"By the Corner of Tomorrow" (Scarlet Records; 2021)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

According to their page, Band of Spice believes the first two Black Sabbath Records are timeless classics, still as heavy, fresh and clear today as they were upon their initial release. Thereís no arguing that. So the goal of Band of Spice was to create something as near to that as they could.

"By the Corner of Tomorrow" may not be as timeless as "Black Sabbath" and "Paranoid," but itís a substantial collection of solid, driving tracks that grab your attention from the get go. The album starts out fast out of the gate with "The Fading Spot," a track that pretty much sets you up with what to expect for the rest of the record.

It's interesting that this band mentions Black Sabbath as being influential but, rather than the early Ozzy stuff, "By the Corner of Tomorrow" reminds me more of the early Dio-era Sabbath albums, after being run through a modern Foo Fighters filter. Although most of the tracks are fiery rockers, the band slows down when appropriate, as on the title track, the simmering "Regultina" and the closer, "Rewind the Wind" with its David Gilmour-ish solo.

You know me. Iíll take the heavier stuff. My favorite tracks on "By the Corner of Tomorrow" are "The Sharp Edge," "Midnight Blood" and "Cold Flames," all of which feature fat, irresistible riffs.

Pretty good stuff from this Swedish band. If youíre looking for something fresh, hard and heavy, then look no further.

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