"Operation Phoenix" (Frontiers Music; SRL; 2023)

Reviewed by Snidermann


I find it all very confusing when bands have the word "Crown" in them (with or without the 'e'). There are so many bands with this word in their name and it all seems to blur together. Oh, well.

Anyway, this particular Crowne, with their release, "Operation Phoenix," are being called a supergroup and I have to say the members are just that. This is the second recording from this band, produced by keyboardist Jona Tee (H.E.A.T./New Horizon) with vocalist Alexander Strandell (Art Nation), bassist John Leven (Europe), drummer Christian Lundqvist (The Poodles) and new guitarist Love Magnusson (Dynazty). This is like a Who's Who of Swedish metal and I have to say they sound flipping great from start to finish.

If you like your heavy music with more than a trace of Swedish influence and if you are familiar with that type music, you know what the hell Iím talking about. I really did like this record, although sometimes I found the music a bit repetitive and slightly over produced. I wish it had a harder edge, too. Still, all in all, a good solid recording.

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