"Phobia" (Hollywood Records; 2006)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers


I hope that Breaking Benjamin can grow past their singles, “So Cold” and “Sooner Or Later” (taken from 2004 CD “We Are Not Alone”); because I think they’ve got a tough sound. I remember hearing “So Cold” and I thought it was cool the first ten times but, after that, people started to get sick of it and this was back when radio over-played every single that was allowed. I’ll admit that I lost touch with this band but they’ve seemed to come back strong with this release. Big sales prove that my absence was apparently not felt that much.

They don’t offer much in the originality department, because their post-grunge moniker doesn’t allow for straying. I do however sense that they have a fire that most post-grunge bands don’t. They do keep plugging along and don’t stray too far from their sound of a few years ago, and maybe that’s what’s sold so many records so far. This release has them updating a few tracks from their debut album.

Breaking Benjamin don’t start drowning in their lyrical misery just to up pharmaceutical sales. They almost have a "don’t give up" mentality, which is a right turn to most bands who want the post-grunge and alternative label branded on them. That’s not to say that some acoustic sounds don’t belong -- and nothing else seems forced -- so this isn’t just an act. They generally mean what they say in their lyrics, they just changed their sound a little and not enough to separate them from anybody shopping for a new noise.

 If you got bummed out with their first release then embrace the power of MySpace and sample a few songs before you get back into them again.

 The best singles are “The Diary Of Jane,” “Breath” “Dancing With The Devil,” and “Topless.”

 Breaking Benjamin: Ben Burnley – vocals, guitar; Aaron Fink – guitar; Mark James Klepaski – bass; Chad Szeliga – drums.

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"So Cold" EP (Hollywood Records; 2004)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Breaking Benjamin's latest five-track EP contains an acoustic version of the song you're already sick of ("So Cold"), two studio tracks, and two live cuts. Essential? Unless you're a huge fan, a 16 year-old girl, or want to document in full detail how a band can rip off Sevendust so well and still manage to sound like Simple Plan ("Ladybug"), it's not. 

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