"Still Nervous" (Suburban Records; 2024)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

From the very first track, Bad Nerves' "Still Nervous" is a rollicking punk rock celebration. It's a collection of twelve furious punk rock tracks that are played at a pace that forces the listener to try and keep up while, at the same time, filling their ears so full of hooks and ear worms that the only way to catch up is to go back and listen again.

It'd been said of the Ramones (and of Slam Alice) that their live shows were "45-minutes of music played in a half hour." That's what Bad Nerves do on "Still Nervous." The songs are fast and unrelenting. They're filled with a disarming pop sensibility that makes them irresistible. And, most of all, they're fun to listen to. Like the Ramones, however, Bad Nerves does slow down at least once, on the still-loud ballad "Sorry."

This is only the band's second studio album, which floored me because they're so revered by so many in the punk rock royalty (Green Day, for instance). I had the (obviously mistaken) impression that they'd been around for awhile; however, their first, self-titled album, was released just in 2020.

I've often said that one of the reasons I most love punk rock music is because, unlike so many other genres, it offers—and celebrates—variety and individuality. That sensibility, and the fact that there are bands as dedicated to the sound, and to keeping it fresh, as Bad Nerves, is what keeps the punk genre alive.

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