"Tomorrow Come Today" (Victory Records)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Boysetsfire is one of those bands that you may not have been too sure about at first but who have really kept their shit together as a band, staying consistent and powerful from CD to CD. This band can really deliver a one, two metal punch. 

"Tomorrow Come Today" is instantly explosive and rocks like the devil throughout. Solid, fundamentally sound rock/rap/metal is what Boysetsfire is all about. Each track is as strong as the last and fans of their previous albums will no doubt find something to their taste here, despite the fact that the band seems to be moving away from their hardcore roots and toward a more even heavy metal feel.

Not a band to steer away from controversy, Boysetsfire are well known for their social and political commentary as well and, sometimes, enough is enough. Even though I really dig the music, and I really admire what they stand for and support their right to say it, why can't they write a song that's not associated with a deep political message? I mean, this band rocks hard but, as a fan, I have to say, "Lighten the fuck up!" 

By the way, early editions of this CD came with a bonus DVD containing concert footage, interviews and more.

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"Live For Today" (Wind-up Records)

Reviewed by Dominic Pierce-Toogood

Boysetsfire are a band with an identity problem. At times, this ex-hardcore band can produce beautiful guitar-driven pop carried by the vocal strength of Nathan Gray and the original drumming patterns of Matt Krupanski. However, when they forget to look forward and slip back into the entrails of their hardcore roots the result is a Papa Roach type mess, "Release the Dogs," the opening track, being a prime example. 

Splitting any record between studio and live tracks is never easy but the 3 and 3 combination on this EP works pretty well. BSF live come over as an intense and tight unit, such is their reputation. "Handful of Redemption" and "Bathory Sainthood," are songs that stand out and show us that if they were to choose to travel down the "nu breed" path from here on in it could certainly take them along the route of semi stardom ... perhaps. 

This EP is a teaser for their forthcoming full-length album "Tomorrow Come Today" - let's wait to dismiss them completely until then.

BOYSETSFIRE is: Nathan Gray - vocals; Rob Avery - bass/vocals; Matt Krupanski - drums; Chad Istvan - guitar/vocals; Josh Latshaw -  guitar.

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"Live For Today" (Wind-up Records)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton


This 6-song EP begins with three new studio tracks: "Release The Dogs," "Bathory's Sainthood" & "Curtain Call." All three songs are incredible rockers, showing a new musical discipline within the ranks of Boysetsfire and which are loaded with the band's usual, above-average lyrical content. The studio tracks on "Live For Today" seem to indicate that the band is taking a step up on their next full-length CD, adding additional power and vivacity to their current bombastic songwriting and performing style.

The second half of "Live For Today" is three live songs, recorded in July 2002 at the Club Krome in South Amboy, NJ. There's the aggressively-raging "After The Eulogy" and the popular "Rookie" (both from the band's previous "After The Eulogy" release). Rookie sounds particularly good here, with the Club Krome audience singing along with the band energetically in the background. Also included is "Handful Of Redemption" from the band's forthcoming CD. Even though this song is performed live, you can still hear the band's growth here. Their next full-length album should be something to look forward to.

Perhaps best of all is that this CD sells for about $5.00 most places; I've actually seen it on sale (at Target) for $1.99!

BOYSETSFIRE is: Nathan Gray - vocals; Rob Avery - bass/vocals; Matt Krupanski - drums; Chad Istvan - guitar/vocals; Josh Latshaw -  guitar.

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"After the Eulogy" (Victory Records)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Boysetsfire does just that with their recording, "After The Eulogy." They blaze! This CD is simply alive with social commentary and thought provoking-songs. Boysetsfire's musical talents manipulate a wide range of styles from heavy metal/hard rock to Rage Against The Machine rap rock; then a perfect transaction to hard punk and finally traditional rock. I had a hard time keeping up with all the different kinds of music on this CD. If you like your music all over the metal spectrum, I highly recommend Boysetsfire.

Another note of interest of this recording are some of the song titles. Check 'em out: "When Rhetoric Dies," "The Admonitions of Those Virtuous," "Our Time Honored Tradition Of Cannibalism," "(Compassion) As Skull Fragments On The Wall," "My Life In The Knife Trade," "Twelve Step Hammer Program" and others. This CD was a thrill to review. 

BOYSETSFIRE is: Nathan Gray - Vocals; Rob Avery - Bass; Matt Krupanski - Drums; Chad Istvan - Guitar; John Latshaw -  Guitar.

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