"Infinite Peaks" (Heavy Psych Sounds; 2024)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

"Infinite Peaks," by The Cosmic Dead, is two tracks, each running over twenty minutes, of some truly mind-bending instrumental music. (Note: I see that some places have six tracks listed, with each of the full tracks divided into sections).

Track one, "Navigator #9," is a crawling soundscape with fuzzy guitars, hypnotic drums and atmospheric feel, pulling you through its musical journey through a wormhole as it slowly seeps into your skin. It's a fascinating listen, like a journey through time and space itself.

Track two, "Space Mountain," is another atmospheric soundscape, a little spacier than the first track. Parts of it, in fact could (and should!) be used in a big-budget science fiction movie. At about three minutes in, it builds into a throbbing (and eventually explosive) piece that's a little edgier and heavier than the first track but still gives you the sense that a story is being told here, a story with musical notes instead of words.

In the end, "Infinite Peaks," stretches and massages the listener's imagination. It's a psychedelic listening experience that is probably best experienced with headphones (and maybe a glass of absinthe). Recommended for those who want their rock to take them for a ride.

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