"The Gift of Game" (Sony; 1999)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

311, L.L. Cool J, and Limp Bizkit. Crazy Town take all those artists and combine them to try and make good music. The result? Well, I’ll admit some parts are slammin', but mixing in their style of rap and metal just doesn’t flick my Bic. My taste for creative music is seldom satisfied when there are too many styles being thrown into a song. It’s almost like two or three songs are being played over each other, like cueing up a song on your media player and then dialing up a MySpace page. Too much noise.

Crazy Town gets a slight boost from a couple of members of Orgy: Jay Gordon and Amir Derakh. They help with the songs “Dark Side” and “Black Cloud” and it’s pretty obvious. It sounds like Orgy, so there’s no scratching your head as to who is behind the mic. I know that rap music often samples other artists and sometimes it seems like no artist is safe. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are victims here.

Now, I know that rap isn’t about the hooks and melodies that most rock songs require, and I’ll admit the rap on this CD is strong; I’m just not into the rap scene. Some bands are able to fuse rock and rap. Crazy Town should stick with one style or the other. There's no doubt that they have the talent to offer either a strong alternative metal or rap CD but the combo just doesn't work. "The Gift of Game" did spawn the hit “Butterfly,” but I never heard it until I picked up this CD.

Bottom line: If you like rap rock because you’re sick of all the alternative music or the bubble gum pop, give Crazy Town a listen.

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