonfed" (Self-released)

FLOGGING MOLLY "Float" (SideOneDummy)

FLOGGING MOLLY "Within a Mile of Home" (SideOneDummy)

FLORAL "The Second Floral EP" (Esque Records)

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM "My God" (Metal Blade)

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM "My God" (Metal Blade)

THE FLOWER KINGS "Alive on Planet Earth" (Inside Out Music America)

THE FLOWER KINGS "Flower Power" (Century Media / InsideOut Music America)

FLUWID "From Surface to Suffocation" (Mortal Music)

FLUPEJAC "Sometimes the Bull Wins" (Landspeed Records)

FLUPEJAC "Who's Your Daddy?" (Landspeed Records)

FLYBANGER "Headtrip to Nowhere" (Columbia)

FLYING BLIND "Push" (Universal)

FLYLEAF "Between the Stars" (Loud & Proud)

FLYLEAF "Flyleaf" (Octone)

FLYLEAF "Memento Mori" (A&M/Octone)

FLYLEAF "New Horizons" (Octone)

THE FLYS "Outta My Way" (Trauma)

FOG (California) "Through the Eyes of the Night Winged They Come" (World War III Records)

FOG (Maryland) "Jezabel's Dream" (Bethany Records/Terror Productions)

FOGHAT "Under the Influence" (Foghat Records)

F.O.N. "Adventures In Boredom" (Doc Hollywood)

FOO FIGHTERS "The Colour and the Shape" (RCA)

FOO FIGHTERS "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace" (RCA)

FOO FIGHTERS "In Your Honor" (BMG)


FOO FIGHTERS "There is Nothing Else to Lose" (RCA)

FOOLS PARADISE "Demo" (Self-produced)

FOOLS PARADISE "In For the Kill" (Self-produced)

FOOLS PARADISE "This World" (Self-produced)

FORBIDDEN "Omega Wave" (Combat)

FORBIDDEN "Twisted Into Form" (Combat)

FORCE OF EVIL "Black Empire" (Escapi)

FORCE OF EVIL "Force of Evil" (Diamond)

FORCE OF NATURE "Wreaking Havoc" (Independent)

FORDIRELIFESAKE "Dance Pretend Forget Defend" (Thorpe)

LITA FORD "Greatest Hits Live" (Dead Line)

LITA FORD "Living Like a Runaway" (Steamhammer)

LITA FORD "Out for Blood / Dancin' on the Edge" (BGO)

LITA FORD "Wicked Wonderland" (JLRG)

FOREIGNER "Alive and Kickin'" (Eagle Rock)

FOREIGNER "Double Vision" (Rhino)

FOREIGNER "Head Games" (Rhino)

FORGE "Bring on the Apocalypse" (Static)

FORGOTTEN SUNS "Fiction Edge 1 (Ascent)" (Galileo)

FOR TODAY "Fight the Silence" (Razor & Tie)

FORTRESS OF ATTITUDE "The Gift of Music" (Self-produced)

FORTY DAYS LONGING "The Head of the Demon" (Self-produced)

FORWARDHEAD "Pieces" (Hard Volume)

FOSTER CARE "Bad Vibe City" (Jackshack)

FOSTERCHILD "Independence Day" (Silent Majority)

FOUR LETTER LIE "Let Your Body Take Over" (Victory)

FOUR STAR REVIVAL "The Underdog" (Headstone Records)

****VOLCANIC "Anhedonia" (Rut Records)

FOUR YEAR STRONG "Rise or Die Trying" (I Surrender)

FOZZY "Chasing the Grail" (Riot! Entertainment)

FOZZY "Fozzy" (Megaforce)

FOZZY "Happenstance" (Megaforce)

FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING "Skyward - A Sylphe's Ascension" (Metal Blade)


FRAMESHIFT "An Absence of Empathy" (ProgRock Records)

FRANKENSHRED "Evil Shred" (Guitar 9)

FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM THE PLANET 13 "Little Box of Horrors" (Restless)

FRANKLIN / NEUMANN PROJECT, THE "Machinery of the Gods" (Fossil Records)

