"Darkened Demise" (Self-produced; 2023)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

It's amazing to me that the last time I listened to Beltfed Weapon was way back in 2009. It's not entirely my fault. Since the band's beginning, they've only released four EPs and three singles so there really hasn't been a lot that I've missed. Regardless, their latest EP, "Darkened Demise," is here now and I'm so very glad it is.

"Darkened Demise" is a solid collection of thrash songs stuffed with drubbing rhythms, fiery leads, vocals (and lyrics) that are raw and sinister. I'm listening to the first track, "Accept Your Insanity," for the third time as I write this and the lead break is blowing my mind.

There are five tracks here and they are all designed to hit you square between the eyes. I love the way "Eternal Fire" bursts open as though it's been going on for a full minute before the track even starts. The vocals are probably best on this track as well, combining power metal energy with a death metal roughness.

Soaring lead guitar buoys "Head First Into Hell" and "War Machine" drives through you like a bazooka blast.

Sure, I could complain (as I did on my review for "Peacekeeper") that there are only five tracks here and "Darkened Demise" leaves you wanting more. But you know what? I'll take what I get. And five blistering tracks from Beltfed Weapon will keep me entertained until the next EP drops.

By the way, apparently like all Beltfed Weapon releases, "Darkened Demise" is awash with guest musicians. Performing on this EP are: Frank Hetzel – rhythm guitar; Tim Aymar – vocals; Jeff Loomis – lead guitar 1st solo; Kragen Lum -l ead guitar 2nd solo; Jason Viebrooks – bass; Bryan Newbury – drums; Steve Tucker – Vocals; JD DeServio – Bass; Dagna Silesia – Bass.

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"Peacekeeper" (Self-produced; 2009)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Beltfeld Weapon's "Peacekeeper" is a balls-out metal record. With elements of thrash and death metal vocals, the explosive production pounds the bass out of the speakers, shaking the walls.

The only downside is that this EP only includes five tracks. Of course, they're five powerful, crushing tracks—with lyrics about death, violence, revenge, and dismembering terrorists—but you still want to hear more almost immediately.

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