"Born on Fire EP" (Rhyme & Reason Records; 2021)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Black Wail's "Born on Fire" surprises at every turn. The opener, "Our Heaven," is a raging rocker with fiery guitars and rough vocals. The second track, however, sounds a little like a late-era Beatles track, with gentle guitar and super clean vocals ... well, at least until the halfway mark, when it turns in a slow-paced Black Sabbath-y like number. Track #3, "See Conspiracy," starts rocking right out of the gate, driving along with an addictive, chugging guitar riff and louder vocals. And then the EP closes with the title track, which starts out with a slow, heavy pace that folds into an unexpectedly light vocal and some killer lead guitar.

I haven't explored the lyrical content here in detail but I understand that it's pretty political. Just a head's up.

The good news is that I like every single track on "Born on Fire." The bad news is that there are only four tracks on this EP. But, wait, there's more good news: The band promises that this is only their first EP of 2021. I can hardly wait for the next one!

Black Wail: Michael Tarlazzi Guitar, Vocals; Susan Lutin Bass; Ed Charreun Guitar; Felipe Torres Drums; Bram Teitelman Keys.

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