"Innocent Rosie" (Thundering; 2008)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

The three tracks on this EP from France's Black Rain are from their upcoming "License to Thrill" album. 

I was expecting a big dose of hairspray-propelled glam and that's pretty much what this is. Yet Black Rain's approach is slightly different at least from most of the other hordes of mid-80s inspired acts that have popped up in recent years. 

I first heard the vocals of Swan during the opening title track and I thought my ears were going to pop but then they adjusted to the higher pitch. The vocals actually work and they are definitely different in today's glam field, but it was just so different than I was expecting. The second track, "Rock Your City," has a bit of a Ratt feel to the music but the vocals come on with their own flavor and I like how they have fun with it. The final song, "Nasty," begins with kind of an early Motley Crue riff and this may be the band's smoothest track of the three. It feels very complete and solid, like every little detail is in place. 

Black Rain are not re-inventing the wheel here, but the vocals and the overall musical approach are different enough to set them apart and they are certainly tight enough that I don't think they need much work. I don't know if that has to do with being from France rather than Sweden or not, but you are certainly not to get these guys confused with the number of Crashdiet sound-alikes that are coming out of Sweden.

Hopefully, Black Rain's full-length release will be released soon and we will see what they can do with even more time to fill.

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