"Corrosion of Conformity" (Candlelight; 2012)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Since frontman and guitarist Pepper Keenan has been sequestered to play in NOLA supergroup Down for an inordinate amount of time, the remaining three members of seminal heavy group Corrosion of Conformity decided to continue and record with the original three piece lineup of Mike Dean, Woody Weatherman and the hard hitting Reid Mullin returning behind the kit for their latest studio effort.

This eponymous endeavor is a remarkably balanced 11-track tour-de-force spanning the trio’s rich history of both underground hardcore punk crossover and recognizable bluesy sludge metal, channeling all eras of the three-decade old act while demonstrating a rabid reverence for past glories (“River of Stone”) and affirmative nods to their sound from back in the day (“Leeches”).

While those who only know the band’s music from their most popular period may yearn for Keenan’s warm and soulful croon, Dean (no stranger to the singer slot in COC) and Weatherman step up and pick the slack up admirably, adding an element of unpredictability along the way keeping listeners intrigued and engaged (“Your Tomorrow”, “What We Become”).

Celebrating a triumphant resetting of their unique style, Corrosion of Conformity’s latest album exudes with an invigorated heaviness where boundaries are cast aside and raw rock ‘n roll reigns supreme.

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"In the Arms of God" (Sanctuary; 2005)

Reviewed by Snidermann

(Editor's note: This review was originally written in 2005)
This is my first time reviewing Corrosion of Conformity and, not being familiar with the band, I'm getting a fresh look at an established band. So here goes:

COC is a hard-working band that uses superior songwriting ability, straight-forward and simple music with a shitload of attitude to make killer music. "In The Arms Of God" is a strong effort of very determined musicians doing what they do best—rock and fucking roll.

COC is all about the basic rock'n'roll: major guitar chord action, heavy bass and pounding drums with a very clear and understandable singer (major point there). There are also some electronic-style sounds thrown just to mix it up.

"In the Arms of God" is an hour plus of heavy-hitting rock'n'roll that was a pleasure to spin. As I said before, this is my first time listening and reviewing COC but, after hearing this CD, I've got the drive to hear more and that is just what I plan on doing!

All fans of COC should check out this recording. It is well worth the listen and, even if you do not know anything about COC (like me), "In the Arms of God" is a breath of metal-flavored fresh air.

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"America's Volume Dealer" (Koch; 2000)

Reviewed by Kate Smith

Corrosion of Conformity have finally returned with the release of this long-awaited album! C.O.C. have transcended from severe metal to more of a hard rock genre and still maintain a huge following of fans. Apparently, this band can only get better with age. 

"Congratulations Song" is a heavy tune that leads in with screaming guitars and a crunching rhythm section that will have you banging your head throughout the whole song. "Stare Too Long" is a classic piece with a blues undertone and by far one of my favorites. You'll need to be cruising down a deserted highway somewhere listening to this one. "Who's Got the Fire" is another heavy one that you would hear out on the streets in New Orleans. With energetic rhythms it shows that Pepper Keenan has one of the best voices in hard rock. 

C.O.C. is an amazing band that manages to come out with something new on every album and this one contains some of their finest moments.

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"Blind" (Legacy; 1991)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Rough Edge Editor R. Scott Bolton and I went to see Motorhead once in Los Angeles and Corrosion of Conformity opened for them. I can't remember the year—libations were aplenty. But there are a few things I do remember from that show: Of course, Motorhead rocked the house and Corrosion of Conformity kicked fucking ass right along with them. While COC was onstage there was a super strong smell of pot that flowed heavily into the small area. It wasn't like what you get when the audience is smoking; there was something almost industrial about it. It was like somebody backstage was blowing shotguns (ask your parent or maybe an uncle what that is) into a fan that went out into the crowd. It was awesome.

Also, WWE superstar HHH (again, ask your dad or his brother who he was) announced Motorhead. Witness in your mind, if you will, a 6 foot 4 inch, 300 pound monster, with shoulder length hair and a beard in a Motorhead shirt that looks like it was painted on as he announces the bands.

COC has been around the music scene since 1982 and, with numerous line-up changes and only guitarist Woody Weatherman remaining (Google that shit, you will see). This recording is called "Blind" and, right from the start, it kicks ass and does not let up 'til the end. Wow!

COC are considered legends today because this fucking band rocks and I mean hard. Straight-forward metal that makes me what to put the volume at its very loudest. Heavy metal with just a tinge of punk, mixed with rock and a shitload of attitude ... that's what makes Corrosion of Conformity a band that should not be missed. (As I'm writing this, they are on tour with The Melvins and, frankly, I cannot think of a more perfect tour pair than those two.

"Blind" keeps you guessing with some light-hearted cuts that start smooth but, as you might imagine, do not stay that way. If you like your music dark and in-your-face with a heavy metal pounding, punk rock attitude, lots of flare and attitude, then COC is right up your alley. Go check out their catalog and you will see that this is one killer band and should by all means witnessed soonest either by recorded music or live. Either way you will not be disappointed. Excuse me while I spin this bitch one more time.

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