"Dabbing (live) Rosin in Europe" (Heavy Psyche Sound; 2024)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

If you're not familiar with Bongzilla, you could do worse than start with this live album, recorded during the band's "Dabbing Across Europe & UK Tour" that took place during the Spring and Summer of 2023.

Bongzilla is known for their slow-paced and heavy, heavy, heavy fuzz rock sound and their evil lizard man vocals. There are also rumors of the band's heavy use and endorsement of marijuana but we'll leave that for the listener to decide.

The thing about "Dabbing (live)" is that, if you didn't know that this was a live recording, you'd swear it was a studio record. The crowd noise is almost non-existent. The guitars, bass and drums are beautifully recorded and you can hear every single slithery growl of the coarse vocals. It's still got that live album feeling, thank goodness. There's something about a live album that captures the honesty, the genuineness, of any band's true sound (which is why I've always said live Motorhead is better than studio Motorhead). "Dabbing (live)" not only captures the band at a certain moment in time, it captures their true essence.

This album may not be for everyone, but fans of Bongzilla and other bands of their genre, and also bands like Black Sabbath who may have in fact invented the fuzz guitar sound, "Dabbing (live) Rosin in Europe delivers a surprisingly solid live album.

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