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Rough Edge readers all have one thing in common: They love that rock'n'roll. Be it heavy metal, hard rock, death metal, hardcore, punk rock, emo, oi, nu-metal, prog rock or any form of rock'n'roll now known or to be created in the future - Rough Edge readers know they can come to Rough Edge to find out more about it.

If you'd like to present your company, product or Website to our focused audience, Rough Edge offers several advertising options:

Home Page Banners
There are two available banner spots for advertising on the home page of the Rough Edge website. Rough Edge generates approximately 100,000 unique visitors per month.

Full Banner - 468 X 60 = $50 a month (placed atop home page, just below Rough Edge logo)

Full Banner - 468 X 60 = $25 a month (placed near bottom of home page)

Half Banner - 120 X 60 = $15 a month (placed inside contents box on home page)

Section Home Pages

As you are probably aware, Rough Edge is divided up into several sections: News, CD Reviews, Live Reviews, etc. Each of these sections has its own default or home page. Advertising is also available on these pages at the following rates:


Full Banner - 468 X 60 = $15 a month


Full Banner - 468 X 60 = $10.00 a month

Individual Pages

These are ad rates for single page within sections. In other words, if you were Shango's record company and wanted to advertise only on their CD Review page, you would purchase this ad.


Full Banner - 468 X 60 = $10.00 a month

Discounts are available for multi-month purchases and site-wide ads and other advertising types are available. If you don't see what you're looking for here, write us at We want to work with you! Or, if you'd simply like to exchange banners, here's ours:


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