FREAK KITCHEN "Land of the Freaks" (Laser's Edge)

FREAKS LIKE ME "Philosophies of the Modern Ant" (Pavement)

FREAX "Freax" (Self-produced)

FREEDOM AND WHISKEY "Super Real" (Self-produced)

FREEDOM CALL "Dimensions" (SPV)

FREEDOM HAWK "Holding On" (Small Stone Records)

FREEWHEELER "Demo" (Self-produced)

ACE FREHLEY "Anomaly" (Bronx Born)

ACE FREHLEY "Greatest Hits Live" (Megaforce)

ACE FREHLEY "Origins Vol. 1" (Entertainment One)

ACE FREHLEY "Spaceman" (Entertainment One)

ACE FREHLEY "Space Invader" (Entertainment One)

FRETERNIA "A Nightmare Story" (Arise Records)

FREYA "As the Last Light Drains" (Victory Records)

FREYA "Lift the Curse" (Victory Records)

RANDY FRICKE "Randy Fricke" (Self-produced)

MARTY FRIEDMAN "Dragon's Kiss" (Shrapnel)

MARTY FRIEDMAN "Music For Speeding" (Favored Nations)

FRIGHTMARE "Midnight Murder Mania" (Razorback)

FRIJID PINK "Defrosted" (Repertoire)

ROBERT FRIPP "Exposure" (BMG / Robert Fripp)

FROG BRIGADE "Live Frogs - Set 1" (Prawn Song)

FROG BRIGADE "Live Frogs - Set 2" (Prawn Song)

FROM A SECOND STORY WINDOW "Not One Word Has Been Omitted" (Black Market Activities)

FROM THE ASHES "Awakened" (Self-released)

FROM ZERO "One Nation Under" (Arista)

FRONTSIDE FIVE / McRAD "50-50 Split" (Fivecore)

FRONTSIDE FIVE "Fall Out of Line" (Fivecore)

FROST "Out in the Cold" (Screaming Ferret)

FROST "Raise Your Fist to Metal" (Noise)

THE FUCKING WRATH "Season of Evil" (Goodfellow Records)

THE FUCKING WRATH "Terra Fire" (Tee Pee)

FUEL "Natural Selection" (Sony)

FUEL "Something Like Human" (Epic)

FUELED BY FIRE "Spread the Fire" (Metal Blade)

FUELED BY IGNORANCE "Widow" (Self-produced)

FULL DEVIL JACKET "Full Devil Jacket" (demo sampler)

FULL DEVIL JACKET "A Wax Box" (Island/Def Jam)

FULL FREQUENCY "Inside Madison" (self-produced)

FULL ON THE MOUTH "Collide" (Atlantic/Pioneer Music Group)

FULL SCALE "Full Scale" (Columbia)

FULLY LOADED "The Shocker" (Rancho Relaxo)

FULLY LOADED "What Does That Stand For?" (Rancho Relaxo)

FU MANCHU "California Crossing" (Mammoth)

FU MANCHU "Eatin' Dust" (Man's Ruin)

FU MANCHU "Gigantoid" (At the Dojo Records)

FU MANCHU "Go For It ... Live!" (Steamhammer)

FU MANCHU "No One Rides for Free" (Cube Farm / Bong Load)

FU MANCHU "Signs of Infinite Power" (Century Media)

FU MANCHU "Something Beyond" (Elastic)

FU MANCHU "We Must Obey" (Century Media)

FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND "Hours" (Atlantic)

FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND "Seven Ways to Scream Your Name" (Ferret)

THE FUNERAL PYRE "Vultures at Dawn" (Prosthetic)

FUNKY JUNCTION "A Tribute to Deep Purple" (Independent Italy)

FUNNY MONEY "Funny Money" (Perris Records)

FUNNY MONEY "Stick It!" (Perris Records)

FURIOUS JONES "Bread and Circuses" (Self-produced)

THE FURNACE "Beyond What's Become" (Self-produced)

FUTANTS "Pass Me the Butter" (Self-produced)

THE FUTUREHEADS "This is Not the World" (Nul Records)

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